Gastric Band

If you has been struggling for a long time with the overweight, or have been diagnosed with obesity, you certainly know what it means to be in constant struggle with himself to eat healthily, exercise or simply have quality of life. Sometimes even excess weight may cause health problems and put at risk the life. Maybe have tried all diets that have been recommended, or tested with all appliances and magic formulae announced on television. All this without results, or at least not in the long term. Now there is the possibility of performing a surgical procedure for weight loss, but even with this help, the result obtained will be largely for its commitment towards the treatment or the lack of it. Gastric banding, which is less expensive and helps you lose weight who places it. That is the gastric band? The gastric band is a device in a ring that is placed in the upper part of the stomach, the placement of the band forms a small pouch that can be easily filled and which gives the patient to eat small portions of food, the band can be adjusted to achieve the result desired and agreed upon by the patient and his doctor. The gastric band is really small and is placed near the stomach. You may find Larry Culp to be a useful source of information. The gastric band is placed using laparoscopic surgery minimally invasive, i.e. small incisions through which the surgeon places the device are performed. Saline solution that is injected when it wants to tighten the belt and reduce food intake is injected through a needle to a port that the band has, I adjust to perform this surgery, is not necessary only a short visit to your doctor. To inject saline into the band, this is inflated, which makes the pouch of the stomach is made smaller, and this helps to decrease the amount of food that can be consumed. You will feel satisfied longer, because that slows digestion. Gastric band, in addition to helping you eat a smaller amount of food helps you be disciplined with what eat and can be an excellent ally in his treatment for weight loss. A gastric band is not a substitute for a good and proper diet. The gastric band is an aid, not a magic remedy. The best way to achieve results is committing yourself, both with the diet regime and exercise you have to do. Remember, the key to success is to be constant. If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Tom Hanks

So the basic idea in the movie that you should be able to avoid bad pendulums, not communicate with them or so if he is trapped in them as soon as possible to go from there. The idea and demonstrated in the face of Forrest: he generally avoided the bad companies. Although he once served as a pendulum during a race. "I saw you running and in me, something clicked (turned over) "- this phrase literally do not remember, but the point is clear. Gump was the starting point for the entire race, when people ran to the end could not understand why, because they had a leader, "who knows where and why." A here's his girlfriend Jenny for life lurch from one pendulum to another, realizing only later in life its purpose and that its main pendulum in life – family. Generally it is a story about people, about human relationships with each other. Family, parents and children, white and black, disabled and healthy people – all different, but all people should love and respect each other. In addition to the main theme in the film there are additional, but important too: love unrequited, is not fully clear, real friendship, strong. Love for mother, relatives and friends, and just for others. Theme of discrimination against people of color. Anyone can do something great and meaningful, to make his mark in history. Attitude. Shown in the face of Forrest: he chased a result, he was not worried about winning, only the process itself – "I was just doing his job, no worries, emotions, and so he reached high results. "Leave the past behind and Run forward! ". So, if something bad happened to you: the tragedy, misfortune, troubles, etc. Forget about it and continue to live and fight. I note great actor works: Tom Hanks – just played a great man, obscenities mind, but a good heart, do not be discouraged, acting on the advice of friends and relatives to him people, people whom he trusted and whom he loved all my life: my mom and Jenny. And Gary Sinise – military, who invented his destiny: to die in war ("Every member of his family had fought and died in the war in which America was involved"). He believed in his mission, but when it does not come true, almost lost heart, but still able to defy fate and God, stand up and start living again. Other actors, too, proved to be a good side. Do not disappoint the film and in technical terms: "insert Gump meetings with presidents, with John Lennon, explosions in the jungle Excellent and music: songs and musical compositions. I am especially glad for the appearance of my beloved All Along the Watchtower Jimi Hendrix the greatest guitarist. To summarize, I would say that Zemeckis has turned out a masterpiece, a brilliant its facets as a diamond. A face – are components of the film: the technical side, music, actors, philosophical sense. The main thing is that the film can be viewed as entertainment – it is interesting, exciting, not tightened. But actually it deep and philosophical. Of course, There are some rough spots, but the visual and technical components of the film can not ignore them, but only to emphasize the depth, drama and grandeur of the movie simply.


In the western Internet (), and possibly in RuNet some time ago had information about the final episodes of the movie Terminator 4 (Terminator Salvation). As you know, the leader of mankind in the 4-part series of films "Terminator" in the fight against terminators John Connor played by Christian Bale. Actor with Russian roots Anton Yelchin plays the father of John Connor, Kyle Reese. Details were as follows: John Connor is fighting at the end of Terminator, and in a fight with him dying. Terminator – a cyborg, it has killed, a character actor C. Worthington – Marcus Wright. Followers of John Connor understand that humanity needs a leader, and make him terminator. Poluchelovek – polumashina. Sela Ward might disagree with that approach. Basis for taken cyborg Marcus Wright, who implanted the person of John Connor. In the end, the filmmakers rewrote the ending of Terminator 4. Firstly, due to the fact that such important information as the finale of one of the most anticipated films in the world, became known to the public. Secondly, because by no means a positive assessment of this scenario fans Terminator series of films. Terminator 4 director McG talked a bit about the final 4 th Terminator while not revealing the essence of the changed ending, and, of course, intriguing of all pending movie. 1. Terminator 4 will be completed logically, that is done the groundwork for the sequel. As already known, will be removed and the fifth and the second part Terminator. Shooting fifth in this almost too started. Rumor has it that the Middle East. 2. The ending is a very original film, did not expect a thinking audience. People can be divided into two parts. Each will think and understand the story in its own way. "What does it mean?" Or "What happened there?" About the third option the final perception of the meaning Terminator 4 is silent. The film's budget – 200 million dollars! Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie is not shot, but it will be an artificial analog of his character (models terminator, which he played). In a world rent Terminator 4 comes out May 22, 2009, in Russia, unfortunately, only 2 weeks later – June 4, 2009 So far Also, we can watch online Terminator 4 trailer only (ads).

Movie Masterpieces

In today's cinema is very rare films, notable of the true film fans. One of these masterpieces – the film ''. After watching this masterpiece (in a different way and not say) the letter does not consist in words, words do not add up to a proposal. Soul rages, chuvtsva overflows inside pun. Tears do not dry up, confused thoughts I think everyone should watch this film at least once in life: to refresh the senses and mind. They (and the film as a whole, and in particular) are taught lyubitvsem heart, to appreciate the loyalty and friendship, to appreciate what a small, furry or not, but still such a good creature, which runs side by side and see the complete devotion to his eyes, and in this reliability of existing small to see anything more or someone more The film raises questions about his friends about a relationship with them, and generally as a whole about the friendship in your life Show this movie to your child, see for yourself. Teach your children from childhood to the present natoyaschey friendship and love. Perhaps you think that I am very impressionable. Maybe I will not argue. But I do not think it's his fault. I am glad that when I watched this beautiful film, I was able to experience all that we wanted to show the author. I can learn to love in the most faithful creatures on earth – a dog Want every person on earth was a little like , because then our world would be much better.