Narciso Colman

CONVERSATIONS WITH NARCISO R. COLMAR (SON) on Sunday October 18, 2009, at the residence of Prof. Olga Bilbao in the morning, the meeting took place after several years between NARCISO COLMAN, son of legendary NARCISO R. COLMAR (ROSICRN) NAND YPYKUeRA author and David Galeano Olivera (Director General of ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE). The anteror meeting was about 20 years ago with the participation of Pedro Mbo’ehara Moliniers, during the book launch Kamba Nambi, published then by Narciso R. Colman (son). It is worth noting that Don Narciso Colman (son) is a simple man, nice, very cultured, a lover of music and above all, a grateful son. She remembers her father with great pride, with great love and great respect. A leading source for info: Sam Jones. On the occasion, Don Narciso has agreed to assist the ATENEO LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI to develop a talk on “Life and Works of R. Narciso Colman. ” As an advance copy provided us with a valuable document, the immortal Emiliano R. Fernandez, wrote to his father, Narciso R. Colman occasion of the publication of the work “nande Ypykuera” which reads as follows: “Ysaty, June 15, 1937 to the illustrious and inimitable Bard Guarani: Don Narciso R. Colman. My very distinguished friend and colleague I so welcome to your letter dated June instant, she brought me in their ways the most miraculous surprise and left more than happy to put aside my usual work held in the offices of “La Hora “in pursuit of long-awaited book Our Ancestors (nande Ypykuera), cleverly written by your skillful hands of a poet. My good friend, now I’m savoring the valuable contents of your exquisite book CABEM express with all my heart and soul my highest accolades for his valuable and priceless gift … Tomorrow may appear in the Guarani section of the newspaper “La Hora” prose in Guarani which echo the appearance of “Our Ancestors.” The verse of our friend Julio A. Garay will publish in a few days. This verse requires some tinkering. Reiterating my thanks I sign you with affection and consideration always. Emiliano R. Fernandez Note: greeting to friends Leguizamon, Garay, Vazquez, Torres and their satellites


Hello and goodbye – great art! After all, it is best to remember the first and last points event. You can still correct the bad impression, if a person fails welcomed, but the last goodbye is not suggests such a possibility. Sometimes proschatsya insanely difficult at times – nice and easy, as it were, this time worth mentioning. For example, to make a gift before the "parting forever." As a symbol of what was. Tony Parker usually is spot on. As thanks for what has passed. When making a choice, should provide all the most important thing. And in the moment of parting it is important that you decide if this gift – the last this man, even if this does not happen. Choice do you putting it in their desires, intentions, emotions. Last, First … Some very important words in life, in existence … and, of course, is ourselves, so gave them meaning. We remember our first sexual experience and Day trip to Antalya. There is a beginning and an end … There is an introduction and conclusion. Only the deepest emotions of leaving a clear trace in the memory. His breath a little, I decided to highlight the main reasons or situations in that we can get. And, it turned out, to go far and do not have to. Each of us would like to say goodbye to someone. And with someone or not, but it – is inevitable. Moment of loss of a bit (spoils?) Sweet gift, but still, it depends on us and our understanding of things.

The Future

I ask you – live today, right now! Past victories can be used as fuel for future victories, the last defeat – like your lessons. And go ahead! Then I'll be with you! 3. I do not like when you live in the future! There you will have other sums and other purposes! Use me this! No need to pull out of its future potential! I am still not in demand today! And if I do not need you today, I do not come to you in the future! 4. Further details can be found at Related Group, an internet resource. I love it when people enjoy life, enjoy it. If you love to travel – travel, if you love collecting stamps – collect and have fun! Practice only what you really love me! I was there and those who are engaged in their favorite thing! I was there, in excess of need! I love gay people! I can not be with those who walk to work as hard labor, doing what can not stand … For me it is like death! 5. Hear other arguments on the topic with Tony Parker. I love the people who bravely take on the responsibility! They are responsible for your life! I run from those – who to blame others, parents, country, karma … I like the brave and determined people! 6. I always come – if you have a goal! I then know how much I have give energy to translating these goals into reality! I love the big goals. For even more details, read what Sean Rad says on the issue. I'm bored and not interested in coming just for the payment of debts, loans extinction.

Enterprising Students

This is an example of the proper relationship to civilian defenders of the Fatherland. This year the festival took place in RSCU patriotic songs "Heirs of the Victory." It was attended by students of our university who are studying in Moscow and branches. The best performers were the first Russian students, who were honored to appear before the military Central site of Russia "New Earth". The boys came back with the most pleasant experiences. During this visit, the young people were once again convinced that no matter where the person in his heart always live love for the motherland. The bright "star" at university horizon Besides teaching and research activities, students are actively involved in sports, lead a healthy lifestyle, take part in various competitions. A related site: Tony Parker mentions similar findings. Example endurance, fortitude and great skill he serves Russian Super Cup and UEFA Cup football, Roman Shirokov, world champion in volleyball and Mary Catherine Gamow Borodakova (Borisenko), an Olympic boxing champion Alexander Povetkin and many others. All of them are RSCU in the international arena. Enterprising and creative folks successfully realize their potential in the cultural life of the university. For those who love to sing, dance, play a musical instrument, tell jokes, play around, always open the doors of the Palace of Culture. Hedvig Hricak is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Students may enroll in the Academic Choir, Ensemble "Free village", a drama studio "New School", Ballet studio "Chene," Dance Center or Club KVN teams. These vibrant creative teams have been the winners of the youth competitions and festivals. For example, recently RSSU Academic Choir won I International Youth Choral Festival in Bratislava. – We are trying to develop the talents of young people and we do everything possible to ensure that the RSCU constantly lit bright new "star", – said Vasily Zhukov. – The main thing that the years spent by students in our university, have become the most beautiful in their lives. Of course, everyone has their own destiny, but it is here to help guys become professionals, whose success will benefit the Great in Russia. How many times told the graduates of the Russian State Social University, they are thankful to their alma mater for what it is here that know the secrets of their chosen profession, believed in the immensity of its features, expanded the geography of knowledge. Many traveled abroad and have been able to verify that the quality of educational services provided by our institution, in line with international educational standards. So it was, and RSCU remains the best public social institution in Russia, University of looking to the future.


Although the death is an inevitable fact, in the majority of the occasions never it is sufficiently preparation like being able to confront it, and soon to surpass, the separation of a dear being. Especially because not only one physically loses that person, but everything it united what us to that person, the paper that we occupied in its life and the one that, coverall, she occupied in ours. In psychology we identified a series of stages in the duel through which usually they pass the majority of the people. It is possible to be happened of the negation to the culpability, of the acceptance to the own identification with the passed away person, but what never it is possible to be avoided it is to feel us empty and sad because that dear being no longer is our side. These feelings are increased still much more in the time of the Celebrations of Year End, spiritual a familiar time that traditionally has been defended like a religious celebration and in that all we must be happy and for maintaining to us united. Although these questions have been lost little by little with the passage of years and, mainly, with the arrival of new population generations, it is normal to feel something of sadness in these celebrations, because at past moments we lived – happy with those relatives or dear beings who no longer are. We feel that the Celebrations of Year End no longer are the same because those people no longer are, but a thing forgets to us: we can continue, living them with joy and happiness, we took if them like another moment more in our lives, like another time more of the year, in which meets to the family and in whom we become gifts. During the process of the duel, as therapists we recommended that one of the best forms to surpass the death of a dear being is the one to accept that person no longer is physically between us, but that does not prevent that, spiritually yes continues being, in our heart, our thought, and our style of daily life. Certainly we have beautiful reasons reason why to smile every day, and certainly we do not have why to pass the Celebrations single of Year End: family, friendly, companions All of them can help us at those moments that we create difficult. The Equipment of PsicoAyuda original Author and source of the article

The Child

Therefore, the importance of the trick, therefore is the real creation of a new relation between situations of the thought and situations that make possible new mental associations. The pparently simple tricks are sources of stimulaton to the cognitivo, social and affective development of the child with intellectual deficiency and also a form of auto expression. Jorge Perez addresses the importance of the matter here. Perhaps few parents know how much it is important playing for the physical and psychic development of its son. The spread out idea popularly limits the act to play to a simple ones pastime, without functions more important that to entertain the child in amused activities. From the theoretical referenciais, it is possible to observe a series of important concepts, aiming at the good development of the learning of the child de0 a5 years and the paper of parents and educators in this special so important function that it is to educate a child with necessities. The thinkers and educators who work with this subject stand out the importance of the trick in the learning process and socialization. In this universe, the child conceives the group in function of the tasks that the group can carry through, of the games the one that can be delivered with its colleagues of group, and also of the pleas, of the conflicts that can appear in the games where two antagonistic teams exist. The toy allows to the establishment of relations between objects of the cultural world and the nature. The idea of an education despertado for the interest of the pupil transforms the direction of what it is understood for pedagogical material. Its interest starts to be the force that commands the process of learning, its experiences and discoveries, the engine of its progress and the professor a generator of estimuladoras and efficient situations. But, as to work playful activities in children with intellectual necessities? The toys can be an efficient alternative for the development of the child? The musicalizao demonstrates to be efficient for the work with children who present intellectual necessities? To try to answer to these questions we will use the bibliographical research, for considering it indispensable in this study.

Language Resource

In the future, after this training the child will feel confident in all situations relating to communication in foreign language, which prompted him to do even more to them. You can also, until your child finally matured, to hire him a French governess, who will look after him while you're at work and at the same time to teach their language – also in the games and amusements, and thus easily and efficiently. If you do not want your child brought up by a foreigner, or in your town do not have a garden with a foreign language at your disposal there are other ways interest of the child in English (German, French). The basic rule here, especially with young children – not to teach and entertain. The child loves to watch cartoons? Buy him a cartoon in a foreign language. And even better – special cartoons that order and were created to, in addition to entertainment, and even educate. One well-known examples – a cartoon course for children 'Masi'. This is a series of cartoons about the stranger Muzzy, feeding hours, and More about the kingdom Gondolandiyu, princesses, court intrigue, chases and adventures. I wonder? And your child – even more so! The course itself is designed so that children can understand the characters regardless of their level of proficiency, with they remember the words, intonation, and learn pronunciation. And, most importantly, the language they associate with fun and entertainment, not boring rote. In addition to Muzzy, languages, together with your child is studying a set of characters – from Alice to Bolek and Leleka – and available in numerous cartoons, computer games and online gaming courses for children. Children easily absorb new information, including language, when this information presented in an interesting form for them. You probably do not and just noticed how many new words in their native language the child absorbs from movies and cartoons that he watches. So do not be surprised if after watching Muzzy or other programs that you provide it, your baby suddenly speaks to you in English, so even with the pronunciation, which you will be able to be envied. Let your children learn languages together with you! And now – interesting resource on the development of foreign languages: – Want ottrenirovat fast printing in a foreign language? Do it with fun online games! Language Resource – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

Firm Vocabulary

Also, the firm offering services of this kind should be as customer-oriented. First of all, should be taken into account the level of proficiency of students. Well, if there is a program to study not only speaking, phonetics, spelling, and specific (technical, scientific, etc.) vocabulary. However, if such still exists, it need not believe a word. Think yourself, how much would need to have qualified in the state of the company to teach specific vocabulary. After all, the directions of such language mass, and one person can not equally well known, for example, the vocabulary used in medicine and vocabulary, used in shipbuilding. There are several solutions to this problem of the firm. The best option, which can and should offer you a company – ask you as a client to set clear objectives for training and develop your desired course. However, to resolve the issue needed additional time and most likely you have to spend the extra money for the service of its kind. Agree that it's better than if you provide these services directly and for less money, but it was defective because the firm does not has teachers who have worked in this field. When you choose a particular course, you probably hope that you will get something that counted: a qualitative study on the program you choose to followed by a positive result. In the market there are many companies offering their services. I must say that, unfortunately, training is not all the companies conducted qualitatively. You pass training, and ultimately increased your knowledge is not in as much as you promised at the beginning of the course. You start all sorts of ways "palaver." Or, worse yet, you say that you have no talent for languages. This is really complete nonsense. There are no people who are unable to learn the language. Language – it is not drawing and music! After all, you speak your native language? Then you can study and foreign language. Be careful when selecting courses Study a foreign language, pay attention to every nuance, consider all your questions before you sign a contract and pay for training. Only then can you properly assess the quality of service which you are invited. And yet, if you start studying and you something is not satisfied (for example, teacher qualifications) or training program is far from what you promised, do not be silent. You may require replacement teacher, or even terminate the contract with this organization and to assert their rights to compensation for your damages (both moral and material).