Cult Movies

We each have our own list of favorite movies. These are the movies that touched us something important, and love which are not cooled over the years. And such a list can really tell a lot about a person. Conversation with a stranger You can start with the question “What are you doing?” or “Where did you study?”. But if you want a person to disclose to you all, please ask them to name five favorite movies. Calling the film, which became for him an object worship, people are not always inclined to justify their preference, but if he still does this, much clearer. My own understanding of the cult film implies ing the following factors: duration impact – impact power – The appeal of repeated viewing of the cult film does not diminish its attractiveness. Many of these fans back again and again throughout life, continuing to find new ideas and food for the mind. Such films can influence a huge audience, expanding its sphere of influence both socially and geographically. Feelings they evoke, are not simple approval, but the passion and even devotion. Cult films are often exemplars of technical skill creators, often blinding wealth and ties roll calls (from other movies, with a mass or high culture, and even with themselves). Often, this pattern breaks down all the existing genres: a real cult film can become a founder of a new genre, create their own space and time. None of the above components is not only necessary for the birth of the cult, but all possible combinations of both time and lead to this. That’s my opinion. Although I oppose “cult” film with a “commercial success” and “Popular with the critics, these characteristics are not entirely mutually exclusive. Some movies can be a cult and bring more charges (“Apocalypse Now”). Others, despite the big-budget, first are not successful in commercial terms (“Blade Runner”). Others may cause concern to critics, but did not make the cash (for example, “Reds,” Warren Beatty). There are movies that find passionate admirers in the narrow circles. For example, the film “Television Network” has become a cult for journalists and media industry, “Valley of the Dolls” has become a bible transvestites, and “It’s – Spinal Tap” in the whole world knows by heart, almost everyone who ever had related to the music scene. Sometimes a group of trendy film appears especially loyal fans. If you recall the most popular film of all time – “Star Wars” – then in the general mass of his fans we see the kernel especially loyal fans. To illustrate – in the census of population in Australia, about 80000 people in the “religion” indicated “Jedi” or something similar. Suppose it’s just a joke, but it’s certainly something adds to the definition of “cult” film. It makes you protest?

Cinematic World

How not to get lost in the world of cinema? Every day, the light goes out dozens of films. How then do not get confused? Go round the head with any fans of the blue. Of course, you can track the blockbusters. But the most interesting to pass by, though next. It's a shame. Therefore, created the catalog of films where you can track filmography interesting actors and directors. And most importantly – decide whether to watch a particular movie. Very brief review, without any spoilers, just to understand what to expect from the film. Of course, it's all subjective. Someone like a certain movie, the other regretted the time spent. With a review is always the case. but, it suffices to find criticism like-minded and film world will change, go into the past dismal movies, bad nights and tough film for another boring movie. For example, one of the notes on the film: 'The first film frames have caused confusion: something very boring and extremely low budget. Yes, the second paragraph will not argue. But the first completely dissolved in a beautiful, graceful acting and hilarious story. Indeed, I was giggling constantly over the characters, and then re- above him that made me laugh a seemingly ordinary action. The unique film. " Cool? Cool 🙂


In the western Internet (), and possibly in RuNet some time ago had information about the final episodes of the movie Terminator 4 (Terminator Salvation). As you know, the leader of mankind in the 4-part series of films "Terminator" in the fight against terminators John Connor played by Christian Bale. Actor with Russian roots Anton Yelchin plays the father of John Connor, Kyle Reese. Details were as follows: John Connor is fighting at the end of Terminator, and in a fight with him dying. Terminator – a cyborg, it has killed, a character actor C. Worthington – Marcus Wright. Followers of John Connor understand that humanity needs a leader, and make him terminator. Poluchelovek – polumashina. Sela Ward might disagree with that approach. Basis for taken cyborg Marcus Wright, who implanted the person of John Connor. In the end, the filmmakers rewrote the ending of Terminator 4. Firstly, due to the fact that such important information as the finale of one of the most anticipated films in the world, became known to the public. Secondly, because by no means a positive assessment of this scenario fans Terminator series of films. Terminator 4 director McG talked a bit about the final 4 th Terminator while not revealing the essence of the changed ending, and, of course, intriguing of all pending movie. 1. Terminator 4 will be completed logically, that is done the groundwork for the sequel. As already known, will be removed and the fifth and the second part Terminator. Shooting fifth in this almost too started. Rumor has it that the Middle East. 2. The ending is a very original film, did not expect a thinking audience. People can be divided into two parts. Each will think and understand the story in its own way. "What does it mean?" Or "What happened there?" About the third option the final perception of the meaning Terminator 4 is silent. The film's budget – 200 million dollars! Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie is not shot, but it will be an artificial analog of his character (models terminator, which he played). In a world rent Terminator 4 comes out May 22, 2009, in Russia, unfortunately, only 2 weeks later – June 4, 2009 So far Also, we can watch online Terminator 4 trailer only (ads).

Movie Masterpieces

In today's cinema is very rare films, notable of the true film fans. One of these masterpieces – the film ''. After watching this masterpiece (in a different way and not say) the letter does not consist in words, words do not add up to a proposal. Soul rages, chuvtsva overflows inside pun. Tears do not dry up, confused thoughts I think everyone should watch this film at least once in life: to refresh the senses and mind. They (and the film as a whole, and in particular) are taught lyubitvsem heart, to appreciate the loyalty and friendship, to appreciate what a small, furry or not, but still such a good creature, which runs side by side and see the complete devotion to his eyes, and in this reliability of existing small to see anything more or someone more The film raises questions about his friends about a relationship with them, and generally as a whole about the friendship in your life Show this movie to your child, see for yourself. Teach your children from childhood to the present natoyaschey friendship and love. Perhaps you think that I am very impressionable. Maybe I will not argue. But I do not think it's his fault. I am glad that when I watched this beautiful film, I was able to experience all that we wanted to show the author. I can learn to love in the most faithful creatures on earth – a dog Want every person on earth was a little like , because then our world would be much better.