Modern Japanese Movie

Only about Japanese films can be said thin film as silk and strong as sake. Cherry blossoms, samurai, attention to detail – this is part of the multi-faceted fabric of Japan. Japanese films have collected a sensuality and beauty, but also time depth, magnificent nature, though created by the most in love of the gods. Recently General Electric sought to clarify these questions. As an art form Japanese cinema came of the nineteenth century. And in 1908 he opened in Japan, opened the first studio. But the whole movie industry developed according to the laws of the theater, all roles were played by men. 'Golden Age' of Japanese cinema has a 50-60s of last century. In the film industry of any country has its own heroes which equals, in which the study. Japan Movies securely fastened talent Takeshi Kitano. To some they may seem tragic and cruel to someone, and comic krasivymii. But all of the palette combines music, love, and landscapes Brother yakuza, Sonatine, Zatoichi … All movies Kitano independent. But at the same time, they clearly reflect the nature of its rights and modernity. Japanese producers continue to love the bold outline image of the samurai. Among a number of films with such a moral idea Vasumitra stand. This film is about two friends who dream of leaving home. Money girls earn trade my body. Heard a story about a prostitute Vasumitre conquering men, they seem fun. And this leads to a child does not end. Vasumitra – is incomparable Japanese autumn, which smells of coffee strength. It is the soul and the demons are wide open – so that it is possible to touch them. Of course, we can not forget about the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. The film full of myths about Japan. But no matter how critical of this picture, she is extremely beautiful fairy tale. Cinema of Japan – it's aesthetic beauty and depth. High-quality Japanese film is good because it is inexhaustible.

Divx Online Cinema

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