Travian Games – Evergreen Travian Has Now More Than 1,000,000 Facebok Fans

The strategy game has probably most fans see the browser games worldwide Munich, the 27.02.2012 for seven and a half years the strategy game Travian unites more than 100 million players worldwide hunting resources and settlements for Romans, Gauls and Teutons. But not only in the game, fans from over 200 countries indulge their Lieblingsbrowsergame, but also on the official Travian fan page on Facebook, the world’s largest social network platform. There, individuals of the group can join as fan, although Travian is explicitly not Facebookspiel and platform independent and free can be played in any browser. Now the fanpage of Travian is (finding) the magical limit of 1,000,000 followers interrupted and therefore should be the strategy classic the browser with the most fans on Facebook. If you are not convinced, visit Jay Schwartz. Every day the number of Travian players as well as fans around the globe continues to rise and proudly is Travian games as a huge and growing base of fan. Eckard Foos, head of games at Travian games: That engages a such impressive number of fans on Facebook, is very unusual. At the same time, this represents the reward for the efforts of hundreds of employees around the world ensuring a smooth gameplay. We are striving to offer that fans from all over the world actively share the enthusiasm about their favorite game not only on Facebook, but also in other communities our players also continue to thrilling worlds of experience!” Name: Travian Publisher: Travian games GmbH type: free browser game genre: strategy game languages: 40 different languages website: about the Travian games GmbH the Travian games GmbH, headquartered in Munich is one of the world’s leading provider of browser-based online games. The company offers its customers world’s complex and multi-layered worlds that convince through their game depth and guarantee long-lasting fun to the users. A motivated team of more than 230 employees develops and sells online entertainment for every age group and acts in also as a Publisher for external developer. All games can be played all over the world and simultaneously without lengthy or costly download of millions users only requirements are Internet access and a Web browser. The portfolio of different genres is translated in up to 42 languages and can therefore be used by fans of sustainable game entertainment all over the world. For more information about Travian games GmbH, see Martin Fischbacher PR Manager Travian games GmbH Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-str. 22, 80807 Munich Tel.: + 49 / (0) 89 / 324 915 0 fax: + 49 / (0) 89 / 324-915-970 email: Web:

With Archetype Villain Brings Top-class Action For IPhone And IPod Touch

A fully-fledged action game offers a new kind of portable chaos for only 2.39 San Francisco, California 1 July 2010 the independent developer and publisher of portable games, villian, announce the release of archetype. The new and thrilling online multiplayer first person shooter was exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch developed. The full online FPS archetype offers a new kind of portable chaos iPhone and iPod touch, including multiplayer FPS deathmatches with different teams, experience points, and player rankings for the platforms. Archetype will be available in early July on iTunes for only 2.39. Archetype offers thanks to the relentless online deathmatches”an amazingly exciting and thrilling gaming experience, says Dane Baker, the lead producer of villain. “” Our game brings together key elements of online console FPS on the iPhone and the iPod touch, so players iPwnage fun ‘ without if and but “enjoy.” Users start the fight as simple, in Team deathmatches disapproval cadets. They climb higher ranks, while they work out a reputation, gain experience points and order deserve, including the MVP’-order the there is to win in every match. Up to 10 players can simultaneously fight two to five fighters per team harassing on five different playing fields. For publication, the game includes six unique arms. These include rapid fire weapons, destructive missile launcher, an axe, as well as two types of grenades, including a split-strike’-grenade, which occupied itself with each bounce, so even more damage. The precise, dual-joystick-like control allows players to create chaos and brings the best features of a console FPS on the iPhone and the iPod touch. The players rank-based team composition, friend lists, and radar-based tracking of enemy complement the FPS features and enhance the combat experience of archetype. The portable iPwnage by archetype provides a console experience for on the way, either via Wi-Fi, 3 G or even edge. Archetype remains fully compatible with the retina display “technology of the iPhone4. This user keep track of what is happening at any time and on any device. Archetype was developed by MunkyFun, Inc., by shift and ivory tales and Veterans by LucasArts, for iPhone the San Francisco-based creators and is published by villain. Archetype an intensive and high-profile console FPS experience on popular platforms brings iPhone and iPod touch. Further information is available under about villain villain is a game company that specialized in high quality mobile entertainment. The debut title of the company, archetype, is an intensive team-based online first person shooter and is currently available for iPhone and iPod touch. There is more information under through MunkyFun, Inc. MunkyFun is an independent, based in the heart of San Francisco’s entertainment software company. MunkyFun is launched by CEO Nick Pavis, who formerly was Director of game technology at LucasArts. “The core team has for years worked closely, especially at LucasArts in the game of Star Wars: the force unleashed”. Together, the team of MunkyFun has worked on over 60 titles and has experience with all platforms: PS3, X 360, Wii, PC, PSP and iPhone. There is more information under munkyfun.

November Festival

Players celebrate Halloween in runes of magic just in time for Halloween starts in runes of magic ingame event around the delicious melon fruit. On 27 October, all players of online role-playing can experience the Taboreanische pumpkin Festival. Highlight of the Festival to Halloween is the event zone at the shrine of oblivion. Here it must be an exciting challenge: players meet on small pumpkin monsters that have become wild and wacky demon pumpkins. MMA may not feel the same. Only who skillfully defends itself with captured seeds against the superiority of the Halloween fruit, get credited points. All participating players in runes of magic based on their points known as crazy fire win at the end of each round. Adventurer redeem this Halloween currency within the framework of the event against gifts. The mad fire can be redeemed by parts a special pumpkin Festival set about transformation potions up to small companions. Who captured particularly successful crazy fire, secures up to two rare titles. Let’s go, KAZ!” and Kaz madness”are available only during the pumpkin Festival. This runs until November 10 this year. More information keeps the official website of runes of magic: