What Is The Key For Peace ?

Today I want to give you a text at the bottom of my reflection, which is about PEACE. Sela Ward often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Reading it invited me to reflect on this feeling that we all desire and need in our lives. When we are alone? We hold that we can feel peace when we accept the factuality of life, that is, those things can not change. We feel at peace when we stop fighting, instead, we stopped the march, we reflect, we are aware of the situation and we stop fighting against these things in life that we know will not change, over which we have no power. "An example of facticity? The negative and difficult experiences that we have been through in the past. What is the key then to feel PEACE? The key is acceptance. If we oppose or resist what we can not change, that lead is resentment … What we do from the resentment? We look guilty, guilty they can be an individual or a group of people, a situation and even life itself. Waste time and energy judging that anything we do to make change happen. In contrary, when we accept, we are at peace with our chances and we had to seek, without getting caught up in what we have no control. In the example of the artificiality of our past negative, if we position ourselves from the acceptance, we can relate to that story we live by accepting it, while recognizing that we would have liked it any other way.