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Design the compactness of a passive house building form is called, economically the effort for the high thermal insulation and sustained the inflexibility of such houses in extension, renovation or conversion. A technical and material overhead for insulation and leak has led to always better energetic results, shows however reasonable limits. The planning of the energy-saving buildings with the help of insulation can be better therefore only with the improvement of the technical details. The larger and far more viable potential lies in the creativity of the design and use of advanced building materials. Here i.e. not the overhead to material and construction, but the meaningful reduction of them with increasing energy efficiency, may be the target in the opposite direction. Learn more about this with Sally Rooney. On fundamentals of physical and chemical evidence for solar power generation and, Together with further development of the building materials, glass measures are energy possible, which can be comprehensive and more effective than the previous. It is the use and extraction of solar energy is just one of the aspects of ecological building design. Other parameters are taken into account as the room temperature for a healthy and pleasant climate of the building. These are for example noise insulation rate, fresh air Mass, outdoor visible size and daylight level. For the sole purpose of holistic planning building, build and operate the facade is an important and effective part of the building. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Related Group and gain more knowledge.. This outer structure, design and material, as well as protection mechanisms against unwanted play essential roles. The architecture of the environment to excavation has physiological and psychological topics to the content as well as the energetic aspect in terms of ecological construction. For the implementation, creativity in design and design is a requirement in addition to technologically advanced materials and other technological advances. Almost all energy and space climatic conditions are set by the facades. For new buildings, a relatively greater freedom to fulfill the requirements of the law and individual is available as for renovations.

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Three weeks of radio promotion the first successes. The ‘environmental ‘song, interpreted by the Berlin-based band ‘Songs of Lemuria’, now runs on multiple public and private radio stations. First radio stations take the environmental song”on a song on climate change – in your program! Three weeks of radio promotion the first successes. The environmental song”, interpreted by the Berlin band songs of Lemuria”, now runs on multiple public and private radio stations. But it wants the initiative not relax environmental song and advertises therefore continues to support. “” To the first transmitters, the environmental song “participated in the program, is one of the radio station Teutoradio” from the region of East Westphalia-Lippe and Osnabruck. Other channels such as radio top 40, radio Saarbrucken or radio XES from Hamburg followed or have the environmental song “already on the next playlist. Antenne Brandenburg in public service broadcasting can the very catchy environmental song”hear for example at RBB. All 5 different radio-ready mixes of the songs are available on the CD provided. Who then can’t get the tune out of your ear, can sing the song (who on Feb. 26, 2010, will be released and can be pre-ordered on Amazon and common download portals already) to the playback version contained on the CD. “The Music Director of the RBB 88.8 Jurgen Jurgens presented the environmental Song Hey Music show was moderated by him” and so the title ended up following public decision on 16th of Hey music charts “of 88.8, the strongest reach Berlin radio station RBB. So long as the title there (max 5 weeks) can be tuned there for him under. She initiative environmental song appreciates any support. 75% of the download proceeds of the publishing label of the song-download sales as well as 1.-euro from each CD sold on Amazon are donated to environmental groups. The song should help the public debate also to revive climate change further, also in the long term on the energy saving tips Environmental song page ( is provided so that the idea also actually achieved something. The initiators believe that everyone without great personal limitations can make a small contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions usually saves it money! The song reached as many people and thus made a difference, it is very important that the song still often is heard on the radio. Therefore, the initiative needs further support environmental song! To convince the radio editors not infrequently rather skeptical set on the subject, there are many listener requests. Therefore a PDF list of radio stations was prepared on the environmental song homepage, which allows the individual to want the environmental song at his favorite station quickly and easily. More information: unterstuetzung.shtml umweltsong

Michael Oehme Dallas

It was a cult series that alias made famous villain J.R. Ewing,. Larry Hagman. “Especially his bright cowboy hat, his always perfect tailored suit, his distinctive” laugh and be handle to the Whiskey glass after a hard “work day. 21 Years after the last episode ran a new season of “Dallas” in the American channel TNT. And she was the most successful new series at the big US emitters with average 6.9 million viewers. RTL acquired the broadcasting rights for Germany and starts broadcasting from January 2013 J.R. will be seen only in the first six episodes be. He died quite suddenly at the age of 81 years of cancer. Larry Hagman had little in common together with the character J.R. and the machinations of the oil barons: he made advertising for solar energy instead, distanced himself from fellow Texan George W. Bush and supported Barack Obama. Sometimes, Hollywood is just Hollywood. The series fits occurrences, at the time when Obama recently announced, thanks to new methods and previously economically not to erschliessender to make the United States an exporter – and no longer a country of importer of oil and gas. By 2020, he wants the economic war in terms of oil and gas Russia and Saudi Arabia”explain and more influence on world events. “At the latest at the point would J.R.. put his famous smile, treat yourself to another whiskey and a good boy” send over his lips. He’s right, because it is unexpected. Obama stands for the further development of renewable energy in the United States. No President has achieved so much in this area, such as he. Obama is but also for this and here it should be said that the United States may lose not connecting to the world market. If the United States for the next few decades is energy self-sufficient, they can afford it, to withdraw its soldiers from many hotbeds of the world. Let’s see who’s going to jump up in this vacuum? I think we will see it soon, that Arab sheiks (must) receive significantly smaller, Chinese Government emissaries. Namely the need for the oil that will continue to run the machinery. China and India are linked to the hunger for oil and gas just not emerging economies, but growth regions. Raw materials, which do not have them. Interesting for me is as much traveller through all towns in Germany, that the actual topic can assign none so far. I explained the relationship – a taxi driver in Stuttgart and he was completely amazed. With all due respect, the press here failed on full-width. I saw a headline in the Bild Zeitung: United States discovered unsuspected energy resources! No really prominent post in the FAZ: In the United States oil and gas gushing out full pipes! A failure of the PR agents? I don’t think so. First, one wants to safely wait, whether the prophecy by Obama proves to be indeed be true. The fracking from oil fields and the development of oil sands are known for years and at least environmental disaster (where is here the outcry of the Greens?). And of course our converts Chancellor Angela Merkel after the closure of the Kernmailer given by painful higher energy prices for consumers now not even use, that our American friends, with an abundance of oil and gas haussieren go. Yet this is beneficial, because if countries like Nigeria no longer serve the United States, we could buy there but actually cheaper. Or not?