How Useful Is Self-PR For Companies Of SMEs

Just for small business users inside it is often unusual to put in the \”right\” light. \”It is difficult even to sell many entrepreneurs\” a conversation with the marketing expert Katja Hofmann about independent, the self-representation of minor employees, founders and fraternity \”Katja Hofmann is nominated for their education and training at the German Chamber of Commerce for the initiative Prize, proprietor of the SME and author of the book\” advertising was yesterday today is sponsoring \”the 2009 appears. She works as a management trainer in southern Germany with its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. For even more analysis, hear from Dorothy Kilgallen. Mrs Hofmann, how come the many company and founder of red numbers write it, although they had a perfect business plan? Many euphoric start or take over a business with a solid customer base and if then the business idea is implemented, that Office is set up then comes the feeling now it can go. The customers are what is missing. It is necessary that this information also by the new company. If the Media reports about you, this takes much more attention than any display and is still cheaper to do so. They are therefore calling for the company PR actively? Yes, public relations – that is something only for the big companies\”I hear always again startled by entrepreneurs. But we live in an information society and a company’s success is the attention that gets a person a company. Gained credibility from a successful public relations is a crucial competitive advantage to sign up also by the competitors abzusetzen-because credibility is the Foundation of any successful business relationship. \”Because many do not know how you can work with the press and to dismantle to reservations, is my seminar so sure entering the press ‘ help and tips. I offer this in different cities, even with our neighbours in the Switzerland. But not the services of a company are crucial for success? Who sold himself well, must no longer and not work harder, but clever and innovative.

Managing Director

The media experts from Mainz inform about trends in the 3D production of Mainz, October 08, 2010. The Sidenstein media GmbH clinched at the IBC show in Amsterdam suggestions to the 3D-Filmproduktion. The experts from Sidenstein media tested various rig systems, which are mounted two cameras on a tripod. You record the slightly offset image required for the 3D-Filmproduktion respectively. These two pictures are added together in post-production. Spatial SEH creates the impression, as most of the 3D movies increasingly aired in recent times in the movies know him the stereoscopic signal when viewing with a shutter – or pole pair of glasses. Mathias Kohl, media expert of Sidenstein GmbH, noted when viewing 3D productions: monitors and displays the quality goes far apart. Currently still no satisfying 3D delivers a majority, I felt mostly was uncomfortable also the shutter glasses. Therefore the display from JVC with pol glasses, which were always a convincing sense of spatial, were all the more impressive When moving from the display or not exactly in the Middle before. Here 3D really is fun and provides a great visual experience.” Ute Sidenstein, Managing Director of the Agency for film & new media, who rode mainly in search of according to new trends in the media industry after Amsterdam, slightly disappointed commented: Auto stereoscopic displays, which should cause the spatial impression without glasses, are still in the development stage. At the 3D-Filmproduktion, movies have shaped the viewing habits of the audience. It shows clearly that only high-quality equipment capable of is to deliver really satisfactory results. Everything else has in comparison disappointing. ” Yet the technicians and creative film production with many new ideas in the luggage were able to leave the fairgrounds. In the next projects the Mainzer will incorporate the tips from the practice of the stereoscopic production certainly with, Mathias Kohl summed up.

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\”Bands and fans go into the Internet radio on the air, first NewcomerRadio lets bands and there fans over broadcast Internet radio, radio stations for newcomers and the NewcomerRadio of Germany\”. The interactive promotion and involvement of bands and fans is the most important basis for newcomer bands that already difficult have it on the market. Newcomer bands on today’s music marketplace have not the resources, the support or not the necessary promotion, due to the mainstream music market flooded. \”Bands and artists must walk even a stony path is one of\” to be and to make their way into the radio and media landscape. You may want to visit Jay A Schwartz to increase your knowledge. Innovative bands such as StaatsPunkRott \”from Wurzburg, one night stand\”from feet/Bavaria or L.A.soon\”from Berlin already thinking a step ahead in 2010 and host your own radio show at NewcomerRadio Germany\” in the project 2010 bands & fans. Send titled according to \”design for the punk rock band Staatspunkrott\” but welcome from Wurzburg, every first Tuesday of the month from 20.00 22.00, an interactive radio program for your fans and other friendly newcomer bands. The band L.A.soon presents itself every first Tuesday of the month from 22.00 12: 00 with your own music and around the topic of Softrock \”.\” The still very young Band One Night stand \”feet/Bavaria much to last but not least made aware, in recent months through the tireless work of 10 to 12 hours in the Internet, the two main actors Patrick and Danny.\” So you and I made a band with their new song \”Finally in the top rotation of NewcomerRadio Germany. Every second Tuesday of the month from 22.00 tell 00: 00 your fans and the world about your music that you actively campaigning for animal welfare. More than 500 applications for the project 2010 bands & fans are going on show\”reached the editorial staff of NewcomerRadio Germany.