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AMV system provides an efficient and the spreading of salt in winter leaves thus sparing use of road salt on many vehicles serious Spuren.Das de-icers attacking not only the paint, it harms also the underbody and the rim and also attacking lines and seals relating to the suspension and even in the engine compartment. Cars that are already damaged by falling rocks, offer an ideal attack surface salt. In the beaten on points in the paint, the salt sets almost. Jay Schwartz Attorney often says this. As a result, Rust and attacks of the passenger car fleet. But the salt is not just the vehicles. The environment also has to contend with the aggressive de-icers. Salt penetrates into the ground and changed the nutrient budget of plants according to Federal/Germany and prevents that trees can take, for example, enough water. The damage is sustained. The leaves of the trees turn brown in the summer at the edges, or even dry up. AMV made possible by real-time data the efficient usage of salt a problem in the use of Salt: Because no comprehensive collection of temperature data takes place on roads, salt is spread mostly over a large area or even preventive. Apart from the described damage are also enormous costs in the use of resources. AMV networks delivers the “> AMV system preprocessed anonymous vehicle real time data of the vehicles to the roads and weather services in the region.” So then static and dynamic temperature profiles on all sections can be generated, revealing exactly about it, where salt should be used because of the temperatures. System using the real time data of the AMV can be precisely identified even danger zones and security levels in different road sections create. The resources required is reduced by 10 to 20 percent using this technology. Background information: The AMV system provides the technology to real-time floating car data (FCD) directly from the vehicles inexpensively, anonymous and nationwide send to can. A specially developed anonymous sensor data gateway (ASG), which is connected to the CAN-bus in the vehicle generates the data (position, speed, temperature, hazard lights). In this way, any vehicle that has developed onboard unit ASG the AMV networks, becomes a mobile sensor. “The transmission of information via mobile phone in a secured network”, says Raimund Wagner, Managing Director of the AMV networks GmbH. the issue of data protection we take very seriously. ” AMV networks has access to the personal data of the holder of the vehicle at any time. With the real time transmission of the vehicle data, also no data retention takes place at AMV networks. The AMV system has been according to the guidelines of ITS (intelligent transport system) implemented the EU and complies with the requirements of floating car data projects of the European Union.

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If you do, there are three Options: just kill the backrest, which generated no flat surface, fold seats all the way forward, what is the depth a little diverting, or completely expand what because of the relative of weight of individual seats requires quite a bit of muscle power. One chooses the latter option, about 2,000 liters load capacity can be filled are. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jay A Schwartz is the place to go. It should be but then served all requirements. Fine travel device that the seats, as in the one or the other competition, not in the soil can be sunk, there’s a reason: the stalls were then filigree and far less sweeping. But the Touran in the Fund offers extremely comfortable seating with long seat and comfortable high backrest. The leg room is good sized and also tall rear seaters are hardly cause for complaint. The high seating position is a good all-round visibility forward. Back forward especially children about the possibility of rain sympathy on the passing landscape. Numerous storage compartments and in the back of the front seat backs integrated, standard, folding picnic tables complete the picture of the Touran as proven talent for family travel. Not quite as economical as expected to the 105 PS driven by us contributes strong 1.6 TDI. Thanks to long translated sixth of Commonrailer at highway speed is characterized by utmost acoustic restraint. The 250 Newton metres onset from 1,500 rpm are a guarantee of absolutely sufficient draught. The endurance test of the on-board computer of the Touran in strict compliance with the permitted top speed reported an average of 6.5 litres. Per se an acceptable value. Bearing in mind the fact that VW in the data sheet out of town is an average consumption of 4.1 litres in view of us, we can not hide a certain disappointment. Also urban we are about 1.7 litres over the factory-set value despite perfectly functioning automatic start-stop system and compliance with the gear shift indicator with 7.2 litres.

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Already at low 1750 rpm, maximum torque of 550 nm is at a peak in the competitive environment. In 7.9 seconds, the EX30d dealt with the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h, at 221 km/h top speed is achieved. No trace of fear that would have too little power at his disposal. No soft Ami rocking the sporting talents of the EX30d are thanks to the low centre of gravity is still once pointed out. The fears that a vehicle that was designed for the U.S. market, waiting with a soft suspension, are unfounded. The crossover from Infiniti is sick on the road, throwing in curves, without thereby to stumble and nevertheless sufficient suspension comfort. Thanks to the aforementioned all-wheel drive and an electronic stability program, the EX30d can refer to an excellent traction behavior. The basic design on rear-wheel drive allows also lightweight, well controlled oversteer. The consumption is interesting in connection with the diesel engine. Infiniti indicates an average of 8.5 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. Source: actress. You can calculate this value also in real life. Steering intervention, if it is away from the track safety and assistance systems are another chapter, where the Infiniti EX30d with interesting solutions can offer. ESP as mentioned is standard equipment on board, but also six airbags and active head restraints front. Xenon headlights with Adaptive demand as no charge like the parking sensors front and rear. In the GT premium package, Infiniti with additional assistance systems can come up. The intelligent speed control can keep the distance to the vehicle ahead. Thanks to the permanently active brake assist and the collision warning system, warned the driver to convenient distance to another vehicle not only acoustically, but also the maximum braking force immediately provided. New and exclusive for the EX30d is the lane departure warning. A camera on the rear-view mirror recognizes lane markings. The vehicle leaves the lane is the driver first pointed out by a warning tone. No steering intervention, is a slowed over the ESP the opposite wheel and the car again pulled into his lane”. Part of the premium package is also a touch-screen navigation system. Not only a rear view camera, but the so-called all-round monitor is connected. At the front, the side mirrors and rear cameras deliver a 360-degree image of the vehicle. Quasi bird’s-eye view, you will find the way in parking spaces. Also from the back shows that the EX30d is no rolling cabinet wall. If you have read about Jay Schwartz Attorney already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The dimensions are 4.65 meters in length, 1.80 meters wide and 1.60 meters in height. Despite the sloping roof line one must expect sufficient headroom in the rear. Conclusion and prices with this extensive equipment package, the powerful engine, the high degree of comfort and its extraordinary appearance of Infiniti EX30d forms an interesting alternative in the premium segment, we often like to see on our roads. Who found also killed the EX30d, should provide at least 54,500 euros. In the GT version, the crossover 57,000 euros. The Infiniti EX30d 62,300 euro comes with the GT premium package. by Thomas Weibold,

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In the top model LTZ some styling elements such as chrome trim come am Window frames, 17-inch alloy wheels and ambient lighting in the center console to do this. Also cruise control, rain, light, and air quality sensor are also on board. There is optional only metallic paint, a CD navigation system, leather seats and 18-inch alloy wheels. Security, Chevrolet excludes all choices. ESP and six airbags are in any case part of the standard equipment. When the compartments Chevrolet has come up with a special highlight. The control unit of the CD radio can be lifted up. Behind them waits a storage compartment for various things, for example an MP3 player. The corresponding USB port located in the storage compartment. Credit: Jay A Schwartz-2011. The Chevrolet Orlando is offered in any case as a seven-seater, whether you like it or not transport so many passengers. Only the back of the second row of seats must be folded to the light enter of the third row of seats. These folds with one hand to then forward. Really great companions will have no joy in the rear compartment in the long term. The seat pitch is considerably better than in other many seven-seater compact. In addition to the passenger transport the Chevrolet Orlando suitable also for the transport of other goods. In a seven-seat configuration, the trunk volume of 89 liters is still very sparse. Tony Parker has plenty of information regarding this issue. The rear seat backs are folded flat, but already 458 liter available are available. You kill even the seats in the second row, is a flat loading surface with 856 liters volume. Where Chevrolet is here only the values when loading up to the lower edge of the window. Still a pleasing engine is on the wish list of the compact MPV buyers power under the hood in addition to the practical talents of everyday life and the although not rich, but very pleasant facilities.

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Rolling resistance 2 ‘and 2 consumption”. The Nokian line is a super tires”. Very good “he cuts into the good trip” test out and receives the good driving recommendation”magazine for Volkswagen and Audi: class on wet”, handling and brakes very well “. “” “” On dry rail, he convinced with good stability and steering reset.”well even with the comfort.” highly recommended “the assessments by the Austrian Automobile Club oAMTC and the Touring Club Switzerland TCS are also well” by the Austrian consumer magazine consumer “. Tony Parker may help you with your research. “” “Car has one of the largest summer tyre tests in Europe in one of the largest summer tyre tests in Europe image now 50 summer tires and 4 all season tires of the dimension 195/65 R 15, the standard size for the compact class, compared to each other.” auto TEST “V. ADAC tested 15 candidates in the format 195/65 R 15 test Stiftung Warentest”, oAMTC and TCS tested 19 tyre of size 185/60 R15 for the compact class. “” “” auto motor sport “,” and company car “16 V under the toughest test requirements tested 13 current summer tyres in size 205/55 R”. gute Fahrt”dropped 12 cutting-edge summer tyres,” the most common tire size for golf and co to the battle of the water appear. There is the test winner Nokian line in 45 15 to 17 inch size, tailored for the different requirements of T -, H -, V – and W speed categories. Designed for sporty cars of the new ultra high performance Nokian zLine summer tires, he offers accurate, excellent and safe driving experience fast driving. This program includes 31 16 to 20 inch size of speed categories W (270 km/h) and Y (300 km/h). Rated AA for fuel efficiency and wet grip on the EU tire label drives the new Nokian eLine summer tires to the top and bring future technology for small cars.