Best Solution

When we spoke of discipline something in my made shake, because I cannot avoid to identify it with the adultocentrista authoritarianism. Nevertheless, the discipline is necessary, is the way to help to the more responsible and respectful people to be with the others. In this term it is applied better what one has come in calling positive discipline and that I prefer to call discipline with love. The key is to use nonpunitive methods, that is to say, without punishments, to help to transmit a message with respect, love, assertiveness and firmness. It is not to be lax, nor to let pass intolerable behaviors through his aggressiveness or negatividad, but to use other forms of communication that are not the judgments or the imposition. Mainly we will start off to understand the reasons for which the children act as they act, without prejudging nor labeling them like bad, but working in the deepening of the real causes of the inadequate behaviors. We must get to obtain, apart from which we do what we create better for them, than also we pruned to understand that their needs sometimes no they are in agreement with the exigencies of our society, and that, only learning to also respect them, rectifying if we have been mistaken when wanting to fit them in schemes that do not agree with the necessary thing to have a natural and happy childhood, we will get to be able to give safe tools them to act in society with freedom and empathy. Some of the things that we can try are to leave young understand the consequences to them of their acts, with open questions that make discover them as the others feel before their behavior or what it can entail staying in his line, instead of to present/display the consequences to them like facts already happened and unremovable, that often come to become punishments.