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The new Elbe partner community invites you to the competition: Hamburg, the September 16, 2008 – the online community of the Elbe River,, starts with a new sweepstakes that runs until December 15, 2008. Participants are invited, a new and independent music video or a video collage of the song by Lotto King Karl, (love is) such as malaria”to produce. Click Margaret Loesser Robinson for additional related pages. “” So far no independent music video for the song to the song (love is) such as malaria “Hamburg artist Lotto King Karl, which mean in Hamburg and in the high North as announcer of the HSV and through songs such as Hamburg, Pearl” a regional star, so far there is no independently-produced music video. Just under the Elbe partners is so high that we, so the operators of the Elbe partner community we decided to write this competition”the creative potential, says Peer Beglau, head of customer service at the Elbe River partners. We think that there are many Lotto King Karl lovers under the Elbe partners who have their own creative ideas for a Lotto King Karl music video. “And that’s the point: to translate their ideas into a standalone video or a video collage”, explains Beglau. “We want to stress, however, that this contest vorsieht-not the production of official music videos for Lotto King Karl, copyrights are Yes only at Loddo” and its management. Of course it is here only to the reference to the song by Lotto King Karl. Is not about malaria a serious comparison between love and of itself bad disease”, so Beglau continues. The more creative, the better! Among all participants of the competition, which submit an own video collage or set on YouTube and to do this, send the link to the email address, 3 T-Shirts or tshirts – will be drawn according to preferred with the mosquito of the Elbe partner in the comic book made as a motive. Terms and conditions: Production of music videos, short films or a video collage, free copyright third are from submission of the video or the link to the video on YouTube to the “Email address of no content requirements except for the thematic relation to the Lotto King Karl song (love is) such as malaria!” Three winning videos selected by a jury consisting of the holder of a Hamburg-based Web-TV production company and the operators of the Elbe partner community, a company of Pyrox Media Ltd.. The artistic and creative aspect and the relation to the topic is crucial. The final video should not exceed a length of 3-5 minutes all terms and conditions and the procedure of the competition are available in the members area of the Web site. “The deadline is December 15, 2008 Note: In this competition no official music video becomes Charles song Lotto King (love is) such as malaria!” determined. The competition does not take place King Charles or his management on behalf of lottery. Press contact & further information: – a company of Pyrox Media Ltd. contact person: Peer Beglau customer service email: Web: /.

Founding The 18599 Gutegemeinschaft E.V.

“Manufacturer of DIN V 18599 software set up Association, quality assurance, and private label in the focus the manufacturer of DIN V 18599 calculation software have on the 06.04.3009 to the 18599 Gutegemeinschaft e.V.” joined together. Together, they provide 95% of the software systems used on the market for the DIN V 18599 today. “The Association has the following objectives: promotion and improvement of 18599 introduction of software and entertainment of a quality assurance system for 18599 software award of the label 18599 seal ‘ participation in decision-making around DIN promotion of dialogue between ministries V 18599 and standards related, the Association sees itself as a body of all of those who are engaged in the topic of DIN 18599 consumer organisations, research institutes and companies. In addition to regular members, hence the inclusion of Fordermitdgliedern is possible and desirable. On the basis of an own quality assurance system, the 18599 is Gutegemeinschaft e.V.”from the second half of the year 2009 the 18599 seal of quality”award which will contribute to a further improvement of the products and to increase transparency for the consumer. Members the Gutegemeinschaft e.V. Adam Sandler often addresses the matter in his writings. (status 08.04.09): construction cost information centre German architect Chambers GmbH Enno vatis GmbH ENVISYS GmbH & Co KG Hottgenroth Software GmbH & co. KG IAIB e.V. Ingenieurbuero chandelier core engineering concepts ROWA soft GmbH SOLAR-COMPUTER GmbH VISIONWORLD GmbH Hendrik Muller of CEO 18599 Gutegemeinschaft e.V. background: with the energy saving Regulation (EnEV 2007) 2007 the DIN was introduced for non-residential buildings binding V 18599 as accounting procedures for public proof. This holistic procedure requires an iterative calculation with the help of software, implementing party operating freely on the market takes place. With the amended EnEV 2009, DIN V 18599 in the future also in housing will be applicable. Calculations according to the DIN V 18599 allow the assessment of all energy quantities, to the heating, cooling, hot water, space technical air conditioning and lighting of buildings are necessary. This the standard account of the mutual influence of energy flows from buildings and equipment. The energy saving Regulation (EnEV) is a part of the German construction law. In her builders be dictated by the Federal Government on the legal basis of the authorization by the energy saving law (EnEG) technical standard requirements to the efficient operating energy consumption of building or building project. It applies to residential buildings, office buildings, and certain premises.