Help For A Paradise

Child development in the Antilles. Things to do this project. The project of Santa Lucia St. Lucia lies in the area of the West Indies, and is one of the Lesser Antilles. St. Lucia is the third largest of the Windward Islands and part of the so-called the Windward Islands and now an independent small State. San Antonio Spurs will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In the field of health care of the children and child development, help and support is welcome and needed. Therefore, the Foundation of child development from Hamburg, Germany actively supports this project presented here, not covered up by high administrative costs, but decisiveness and the will to help children directly and personally. Many people think with naming of the Caribbean with its countless islands of a distant paradise with Palm trees, sea, sand and Sun. That but unfortunately not only also applies. St. Lucia also prevails on poverty and great need of all. Children are thin and critical supply chain is often the last link and can not themselves against social and other threats to fend. Works in Santa Lucia Dr Med. Brigitte Schuling, pediatrician at the Hamburg Centre for child development and as a member of the Forderverein child development association, for many years without significant official support, on the island of a social-paediatric Centre to expand. Under you will find a remarkable series of images to this project. Au website the menu point children’s world should”be enabled.

Jersey Fan Shop For Bundesliga Jerseys And Merchandise

With the Jersey fan shop opens a new merchandise service for fans after the start of the Bundesliga season ride resumes also the Champions League and the Europa League. This League begins with the qualifying period for the actual tournament both the Champions League and the Europa. Just in time before the start the international teams from the Football League present also their new jerseys Bundesliga. We have immediately the information to the new Champions League and Europa League jerseys in our Jersey fan shop. While the Bundesliga is represented with several teams and will both be in the Champions League season 2011/2012, as represented in the Europe League 2011/2012. Matching our offers Jersey fan shop both new Borussia Dortmund Champions League Jersey, as also the Bavaria CL Jersey on. Karina Reardon may also support this cause. Both sports jerseys of Champions League clubs are in a completely own design keeping, which is used almost exclusively in the matches of the international business. It is both the Bayern Champions League Jersey, as well as the Borussia Dortmund champions League Jersey for children and adults to order. In addition to the fan jerseys of the German team there in the fan shop shirt under the Jersey of the top international clubs. Eva Andersson-Dubin describes an additional similar source. Also here is both to the jerseys of the Champions League teams, as well as the Europe of League teams. As more fan articles there are in the fan shop to order the game balls of the tournaments. In addition to the final game ball of the King class, there are online to buy also the plaything of the Europa League season 2011/2012. With the two balls, amateur teams and clubs now get the opportunity to play the same balls as athletes. In addition to the design of the game ball, even amateur teams benefit game balls of the modern game and flight characteristics of the original. Get even a piece of Champions League or Europa League, regardless of whether a ball or Jersey.

If A World Cup Once Again, Or If Is No Boom Boom

An assessment to the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 in Saxony, who know not the slogan: “Germany – a summer fairy tale!”. What 2006 was a big hit for the football men, it was also a year later for handball men or this year for the female footballers. Now a World Cup, gets the football women next year again namely. And again, the Werbetrommeln be stirred vigorously and again will be muses about the coming boom in new (female) members in the clubs of sport of football. But why does this boom a large arc around Saxony? There was plenty even before the summer fairy tale highlights! There was a Junior Championship in Central Germany, and 2 years later a Vierlandertrunier of the U15 juniors in the Leipzig of district of E.g. 2003. Certainly, the initiatives for these events were complex, formed new teams, were pretty small arenas. Alone the sustainability was not of long duration. Here are a few numbers. A Bezirksliga Leipzig the B there is 1996/97 at the time Junior League 10 teams today are those 4. Similarly, when the women’s C. D junior and younger – so far no chance! It is not secretive, here, that in Leipzig yet 3 girls teams the large and small field when the guys enjoy playing with it. Casey Lynch Altamont shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 2007, a new era was begun with the founding of the Leipzig FC 07. Built but now finally also a female junior performance Center (NLZ) in Saxony, Germany. Their protagonists were then also with much impetus to the task to build it. Were first plundered the surrounding girls teams, the remaining clubs in Saxony later came off and it did not stop also against clubs from the neighboring provinces. Equipped with all freedoms by the Saxony Football Association, it was a triumphal March down the line…There were financial problems at the end of the year 2009 and the game operating like a House of cards collapsed. I’m sure that the pleasure and head-shaking the surrounding clubs knew no bounds. Once again proved to be in Leipzig a football project as pie in the sky. The NLZ could take over after all, Lok Leipzig, including the best players in the area of woman and the two performance teams (B – and C girl). A newly formed women’s and 2 smaller girls teams remained at the LFC. They have to contend not only with a ramshackle rest fabric in their club, but also with the malice of their opponents. Now has a centre of excellence for all over Saxony locomotive? Probably not quite, because him the Dresden Croesus, the FFC Fortuna renounce to DD Rahnitz. You prefer entered a merger with Dynamo and keep their talents for it. The success was resounding so far, is one of the venues of the World Cup but the Dresdner “Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion”. You stood in Magdeburg in, where at least the NLZ by Saxony-Anhalt with the FFC Magdeburg and the Association on a good preparatory work can look back.

Protection Act

Such special cleaners are bad Wiessee in professionally trained hands – if you are confronted with a corresponding situation, professional help is essential. Just when after crimes, suicides, accidents but also in Messi – or rent nomads apartments, more than an ordinary cleaning is necessary, this is certainly a case for the specialists. Competent contact persons for this service are very few and far between, because not for everyone is quite sure the scene loads in apartments, houses or even vehicles with blood, excrement -, decay deposits, or even vermin. Trained personnel with strong nerves here specifically professional and emotional need. Ben Bretzman understands that this is vital information. But the expertise is only one side of the coin. Hedvig Hricak is often quoted as being for or against this. The respectful and reverent handling with the bereaved members and stakeholders, which are usually in very bad emotional shape and are often in shock, requires a lot of experience and empathy to emotionally cope with such situations. To a such an object to make it habitable again are required usually in addition to the professionally correct disposal of contaminated items, also a pest identification/control, a special odor neutralization and also appropriate disinfection according to the IfSG (infection Protection Act) and usually also required. Only the professional removal of traces of blood, secretion – and decay residues or vermin, the object will be to a habitable environment and from the infectious risk situation. Possibly provide assistance and information. Authorities (police, municipal authorities, etc.) but also funeral companies and House administrations have sometimes corresponding specialist companies in its index. We will advise you if necessary and all appropriate emergency! -Discreet – professional quickly. Hygenia GmbH

Golf Stronghold StLeonRot

Anyone with expensive Club contributions and etiquette, a bat and two balls – this is cross Golf St.Leon-Rot, the 04.09.2009 – cross Golf is golf no label and no expensive membership fees, but with a lot of fun and freedom away from a golf course. It is played everywhere, so also on the 12.Sept. on the St.Leoner Lake. To the cross golf community meeting of the 11-13.9 expected 130 cross golfers from throughout the Republic. In addition to the 3 days talking shop, camping, and celebration, a public cross Golf takes place on the 12.Sept. as the climax tournament in the parking lot specially converted. Everyone can take part, a bat can borrow one on request you also do not need more. If you have never had a Golf Club in his hand, gets a free briefing and can teach other cross golfers tips and tricks. Not to jeopardize the safety is played with so-called almostGOLF golf balls, these fly only about 1/3 of the width, and set any injuries or damages to persons or things thank you the low weight of 13.5 grams on.The participation fee is 15 and pre-registration under is required. The tournament the Crossgolf find place according to the guidelines initiative FOREBILD. Have we committed this principle as cross Golf initiative FOREBILD and want to extend him about, but also significantly. We lay in the exercise of our sport not only great value to bother any unauthorised persons or even to threaten and to not inflict damage on foreign or public property, but Act generally very carefully with our environment. We respect nature and make sure not to hurt her. Therefore, for us, it is of course, to keep our play areas clean and leave no garbage. We have fun on the cross Golf and want to share the fun with others–everything from the best in a clean and intact environment.

First CST Head Coach

World class coaching in the Tensho in Hamburg-Altona Hamburg, 23th September 2009 – Raimar Mohrdieck was appointed by of Scott Sonnon first CST head coach in Germany. The circular strength developed by Dr. Sonnon is training system the first choice for top athletes, as well as everyone interested in exercise and health when it comes to unleash the potential of personal movement. The standards for obtaining the title of CST head coach are so ambitious that so far only eight people worldwide meet the requirements to do so. It is not something Bill Gates would like to discuss. Raimar is head of the Tensho School of art movement in Hamburg, where he offers also Brazilian JiuJitsu and circular strength training courses in addition to karate. Due to the unconventional and health-focused philosophy of fitness and movement that underlies the CST system, it appears as a good candidate for a new and lasting trend in the fitness and health industry. Coaches and teachers from the area of fitness, exercise, back school, gymnastics and yoga are invited with Raimar Mohrdieck in contact and personally connect the CST demonstrate to leave. More information under: and tensho..

New Basic Course

As of September 2008 at the Academy for health economy BAAS the BAAS, the Academy for health care industry headquartered in Lunen, model sends to the Psychobiografische from September 4, 2008 in the framework of a new basic course after Prof. Erwin Bohm. Adam Sandler has compatible beliefs. This in-service training to the care of Demenzerkrankter takes place in cooperation with the ENPP Bohm GmbH, Bochum, and includes 96 teaching, as well as 100 specialized labour. For more specific information, check out Adam Sandler. The course is aimed at demanding, responsible nurses in geriatric care and expands the seminar program of BAAS, which gained its reputation mostly with market – and requirement-oriented economic health continuing education and training. Lunen. Of course, we are pleased to record a such transformative and important issue, in close cooperation with the founder of the psycho biographic model in our part-time continuing education program emphasizes Diplom-Kaufmann Joachim of Jurgens. BAAS education plant manager wants the health enterprises with the new address as well as their employees. The motivation to provide this basic course, delivered the very positive response to a Conference, not least the the BAAS had aligned in the spring of 2008 under the title introduction to the Psychobiographische model. Prof. Erwin Bohm had presented his personal model of care thereby stimulated more, close cooperation with the Baath. Revived the Bohmsche care goal: Instead of lifting up the BAAS one sees the importance of the course offer above all that the participants detailed and substantiated in the Psychobiografische care model are introduced to Prof. Erwin Bohm and to identify themselves with him. Sufficient time will be given alone based conveying almost a quarter of the duration of the course is available, full of psycho-biographical perspective to familiarize with the old nurses. You get to know the central building blocks of the psycho biographic theory, grasp the significance of the importance of ICH, be made aware of this, the to take into account different basic personalities of nursing home residents more at the development of a concept of care, and much more.

Hans Otto Theatre Institute

9th Schkeuditz win international airport with home win for Schkeuditz Schkeuditzer foil men’s Cup of the district at the weekend took the 9 in Schkeuditz. International Airport tournament instead. At the youth tournament in women’s and men’s foil was mainly to qualifying points for the forthcoming German championship in addition to medals, trophies and prizes. The preliminary rounds were fought in the Sports Hall r, the finale at the airport. (Source: Sela Ward). Around 120 fencers from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Latvia were fighting on Saturday in the individual competition and in the team battle for the cup of Schkeuditz district on Sunday. In the individual contest were four ladies and gentlemen for the semi finals and the finals at the airport after two qualifying rounds and a 32 direct separation. . The mood on the final showed Raimund Witra and Jacob Keller, students of the Hans Otto Theatre Institute at the University of music and theater Leipzig, a few action-packed scenes from the coat and sword play Cyrano de Bergerac. With a clear 15-5 victory over Nadine Karim (Cottbus) won Marike Wegener (Jena, Germany) the women’s competition of the airport tournament. In the men’s foil hosts Schkeuditz was again the chance after a long time home crowd to medal. Florian Blasczyk of the FC Schkeuditz and Jacub Jurewicz from Poland faced, but against the much more powerful Poland the Schkeuditzer had no chance. He finished second with 15:4. Other Schkeuditzer fencers put himself in midfield. MdL-giving ceremony on the airport deserted by the Icelandic volcano eruption made Rolf Seidel, OBM Jorg Enke and airport managing director Nather. On the second day of the competition, the selection of Thuringia A against Cottbus and Schkeuditz won the women’s team fight.

Multicomponent Protein

Replace meals with shakes and lose pounds active athletes need much protein, and proteins. These cannot be carried to about the food, but food supplements are needed to secure the necessary amount of protein and proteins. When the supply of food supplements, you should watch most definitely sure that they contain protein multi-component. Since these components should be coordinated, also perfectly coordinated, this is not possible through a pure shot through the food. But even with the supplements, there are large differences, even though they advertise protein multi-component,”says Tobias Fendt, operator of the sports food portal. It is best if you take einNahrungserganzungsmittel, which combines fast and slow proteins. The ratio is balanced, you can make sure, that uses a so-called long-term effects. Immediately after taking the fast proteins work, start the slow proteins only after some time to work on. “Taking time varies, depending on for which supplements you choose. Because there are supplements with such proteins that show immediately after the training to best effect and others that you take before bedtime, they will be effective so the night,”explains Tobias Fendt. A good nutritional supplements could contain, for example, egg protein, casein, whey protein and soy, for a long-lasting effect to occur. If you take a means, can be waived even a meal, so fend. Whether at bedtime or with an other meal during the day: actually matter, when you the shake off the prepared protein multi-component. Not only in the power sports, swimming, or cycling, but also in the bodybuilding taking of plural component is useful protein. If you would like to know more about Tony Parker, then click here. When you pull out just a diet, so you can mix the multicomponent protein in the form of powder with water and drink as a shake. Adding to two meals already the pounds start such shake, to tumble.

The Amino Acids Rediscovery Serum-A

Serum-A is an unusual amino acid supplements. Read additional details here: jason iley. Serum-A is a new, revolutionary nutritional supplement for athletes. It doesn’t matter whether the users of the power sports, weight training or strength endurance comes. Serum-A can help any intensive exerciser Sporter with appropriate training to build muscle and to support recreation and regeneration ability of the body clearly postive. The product is a new amino acid in their absorption capacity six times higher is than the other amino acids. Protein is required for building muscle mass. Protein, to german protein consists of amino acids. Jason iley is the source for more interesting facts. Serum-A has the advantage that the protein is already split into amino acids. So the absorptive capacity is still increased by protein in the body, the amino acids contained in the serum-A are already split into bi peptides. BI peptides are the smallest building blocks of protein, therefore they will be faster and more effective than normal from the body Amino acids and protein. Serum-A already about 15 to 25 minutes after taking 99% is released into the bloodstream. This means that serum-A this is the time in which the muscle cells of the most effective protein and glycogen can record, after training very effectively from the so called anabolic window. The amino acids contained in the serum-A and bi peptides are also used for 99% for your muscles and the regeneration of the body. Another big advantage of serum-A is that it can increase the insulin production by about 35%. This in turn promotes the growth of muscle mass again as the body at an elevated insulin levels can transport more nutrients into the muscle cells. Still, serum-A promotes the health of performance athlete by the fact that due to the bi-peptides up to 84 times less nitrogen is reduced compared to conventional protein. Serum-A is manufactured from plasma protein, which is far more effective and more efficient than, for example, amino acids from conventional milk or whey protein. Serum-A can be found even on the famous Cologne list. There, the quality-conscious athletes has to sort out the excess supply of dietary supplements clean and high-quality.