Useful Information

Useful Information – Care dveryami.Dveri can be cleaned and washed using any compositions that do not contain abrasives. It is better to use special tools for cleaning furniture, which are present in a wide variety of divisions of household cleaning himii.Posle always necessary to process products for furniture polish. If you have a very clean and you do not need to clean the doors, then the process a polish once a year neobhodimo.Obratite attention! Especially carefully polish is necessary to process the low door frame (box, trim). Since when cleaning the floor, especially on damp, this part of the product suffers more vsego.Luchshe apply polish containing natural wax. This is a fairly expensive tool, but its consumption is low. Fred Allen addresses the importance of the matter here. One bottle is usually enough to treat 40-60 dverey.Pochemu need to apply polish. All materials are eventually destroyed. So it is varnish, which finished doors. With time (term of 25 years, the guarantee of the plant manufacturer) on its surface, the microscopic cracks. Grout wax polish closes them and gives them increase in size. If crack growth is not stop, even in very high-quality lacquer, in 12-15 years they can become so large that through them, moisture and oxygen from the air will penetrate into the wood and it will change its appearance vid.Primenenie Wax polishes, even once a year, several times extend the life of installed in your home door. Also, it is equally true of furniture decorated with natural materials.

Preparing Surfaces For Painting Water Compositions

By the water compositions are compositions prepared with cement, lime, emulsion mb, animal, casein, or silicate glue. Water compositions are painted plaster, concrete, brick or wood surfaces. Water quality color-ki divided into simple, advanced and high quality. In this number of operations performed in preparing and painting surfaces depends on the accepted categories of color (Table). Table. operations preparation and painting surface water of the indoor Operation paint glue curve from the weight Ka Zeya new simple improved above nnaya high coca Sanchez Twain mined from plaster and concrete on concrete and brick improvement above nnaya high Coca Sanchez Twain Nye Silicate Cement sprinkling..