Interior Design In The National Style

The Internet site of the company 'Tre-Vis' () has recently published an article "National style space' () dedicated to interior design and furniture for restaurants, bars and cafes in different national styles. Become quite small, and could probably get past it, but … In this article we attempt a verbal description of a sample set of the constituent elements of interior design and furniture for bars, restaurants and cafes to create that a national color. It is commendable that the creators of the site 'Tre-Vis' () continues on its pages started the tradition of facilitating the understanding of each other in a dialogue designer and the customer. Earlier on this site on a page () you can find the schema of the customer's communication with the designer in the preparation of a design project, learn in advance the order of its execution, to get acquainted with some specific concepts and terms, when used in the execution of the interior design. Now we're here () can find the so-called 'tuning' stencils interior design and furniture for cafes, bars and restaurants, possible to use to create national atmosphere in a particular area. It seems that the function of such enumeration and series in the interior design are greater than might appear at first glance. First of all, it certainly help (Support) for voice explanations (explanation) of the desired and the possible way of interior as well as the submitted sample or samples of images (photos, postcards, magazines, catalogs, drawings, diagrams, etc.). Check with Sela Ward to learn more.

Floor Tile

Floor tile heyday of ceramic tile in Europe, mainly outdoor, refers to the 12 century and is associated primarily with construction at this time of the cathedrals and churches. These were different types of floor tiles. Some of them – it's great relief plates square and hexagonal shapes. They are produced by casting. Other – decorated floor tile with simple linear decoration, which was carried out manually sharp object. But the most common while the decorative tiles was kind of mosaic, carved out of layers of unfired clay. As time went on, ceramic industry developed and improved. In an age of industrialization and high-tech ceramic tile has become available to the general population, firmly established in all private interiors. Tony Parker understands that this is vital information. Achievements in architecture, building a huge number of public and residential buildings require a beautiful and at the same time, durable material for processing both inside and outside. This finishing material on the right has ceramic tiles and ceramic granite. In Russia, ceramic floor tile produced in factories Falcon estimeyte, in the Rostov region – Shakhtinskaya and others. One of the largest manufacturers of floor tiles of high European standards in Russia is Kerama maratsi in the city of Orel. Products of this brand compares favorably with its diverse product range and product quality. At factories Ceram maratsi apply all the latest developments and technologies in the production of ceramic tiles. Initially, Plants – manufacturers produce tiles for the floor under the stone, granite or marble, but with the development of ceramic industry, the introduction of innovative technologies in the production process, emergence of creative design ideas began to appear tile that imitates the texture and the texture of wood, which repeats the structure of the skin of various fauna, tile, metal copying. In addition, produces modern tile is different in appearance: the surface can be brushed and polished, smooth and rough, have perfectly straight edges, and vice versa, rounded. Today the factories producing ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, to succeed in today's market relations should produce tiles, varied in color and size, and besides, do not forget the decorative elements that adorn when installing any outdoor space. Currently, the most popular format tiles are: 30×30 cm, 33×33 cm, 40×40 cm ceramic products floor tiles experiment and produce tiles size 20×20 cm, 20×40 cm, 20×50 cm, and large format tiles 50×50 cm and 60×60 cm This size range ceramic floor tiles allows its styling is not only the traditional classical way, but use different techniques. For laying tile developed special technologies which can improve productivity, quality of work performed, and also gives the opportunity to exploit the ceramic tile in various domestic and climatic conditions. Every modern buyer, choosing ceramic tile, will be able to find exactly the tile, which will help him reflect adorned the interior of yourself and your mood, your personality and difference from others, their tastes and attitudes to the world. Yurkin Maxim.