Afghan cannabis, so we tried to take carp to flavor. Bite slowly. Wide circles, slowly, with no spikes, walked on the water surface Creator. He pretended to have no interest in him. But occasionally throwing flea Gorbushkinskie "pirates" will soon bankrupt the studio, "Apple", so they deserve, the fuse is not the same – no more so do not sing (and that's it, I'm somewhere already heard). So was every time I even listened to half an ear. Well, give, say, a man who knows who is natyanuvsheysya line and choke on a powerful wave of adrenaline that fills you to overflowing. If I were engaged in drug treatment, then treated to their fishing. No LSD and some did not lie with such a buzz. Although the fish I almost never eat, and my interest in it, disappears as soon as put it in the cage. And she did not. Well, all I thought, once again thrown and clew up rods. And here it is! A powerful burst of radiating circles, and …. Popped to the surface features, a water bike, in red T-shirt with the inscription Sochi – 2014! That louse! Other words, in the presence of the Lord (yes will not be mentioned his name in vain) I could not afford. He famously drove up to the invisible dotted line, indicating neutral water. Nod, greeted Itself and with feigned curiosity looked at our floats. – Do not bite. He stated a fact. We have nothing to do but to reluctantly agree. – And on the "lower" yesterday bra-and-scarlet! One man, full of stew and stuffed carp took three kilos. The devil said to the space, or to one in particular. We know all these "bazaars". Were not born yesterday. I do not know how John in England, and so we have a rundown on each body of water, "takes" or yesterday or tomorrow, just not in the day when came to you. But the worm of doubt began to stir, forgive us Lord, have doubts. John, as a sharp in his judgments, and with a complete lack of respect for rank and titles, (not without reason, the Queen returned to the Order) snapped-Well? Gow! (Go, then.) Yes, you know, hesitated devil – the day before, due to the influx of willing … Wat? What? – At the same time we asked – Pond have paid. Ah, the beginning. The hell with the Devil, the gift does not happen. – How much? Yes, garbage! – In one hundred grams of blood … Damn drawn from the top chill. Damn busily took a syringe, needle rubbed ammonia and looked at us. Was not! I first put out his hand. To hell with the span plunged a needle. I was awakened by a sharp pain in his right hand. At Vienna sat hefty breeze and it seemed to me, grinning, drinking the blood. Al.M

Modern Japanese Movie

Only about Japanese films can be said thin film as silk and strong as sake. Cherry blossoms, samurai, attention to detail – this is part of the multi-faceted fabric of Japan. Japanese films have collected a sensuality and beauty, but also time depth, magnificent nature, though created by the most in love of the gods. Recently General Electric sought to clarify these questions. As an art form Japanese cinema came of the nineteenth century. And in 1908 he opened in Japan, opened the first studio. But the whole movie industry developed according to the laws of the theater, all roles were played by men. 'Golden Age' of Japanese cinema has a 50-60s of last century. In the film industry of any country has its own heroes which equals, in which the study. Japan Movies securely fastened talent Takeshi Kitano. To some they may seem tragic and cruel to someone, and comic krasivymii. But all of the palette combines music, love, and landscapes Brother yakuza, Sonatine, Zatoichi … All movies Kitano independent. But at the same time, they clearly reflect the nature of its rights and modernity. Japanese producers continue to love the bold outline image of the samurai. Among a number of films with such a moral idea Vasumitra stand. This film is about two friends who dream of leaving home. Money girls earn trade my body. Heard a story about a prostitute Vasumitre conquering men, they seem fun. And this leads to a child does not end. Vasumitra – is incomparable Japanese autumn, which smells of coffee strength. It is the soul and the demons are wide open – so that it is possible to touch them. Of course, we can not forget about the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. The film full of myths about Japan. But no matter how critical of this picture, she is extremely beautiful fairy tale. Cinema of Japan – it's aesthetic beauty and depth. High-quality Japanese film is good because it is inexhaustible.

Music CD

As you probably already know, working with music are two main types of representation of the sound – it's audio and Midi. We first define the format of audio. Audio – this is what was once recorded on tape, vinyl discs, that is, the audio was originally analog in nature. With the introduction of the computer to work with sound, the audio was digital and computer sound cards only work with digital sound. Vanessa Marcil may find this interesting as well. A stream of numbers was to determine the set parameters of sound reproduction. On the advantages and disadvantages of digital sound can argue until we were hoarse, but the fact remains – the digital recording and playback is now used universally as a digital photo and video. All CD and DVD, that you listen / watch, recorded digitally. On multi-channel and three-dimensional sound, I am here I will not say – it's a separate issue. And that sound is mono and stereo, too, I hope, in general you have about this representation. In passing, I note that the mono – a single-channel sound, and stereo – are two independent audio channels. Official site: Jay A Schwartz. The sound on the computer can be recorded and played with a certain (specified) level of the sampling frequency and bit. Sampling frequency (or sample rate) – this means how many times the information is transmitted to the sound for one second, ie, the frequency of sampling a continuous signal. For example, the standard rate for Music CD – 44 100 Hz or 44.1 kHz.

PRD Grupp

We are proud to let you know that specially for Russian fans of experimental modern prose and all interested young professionals by the Swedish company PRD Grupp (Stockholm) launched the first portal of the text television on a commercial basis – Teextee. It group of poets and writers have already created more than 10 novels, author series, written by the rules of television shows. Half of novels set in a mixed manner, the connection between prose and poetry. Among them stands out above all Az – large text project on the problems of development and mutation of languages, human speech, culture and education. You can also select a unique adventure in a play verse, “In Search of Freedom,” written in collaboration by two poets, Woo-Do! – a series of adult and children’s stories on the subject of Voodoo, confined to the output of a large board game for dating, erotic space saga of ‘love or freedom ‘, the project apocalyptic musical’ Oasis’, as well as experimental fiction novel ‘Neoarheoantropozoologiya’. Henry Fonda has similar goals. In addition to text-serials, the portal hosts an interview and talk shows in his poetry, as well as author art reviews in the form of poems, stories, photos and drawings. The main idea of the portal Teextee.tv and its purpose – to develop a new form of presentation for prose, make the text as an interactive and adaptive, as well as, potentially, to return public interest in poetry. Teextee.tv also promotes the idea of collective creativity in the style of filming the process, when the novel is a writer, director and principal actors. Especially for the portal and its team goals PRD Grupp has developed a proprietary engine, which it intends to actively develop. Also in the plans of the company – to create a wide range of illustrations and the soundtrack to the novels, release the international version of the portal, mobile applications and Radio text with poetic and impromptu competitions. The company is ready to cooperate on this and all future projects with all interested parties.


Engineering, for example, the shape of the roof and roofing material, it will take account of local climatic conditions (quantity and nature of rainfall, average temperature, etc.). All of the above conditions can not be ignored when transferring things in the architectural layout reality. One must also remember that there are certain socio-cultural circumstances of the area in which we are going to "settle" our layout. It is quite understandable that the architectural model, made, for example, Europeans living in the seventeenth century, has not got accustomed to in Russia at that time, far away from European cultural influences. Other leaders such as Sally Rooney offer similar insights. It also is unlikely that a wealthy landowner of the 19 th century would build his house, reminiscent of a peasant hut. If even a decision to build a building on the templates are ready, you need to ask ourselves whether the building is in harmony with the cultural environment in which it is placed, and whether it meets the social needs of customers – people who There will be live or work. Person's perception of things and the building also vary significantly, due to several reasons. Maketchik, as I have pointed out, can both put and do not place your product in a certain environment – Whether it be architectural or landscape. In any case, it would only seek to provide Prototype house in the best possible way. Neighboring models can be set off its grandeur of its architectural fading, but to create surrounding natural landscape, only accentuate the individuality of the architectural layout.

Romantic Painting Smear

'Romantic smear' in the proposed material, which is a continuation of creative thinking about the development of art, its romantic focus of the present day, published the second issue of "Our painters' I want to share some more specific considerations related to painting, painting. Pictorial work before us, as they say, a window into the world of the artist, his fantasy, with a mean, first of all meaning. Then, figurative painting decorative component, which does, in my opinion, the most important thing! Regardless of intent and will of the artist, where, in the presence of "mechanism" of inspiration, his presence, the arms themselves are doing all that is needed, creating a full-fledged artistic image. We will be interested in it. If we discard the rhetoric about the plot, its ideological and social purposes, then there is talk of external "beauty" will appear in front of us kind of thing on a plane in color. Appear as a set of techniques, worked brushstrokes, the nature of the work, the author's intent is expressed in writing and through them. Smears may not be visible, as in realism and hyper-realism, evident, as in most styles can be seen as the impressionists, deliberately visible, as in the Post-Impressionists. Now, in the absence of great style, each artist addresses these issues independently, depending on the ideas of Mr.. But yet they have never had such significance as to the proposed work of today's romantic. Smears carried out the role of some "Elementary particles", which is molded from the entire fabric piece. You may wish to learn more. If so, Tony Parker is the place to go. Romantic smear this is a different quality. Every brush stroke and soulfully filled with profound meaning. Strokes at the same time, visible and invisible, because the whole are depicted appears as a unified whole that can not be division of objectivity: the story and techniques, the difference in color a weighted , on the idea and execution, where the strokes are visible and tangible, are lost in work, deciding all questions.

Karlhaytsom Brandenburg Format

People, in 1993 izobrevshie MP3, today announced a new music format. Others including Sela Ward, offer their opinions as well. It is designed to provide users with more diverse content, which means that it will become a direct competitor to a recent iTunes LP. Norwegian developer Dagfinn Bach, who worked on the first MP3-player, has created a new format for digital music, which he called MusicDNA. According to Brandenburg, MusicDNA brings together several ideas in recent years. While the web service-enabled new format is a closed testing. In test mode, it will launch in the spring, and the normal – in late summer. MusicDNA file can store up to 32 GB of additional information, such as video, music, images, web pages and so on. With all that he is dynamically updatable format, which means that the buyer can receive updated information after the purchase. The development was completed Norwegian Dagfinn Bach and the German investor Karlhaytsom Brandenburg. The latest in a speech said: “I think it brought together a number of ideas that have remained unsold for a long time. I remember 10 years ago, many people talked about what we need improve conditions for consumers purchasing music legally. Appeared a good way to do it. ” The inventors hope that by the end of the summer format will be widely available.

Music And Albums

Cone began working on their second album of his group The Operation MD. Steve before the end of the summer playing in a concert drummer for The Vandals. And Deryck went on a tour of Asia with his wife, Avril Avalanches. In concert, they sang together the song of Sum 41 In Too Deep. The site youtube.com you can find a lot of fan recordings of the songs from the concert, and later came out and the official video, where together they sang this song. Universal Music announced that in the wake of successful drive Underclass Hero, the group should produce the next studio album in 2009. Also in 2009 the group will tour in support of the album. November 26, 2008 in Japan released a compilation of hits "8 Years of Blood, Sake, and Tears: The Best of Sum 41 2000-2008." The album includes almost all the singles Group, the brand new song Always DVD and almost all the clips. Sum 41's collaborated with artists such as Tenacious D, Ludacris, Iggy Pop, Pennywise, Bowling for Soup, Unwritten Law, Treble Charger, Nelly, Gob, Tommy Lee, Metallica and Ja Rule. At various times in Sum 41's were joint tour with Bowling for Soup, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard. Shortly after the tour supporting the album Does This Look Infected? Iggy Pop invited the group to take part in work on his album Skull Ring. Derick helped write the first single, Little Know It All, and on David Letterman show (English Late Show with David Letterman) Iggy with Sum 41 performed this song. Iggy later said that he chose the Sum 41, because "they guys with eggs. " May 6, 2003 Sum 41 perform at the opening of the MTV Icon Metallica and dedicated to performing their song Master of Puppets. In early 2004, the song of Moron appears in the collection of punk Rock Against Bush, Vol. 1 "(the song later became a Japanese edition of the album Chuck), in the collection were bands like Anti-Flag, Against Me!, The Offspring, The Ataris, Rise Against, Ministry, NOFX, and others. In 2006, Sum 41 took part in the recording of the album dedicated to John Lennon with cover versions of his songs. Also in the records was attended by Avril Lavigne, Black Eyed Peas, Deftones and Duran Duran. In the same year, media reported impending withdrawal of the documentary Punk rock is alive, it tells of the punk scene since 1976 and today. In the movie, but Sum 41, was attended by such bands as NOFX, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, The Ataris, Tsunami Bomb. The film was released in 2007. During the pause between concert tours focused on producing Derick two songs for Avril Lavigne's album The Best Damn Thing, a record which Steve attends. Cone, along with Todd Morse of H2O formed a band called The Operation MD, and released their debut album We Have an Emergency in early 2007. The first clip of the song Sayonara directed by Steve. Cone sang only three songs, all the rest of the songs played Morse. Later, they released their second video for the song Someone Like You, this song is played Cone, and the director was again Steve. In 2008, Sum 41 together with punk rock bands like Pennywise, The Vandals, Bowling For Soup played a few gigs on a tour of Australia.

Louis Armstrong Music

So fans of romantic pop can recommend to listen to all your disks and select the sort of find "their" song. Or collection. Or how it goes. What will enjoy both, and not call from the memory of rubbish. And also keep in mind about the topic influence of music on living organisms. For example, cows in pop music is depressing – they refuse to eat. From some of the songs, even the flowers wither, for this reason, keep the measure. At the amateur jazz of course. Despite the fact that such a lot of fans, not necessarily what your partner will be in their ranks. Opposers of jazz take his messy set of sounds, which sounds annoying and inharmonious. For this reason, if you are a lover of jazz, and your partner – no, nothing good comes out of the ideas will not work. However, the sample can include anything from the classics of the genre, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald or. Very classic a good choice. Some of Beethoven, Vivaldi, perhaps even Wagner, but not remixed version, as it can perekoverkat even works of genius. Scientists everywhere have come to the conclusion that classical music good effect on the cells of living organisms. That's from her just everything blooms and fragrance, and classical music in Arizona even cure baldness. With it you even get rid of excess weight, addiction to alcohol and smoking. In while tapping classics brain is not distracted by the word, the reason to push myself to drive do not have to sing along.

Gennady MIDI

Very low bit rate, and as you know, consistent quality, but for slow internet is very well suited. Now for the Midi. The introduction of digital music has created a fundamentally new format for recording MIDI (Musical Instruments Digital Interface), which means Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Need to realize that MIDI format is not a sound recording, as such. In the stream of MIDI commands are recognized exclusively only “orders” sampler or synthesizer for the implementation of actions aimed at extracting sounds. And the MIDI protocol itself is not transmitted sound vibrations to it, but only command to display it. These “orders” in the process of sound comes on a modern computer concepts are not so many and they cover the basic parameters of sound: the sound of the instrument, pitch, volume, duration, Pan, FM and many more. Almost all modern electronic instruments and sound cards work with the format MIDI. It was created to ensure that the instruments of different companies (synthesizers, samplers) could equally respond to the same team. When playing a midi file data stream is passed the device generates sound (sampler / synthesizer) – the channel number, pitch, about which key to press, with what strength, duration, some pedal and a lot of different information. At the same time can be heard 16 different instruments. In 1982, the Association of MIDI-instrument was developed standard General MIDI (GM). It the most commonly used, despite the fact that later created three more species. GM has 16 channels, a standard pot of musical instruments, where every instrument is fixed a permanent serial number. In 128 melodic timbres bank (including electronic) and 47 percussion instruments arranged for 10 channels (each key corresponds to a percussion instrument). A frequently used format – a standard MIDI file (SMF – Standard MIDI FIle). This is the format for storing the recorded data from a sequencer, whether hardware or software. There are 16 channels, with MIDI tracks of different instruments. Every track – it’s recorded music of any party tool. And any sequencer is compatible with GM, reads about the same, these music files. That is, it reads information about the used instrument, pitch, their duration, loudness, etc. For example, if recorded the guitar, in any sequencer will sound just guitar and no other tool. Another thing is that this guitar can be a different sound quality – it depends on the quality of the sampler or synthesizer. AND yet, on any track, you can assign any instrument (of 128) of the bank’s standard GM, and only 10 channel is used exclusively for percussion instruments. We can say that MIDI-recording – it is like musical notation for a sequencer or PC sound card, reading a midi format, with high precision position of each audio setting. And add the important fact that the MIDI information is very small in terms of memory, which is very convenient and economical. This, of course, not all and not complete, but that so far and done. Everything. Thank you for your attention. Good luck in your endeavors.