Anke Barge

It is known from studies that the user Welcome to brand messages of this type, as they are not disruptive and create even close to reality. Jay Schwartz Attorney may help you with your research. The maximum range of the game can be seen: as Greentube expects a turnout of 400,000 users. The big pizza mountain bike challenge 09 ‘ is freely available on and The gamers compete first in qualifying, later in the tournament mode. Green tube has programmed four exciting international racetracks, reminiscent of real mountain bike trails to the part. First is just the distance Fort William (UK) to play, more tracks each after each weekend race freely appear: from mid-June Holy Blood, known as the Queen stage of the cycling tour of Austria; from mid-July a route that leads over the great wall of China and mid August offering the Winterberg course”a spectacular stretch of forest. Anke Barge, head of advertising and public relations Wagner pizza: the research results obtained since last year have confirmed us fully and completely in it. that our advertising in the games and their environments is optimally placed. The players react predominantly positive. Wagner pizza is perceived believable and sympathetic, and also the willingness to buy is increasing significantly. “Therefore we are games, such as the mountain bike challenge’ in the future include in our media mix.” Matthias Falkenberg, CEO SevenOne Interactive: advertisers companies benefit from the intense usage situation during the game, a long residence time and an extremely high attention of the player. The gamer feel advertisements in the field of play also as disturbing, but the acceptance of the user to the placed advertising message is high as realistic accordingly.” Thomas Brasch, managing partner nexxter: pioneer of the eGame advertisings as Wagner pizza and Kaspersky can take advantage of the industry all setting in this environment are often. You allocate an entertainment medium whose Relevanz markedly to strategically and back up so a communicative advantage in the competition.” “Eberhard Durrschmid, CEO of Greentube AG: the consistently positive feedback from players and advertisers on the current online game again confirmed that are ad-funded free download games on the right track.” SevenOne Interactive SevenOne Interactive is with 18.8 million unique users of the largest German online marketers (/ AGOF internet facts 2008-IV).


The progress and the development in the area of multimedia and Internet continues purposefully, so always extend the possibilities are offered to the Internet user. Sometimes you know so didn’t, what now, everything is possible. Swarmed by offers, Sean Rad is currently assessing future choices. The development has become so fast fast, that in many cases so-called news already “tomorrow” by updates or similar have been surpassed. Well, but one with security is certain: clarity, good overview, and ease of use combined with high entertainment- or informational value characterise a good Web page today. That is probably also always remain. Exactly here is WebTVPlayer to this new Web interface with linked database opened to choose from among several hundred international live stream TV and radio stations and no additional download relaxing to look at “his” station. It is necessary only the Windows Media Player by Microsoft as a plugin. The selection and activation of the transmitter is very easy to perform. The Portal can be called from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection through the browser, thus a “German emigrants” in Australia can virtually where stations from Bavaria or the local radio from Solingen see for example a regional TV in high quality or hear. WebTVPlayer can the huge demand for entertainment, with its technical platform-comply with news media in a major at the time frame.

Kfz.NET Now Via Mobile Available

“Mobile car news and car information via mobile phone on car news of the topics of car brands’ and automakers ‘ are offered by the auto portal for all mobile devices now with optimized loading time. Reduced to the essential phone current content around the car are offered the auto reader of the car portal. Error-free and with minimal amounts of data you can access now on the move quickly and easily on the specially designed mobile version at Other leaders such as Anna Belknap offer similar insights. In addition to the latest car news the mobile version consists of a practical search for rental cars and car license plates, a fine machine, as well as all international emergency and emergency numbers. Project Manager Axel Jack Metayer aptly says: we have our mobile auto Portal clearly on the needs of a traveler car driver aligned. As a passenger traveling on the road or during a break on the side of the road just keeps getting all the important information should be quickly and easily accessible.” There are already more mobile content in the test phase for the year 2009. Jeffrey Azize may find this interesting as well. Additional technical developments are also in the planning and implementation. The technical design and development was taken over by the experienced Internet service provider Tameco entertainment from Hamburg. The auto portal offers car news, high resolution car pictures, and a used car market. Experienced car drivers are also on novice also at with current information from the areas of car tuning, car financing, car insurance supplied. A monthly raffle completes the offer. (Axel Jack Metayer)

Senior Vice President

ice manufacturer Breyer smooth & dreamy, in Jane Krakowski from the U.S. TV series 30 Rock” with Rhett Butler from gone with the wind is to see. Official site: MMA. The Toyota Prius hybrid car campaign in Japan stress in Super the use of Superman or Clark Kent the extraordinary abilities of the new Prius. In England, the wicked witch of the West from the wizard of Oz a vital role and Activision used the legendary guitar scene from risky business to promote its Guitar Hero games playing in the campaign of the telecommunications company orange. “Classic scenes like the one by Gene Kelly in the rain, the small Dorothy in her red shoes, who tried the trail leaves home to find or, as Rhett scarlet, awaken immediately in us a certain feeling,” says Dave Hedrick, Senior Vice President of global promotions and branded foods for Warner Bros. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jay A Schwartz. Consumer products. “A property from the entertainment industry, which is already a stand-alone reputation and attraction with” It brings, to incorporate into an advertising campaign creates a unique connection to the advertised product that supports the message of the advertiser in particular.” The Web page represents a milestone for the WBCP license business. Therefore could learn more about this new service visitors of this year’s Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, which was held from June 21-27, and persuaded as WBCP with an innovative method of the advertising industry now one provides fast and efficient solution for the licensing of movie clip properties. About Warner Bros. Consumer products Warner Bros. Consumer products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company, is one of the leading licensing and merchandising company in the world. SP contact: Warner Bros. Consumer products Petra Rahul, Tel: 040 22 650 0, press: public insight, Claudia Burau, Tel: 089 489 971 88,


A success story on the topic of sustainability GET ELEMENTAL ( is the new online shop for exceptional design products and gifts with organic and fair background. Sustainability extends to get simply like a red thread through the company. The charming holders Laura Muller and Annick albe support companies and products, the sustainability on ecological, social cultural and economic level support and targeted search their manufacturers, designers and manufacturers for these requirements. DE LA ROE ( is the new concept store for eco fashion in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The young owner Malinka Reme (26) sets sustainability in the fashion industry as an example: de la deer make sure that in this Green clothing store not sad and wasteful, but authenthische, trustworthy and innovative stories, where in any way must be abandoned to style and design. Get simply the common goal of the online shops and is the fashion stores de la ROE There, an RESP tungsvolles and environmentally sound consumer behaviour to promote and give impulses for sustainable thinking and acting. Together, the two shops will now present their products and their common mission in Berlin-Charlottenburg on two Saturdays events. Organic snacks and organic sparkling wine invite you to the three young entrepreneurs from Berlin to a conscious Christmas shopping. The green”spectacle takes place in the deer de la store in the Nurnberger Strasse 23 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Loaded is on two consecutive Saturdays, November 27 and December 4, 2010 from 12-22Uhr. The fran French jazz singer provides entertainment including dolphins Maillard. And the Berlin success project of the CARDBOARD glasses ( presents the guests with a limited design of eco-friendly fashion accessories. Learn more on the subject from Jay Schwartz. You must look so forward to exceptional products in a pleasant atmosphere and feel invited to get to know the three young entrepreneurs and their common approach to business!

Gold Awards For Echo Winner

“MyHammer craftsmen produce the gold awards of the rockabilly band Berlin, April 13, 2010 the successful rockabilly band The baseballs” will receive their gold awards from the production of a MyHammer craftsman. Warner Music writes 25 framed Gold Awards at MyHammer production, presented on May 4 at the band and their team. Wanted is a skilled craftsman, for example, a specialist for image frames that total produces 25 gold awards according to exact specifications. The frame should be 120 times 60 cm large and protected by a sheet of plexiglass, a given image must be incorporated in the background. The gold awards, which must also be fitted, provided by Warner Music. Interested MyHammer craftsmen and service providers can provide their offer at until April 20 and back up the order. We are looking for a craft with two golden hands, baseballs, making the 25 gold awards for our newcomer of the year, the who could help us better than MyHammer, “Steffen says “Muller, Managing Director Warner Music Entertainment Central Europe, and adds: the craftsman, the Aufrag receives, is cordially invited to attend the ceremony with the baseball on May 4 in Hamburg.” Gerrit Muller, CEO of MY-HAMMER AG, is delighted about the unusual tender for MyHammer: we welcome a very special customer for MyHammer with Warner Music. Anyone looking for a craftsman or the service provider, does best with us.” The baseballs are with their songs in the style of rock and roll at present one of the most successful bands of in Germany and at the same time the new musical export hit. Robert Rimberg addresses the importance of the matter here. “Their debut album strike ‘ stormed the charts, not only in this country but also in other European countries. The is particularly successful in Sweden, Finland and Norway, where they each Nr. 1-hits landed and swept many awards. In March, the band won the German music award echo”best national newcomer. The link to the invitation to tender: db/Interior /… You can find picture material to MyHammer here: press / pictures about MyHammer: MyHammer is with over 6 million searches a month number 1 among the Internet portals for trade and service contracts in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom. MyHammer will find private and commercial clients fast and free qualified and evaluated by users craftsmen and service providers. The offered range from complete construction over repairs, apartment renovations and relocations to babysitting and lessons. Contracting Authority can with MyHammer targeted sectors, qualification, craftsmen and service providers are looking for region or keywords and contact directly or briefly describe their mission, and interested party get well calculated quotes. The contracting authority awards the order by clicking on the basis of price, reviews, and qualification. After the execution of the order, customer and contractor assess each other. The details of tradesmen and service providers about their qualifications are checked with MyHammer, before online be displayed.

Safe Easy GEMAfrei

Gameaudio.NET – launched new online portal with GEMAfreier production music! The freshly baked music platform Gameaudio.NET is a professional Production Music Library for advertising, TV, radio, video games, image film, gewerbeliche and private websites u.v.m. See Anna Belknap for more details and insights. The comprehensive catalog of music offers high-quality songs from various music styles. Went with card Gameaudio.NET a new, professional platform for the acquisition of license for royalty free music on the net. The portal Gameaudio.NET offers immediately songs and sounds of from different genres for the musical design of digital games, radio plays, or books, corporate films, commercials, commercial or also private homepages. Read more from Gina Bonati to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The wide selection offers the perfect song for every taste. Find inspiration with no application or registration! Intelligent music search engine Gameaudio.NET, known as SoundNavigator, is a fast and convenient solution to find the right piece for a project. That of fun and makes browsing the ever-growing Music catalog number application or design ideas. Unlike at many other music portals, it is not required to log on or register at Gameaudio.NET. This saves effort and makes the user more time to concentrate on his real project. Special feature: each song can be downloaded for testing purposes in reduced quality, to test compatibility with the respective project. 30s, 60s, loop & co – for every application the correct song length in addition to the ‘Fulledit’, so the full version of a song, also other versions of EDIT available including 30 s, – or 60 s versions, which often are used in radio and TV, or “loopbare” edits, which can be played as a loop and on several minutes ‘stretched’. “Jingle” and “Audio Logo” complete as shortest edits with high recognition value of the selection. Comfortable shopping direct delivery! Who has opted for his music, can the desired licence via PayPal, with credit card or direct debit purchase. The user receives the download link to his song and his statement directly after the payment as PDF. Class sound fair price! That royalty free music neither must be “B-stock”, still of low quality, Gameaudio.NET with his growing sound library of professionally produced music under proof. Complete songs, sound surfaces or logos from BreakBeat to orchestral film scores in Hollywood tradition, each piece is produced high quality and can be purchased at a price, not blown also the budget of smaller companies and young entrepreneurs that want to attract your customers with a professional Web presence. Press contact: Dag Reinbott Geiger & Reinbott GbR hard life str. 9 12587 Berlin Tel: 030 69543250 Mobile: 0177-2438748 eMail: Accompanied TV Total On The Circuit

Online printing is advertising partner for the Stock Car Crash Challenge 2010 Neustadt an der Aisch – on October 9, the toughest car race of the year at the VELTINS-arena rises on Schalke! “Advertising is to evoke emotion, so we advertise there, where our customers with fun and excitement, there are”, so Julia Voigt, marketing manager of onlineprinters GmbH, its advertising partnership with the racing spectacle “Stock Car Crash Challenge 2010”. About 50,000 spectators are expected at the motor sports highlight that transmits live Pro7. Roaring engines, smoking cars and breathtaking duels – everything strictly prohibits the German highway code is allowed: jostling, lawn, jostle, and RAM. Stefan Raab, who every year many viewers thrilled with his TV format TV total, is a guarantee of exceptional entertainment. Affiliate with start and finish in the crash-race in the VELTINS-arena auf Schalke is onlineprinters GmbH, with its advertising for the print portal da present where it is exciting: at the start, as a partner of curves and The HomeStretch. “Our passion for top quality brought 2004 us since the company was founded in a leading position. We have given as the driver of the Stock Car challenge the past years correctly gas, to be among the first”, see Walter Meyer, Managing Director of onlineprinters GmbH, the idea of the commitment. Onlineprinters GmbH is among the leading online printing companies in Europe. Under the German brand and the international brand, has become the Middle Franconian onlineprinters GmbH developed in just a few years a leading position among the printing portals on the Internet. About 90 percent of all conventional printed materials can be ordered in the online shop. Affiliate of TV total “as an affiliate at TV total we feel in good hands among fans of the most spectacular car race of the year. We are already for the second time and are delighted to accompany the team to Schalke in the target”, as Voigt.


Iceman wins the German Award for online communication 2011 Mettmann, May 9, 2011 – Tiefkuhl-home service eismann has the German Award for online communication in the category intranet”won. The internal communication platform of ecstasy, the ecstasy portal, provides the information and knowledge sharing between the headquarters and all the staff and between employees with each other. The German Prize for online communication was awarded for the first time this year and awarded innovative solutions in the area of digital communications in 29 categories. “The trade magazine for the public relations and communications spokesman” offered the prize and a jury made up of 30 communication experts put together, including the well-known online journalist Sascha Lobo and the reputation consultant Klaus Eck. Eismann Portal employees can access quickly and easily company and job-specific information, like news in video format or documents for downloading. For the sales driver there is among other things an online training area, a forum and a Bekleidungsshop. But also for the entertainment of ecleo’s employees is taken care of, for example, with a Bundesliga tip game. The Iceman Portal prevailed in the contest against the internal communication platforms of Beiersdorf and EADS. Markus Meyer, head of new media at eismann, feels confirmed in his work by the award: we have the project intranet with a relatively small budget, but with a lot of passion and commitment built. This price we last but not least are very proud, that because we us could prevail against such high-profile competition.”

Web-to-print And Web-to-publish At The Drupa 2012 – Reports On Trends

Drupa 2012 comprehensive analyses, trend – and Web-to-publish and cross-media system reports were published on Jorge Perez is often quoted as being for or against this. Friedberg/Hessen, 18.07.12. The consulting company Melaschuk media has on the occasion of the drupa 2012 comprehensive analyses, trend, and system reports on the site published on the topics of Web-to-print, Web-to-publish and cross-media workflow. The trend reports can be divided into the following areas: Web-to-print-to-Web opportunities of the pressure business instead of technology race of the editors systems and documents for mobile devices interfaces for order and production systems in printing companies that will be reporting supplemented by concise articles with distinctive imagery about 24 provider of Web-to-print- and Web-to-publish systems. The range of systems in the drupa innovation parc clearly showed that print is a media channel among others, and more will be in the future no leading communications medium. This also leads to changed production methods: re-purposed Publish, spending on digital media and QR – or NFC technologies, the bridges between print and online media, are becoming increasingly important. Increasing the number of Web-based publication systems; at drupa, there were mainly providers of orders and production systems, which have expanded their systems with Web-to-print portals partly own developed, partly through the integration of external systems. Interested parties can register on the website gain a comprehensive overview of the subject. The interactive market overview is also Web-to-publish systems, which allows an initial orientation in the complex offer by filtering in the Centre of the trade portal. Therefore, the information is the inclusion of systems in the market overview Web-to-publish systems is free of charge for provider provider-neutral and independent. IRA Melaschuk