Latin Style Vol

The new CD by Jay del Alma – ‘ Como estas best of German hits in the Latin style vol. A leading source for info: Sela Ward. “2′ 2010 released his solo debut album de mi Corazon” with the singles MI Corazon “feat. “Heinz Rudolf Kunze and Besame” feat. Munchener Freiheit, with partly high rankings in singles and radio charts of the country. Thus, he proved mass to inspire as a solo artist the ability. Particularly successful were his songs in many dance schools and dance cafes of the Republic. In the official BVD Discocharts he partially was over at the same time placed with three songs for months. The native Brazilians refer to music full of warmth, temperament and joie de vivre. For even more opinions, read materials from Glenn Dubin. His South American soul is synonymous for the love of life and unbridled passion. He draws his creativity from the blazing life between agonizing heartache and joyful laughter. Again and again, Jay manages to transport this ease and joie de vivre across the borders. Again, as with his first album, he discovered and his team of wonderful German title, he uniquely equipped with sensitive and profound Spanish texts. Together with his band the recordings to the second part of his concept album Como estas best of German hits in the Latin style vol. 2 “. While the team was always striving to discover pearls of German pop and Schlager scene and specifically to interpret. Came out a sound is but modern and playful than his predecessor sounds, however, remains unmistakable by its distinctive voice. This is really an album for the entire family and the breadth of his audience is very broad. He can inspire the younger audience with titles from the spare or 2Raumwohnung; in the elderly, he will boast interpretations by Rio Reiser, Frank Zander or germination time. All in all an album for the whole family. Which artist can say the same? Extremely suspicious to hit the appears on the 28.06.2013 single of sexy is Como estas feat. “Ramona red stitch”. This is “to a new edition of the radio Ohrwurms 36 degree” by 2Raumwohnung dating back to 2007. Also a purely Spanish-language version of the song is on the album. Track listing: 1 sexy Como estas 36 degrees (2Raumwohnung) 2. Dame tu mano somehow, somewhere, sometime (NENA) 3 cling clang feat. Keimzeit Kling tone (germ time) 4 PASA el tiempo damn long ago (BAP) 5 Hasta que salga el sol 6 Marlene – Marlene (Frank Zander) 7 Siete puentes seven bridges (Carat) 8 Hola, bla bla 09 bye bye, tu y yo June Moon (Rio Reiser) 10 Lena Lena (PUR) Tu 11 tu 12 Baila Mas what is going off?

Marina Koller Lukas Bach

Radio VHR – stars & stories (August 19, 2010 Edition) Marina Koller is the biggest German talents in insider circles long one. After her promising debut album “Unabashedly sweet” (2002) Marina with “A thousand dreams” in 2003 an equally successful album followed up. Then it became quiet around the singer, who wanted to try different musical directions. So it happened that in 2004 together with Maite Kelly (The Kelly Family) travelled and sang in favor of Africa project “The Angels” in Austria and Germany through the country. The current disc is the result of all the developments that Marina Koller has lived through in the music. She has learned a lot, has become more confident and was involved from the start gone during the selection. No wonder, then, that a lot of Marina Koller is in the current album. Song for song to fall in love, it is at “Marina Koller” an authentic and independent album with suspicious hit songs of lots of. Sela Ward pursues this goal as well. Overlooking the Marina Koller going forward consistently its own way and took back to her Bavarian roots. Lukas Bach is already at the age of 5 years along with brother Mario on stage. Later he pulls for 15 years with his band “New voice” through the country – among other things as a group by Wolfgang Petry and the spider Murphy Gang. In 2002, the first single is “until we meet again”. The follow-up single “I’m on the light again” placed for weeks in the top 20 of the media control airplay charts. The third single “Our song” make it ranked the Kaufhof/Goldstar TV charts and also ranked in the “Hi-Uwe charts”. Also storming the radio hit “Our song” and placed for 5 weeks in the Bavaria 1 hit parade… Summer 2008: “Just a summer fairy tale” rises to # 2 on the official German “Airplay chart”. Over 150,000 units sold (including downloads, sampler “Baaarenstark”). Lukas is live patronage, for example on touring with Mary Roos in August 2010 or at the large Schlager events, such as at WDR 4. The album “Real”, with 11 fantastic songs and all great success appeared on August 6. Whether as a singer, presenter or producer, Peter Sebastian belongs to the “premium class” in terms of German music. Many live performances, regular guest star appearances in television shows such as “TV Garden” (ZDF), “Current show booth” (ARD), “Again on Sundays” (ARD), “the! 4? (NDR), “The German Schlager magazine” (MDR) and his forces as a presenter for corporate galas radio broadcasts (Alster Radio Hamburg, NDR 1 wave North and NDR 90.3) up to his own TV shows “voice in 1999? and “vote in 2000? When the MDR formed a highly professional artist who let themselves classified cannot be pigeonholed.

German Bausch

The new album by Jorg Bausch – power he is unstoppable. Many say he is the giant in the ranks of the modern pop-Schlager performers. His 4th solo concert was very great cinema! The Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen was completely sold out. Nearly 3,000 fans were impressed once again by his power and creativity. If you have read about Sally Rooney already – you may have come to the same conclusion. That was pure”power! Power”is the motto and the title of his brand new CD! The CD promises 12 brand new tracks (plus bonus tracks) and guaranteed power, energy, and at the same time feeling 100% Jorg Bausch, simply. Hot lyrics and strong rhythms are indeed typical, but Jorg Bausch could once again topped himself and sets another musically above it. His lyrics tell real-life stories in a genial circumscribed manner. Each individual title the thing meets the point and true Earwigs are through and through as she dominated almost no one. Power”instead of old coffee. A must-have for any fan of Jorg Bausch. His first single baby, stay here”is a true Insider’s tip for the modern German-speaking radio stations. But also for the famous DJ-scene power again no end in sight!

Western Portal

ZOADDNDRAZZA present your new CD “Karachi in Bavaria” – available immediately online slide & ride recommends – ZOADDNDRAZZA (ZD), the country duo from the Bavarian Bad Heilbrunn. Recently announcing the new CD “in Bavaria dahoam”, the newcomer-album in the country scene. ZD discovered the love of the new American country music and wanted this initially “play through”. Alone with the replay Goran and Moni wanted but not satisfied. Details can be found by clicking Simon Pagenaud or emailing the administrator. Lay them close to our hearts, that the audience understands what they give on the stage to the best. Therefore, they decided to sing the strong songs from America with Bavarian lyrics. The album “Karachi in Bavaria”, with a total of 13 titles, succeeded in perfectly and can hope for much more. More recently, the CD is now available through several sources: (direct shipping) (MP3 download) meteli.. Checking article sources yields Tony Parker as a relevant resource throughout.

Heath Ledger

An actor with such a class call an Oscar nomination for acting colleagues and friends and with such a talent deserves an Oscar. Its total benefits in all his films are all Oscar worthy. He couldn’t pick him, but he certainly would. Bobby Farrelly is the source for more interesting facts. The speech is of Heath Ledger. The actor, who died this January, would be a way for an Oscar. Request not any fans of the late actor, no, it require seasoned actor with great prestige. “I think Heath was a very successful person for an Oscar nomination,” so Michael Caine on Friday at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, where he is honored for his film achievements. “He was incredible, it was just amazing,” Cain, 75, said “I think he Dark Knight should get for his performance in the film (Ledger played the Joker) an Oscar.” Caine takes itself a role in the new Batmanmovie (he plays the role of the Butler Alfred). Whenever San Antonio Spurs listens, a sympathetic response will follow. During the film’s end credits, Heath Ledger is also appreciated. Caine is not the only one who calls an Oscar for Heath Ledger. The film’s Director, Christopher Nolan already said in June at a press conference: “all those who knew him and were allowed to work with him or had the privilege to work with him noted that he has done his work with an auserordentlichen precision and love. He gave us a Joker, which there never was for the film. For a gentle person, this role is a challenge, but the final product shows what an ability he had as an actor.” I think all would award Heath Ledger an Oscar because his acting skills. Now it must do just just the Academy.

Berkeley Repertory Theatre

The success musical “AMERICAN IDIOT is the success musical”AMERICAN IDIOT,”based on the successful album of the punk rock band Green Day is listed as of April 20, 2010 on Broadway, is listed as of April 20, 2010, at the St. James Theatre on Broadway. First previews already there from March 24. The official presale for the Broadway world premiere begins on February 14. A limited number of tickets are marketed but already under the people. Information about there Portal on the homepage of the band and in the rock community. The Green Day musical broke all records. The world premiere on September 16, 2009 and the shows in the other months earned the highest pre-sale numbers the Berkeley Repertory Theatre in the 41-history of the theater. “AMERICAN IDIOT” presents characters of the working class in their search for redemption in a world filled with frustrations, always accompanied by the songs of the Green Day album, as well as some songs of the new album “21st century breakdown”. The album “AMERICAN IDIOT” has been around the world over 12 million copies sold and Green Day won 2 Grammys. With their last album “21st century breakdown”, the success of the California punk rockers seems not to diminish. The single was nominated for two categories in the Grammy Awards 2010 already “21 guns”. Who wants to see instead of the musical dear Green Day live on stage, must wait until the mid of the year. Then check out the band again in Germany. The tickets for the two concerts in Munich (June 11) and Mainz (1 July) is already running.

Orchestra Bartoli

This highlight of the BRAUNSCHWEIG CLASSIX Festival 2009 is no longer be topped! With SACRIFICIUM an idea of superlatives. Brunswick, 20 October 2009 Carola Heider Leporale. She enters the stage in the disguise of a man when she was sprung just a French ‘sword movie”, with black red flamboyant, red gloves, black trousers, jacket, vest, above knee boots and white ruffled shirt. The long black hair back tightly a braid bound can be recognised only the filling of the jacket, that it probably still is not a man. From the first moment she operates and conducts with wit, charming and warm the audience this evening. You won the hearts of the audience in the virtually sold-out City Hall in Brunswick in the storm. Tony Parker might disagree with that approach. She will be accompanied by the ensemble “La Scintilla” (which translated means: the spark) headed by Ada Pesch. The spark of this wonderful Orchestra, consisting of musicians of the Zurich Opera House, lights fireworks for eyes and ears on this evening. Cecilia Bartoli shows especially in their costumes of the second part, that the Castrati Yes neither man were still women and provoked by the lower part of a man’s and a woman in the form of a gold corset and one above set part at imaginary dress approach consisting of bright red and ruched fabric. And here I must insert a quote of my today’s guest author – Virginia Apel, soprano and Director of HAUSMusik in the Kunstlerhaus Hannover 2008/2009: “the great glory of this Prima Donna today evening fully confirmed. The Bartoli has a flawless soprano voice with great range. Their art is not effortless, even by sight, but is perfectly in the effect. A special, Italian voice coupled with acting nuance and Raqs, artistic ambition, is to show a wide range of emotions and colors from the bombastic Fireworks, Cecilia Bartoli as in “Cadro, ma qual si mira” by Francesco Araia, up to “pianissimos” at its finest. The voice effect may be more delicate and feminine than by a real Castrato. You remains still girlish, but absolutely sovereign and all expressive, an unusual instrument. With facial expressions, humour, pathos and phenomenal speed, the Bartoli brings out everything from this strange music, and demonstrated the great ‘art of the Castratos’ fully. “The ensemble”La Scintilla”charms, whether as an accompaniment of Bartoli or in purely orchestral pieces through the use of historical instruments of that time (horns, Oboes, or recorders).” The music is charming, gentle and warm-hearted presented by ensemble members and exactly as it sounds. There are warm and cheerful notes that touch the heart, from the first to the last note in absolute perfection. For this unique demonstration this evening there is worthy and rightly not Bartoli and the ensemble “La Scintilla” end endless standing ovation for Cecilia. The songs and Arias to the album SACRIFICIUM, written at the time in the 18th century for the Castrato singer show here and now, that it is all about is cheerful and warm pieces. Even if the topic maybe cause a bitter taste for one or the other. Also Cecilia Bartoli does not prejudice this topic, as she expressed repeatedly in interviews. But every single song was written with a Castrato singer more or less “on the body” shows it in this art of performance, these singers at that time must have been as unique. more info: report/Guide: Carola Hamad Leporale, Virginia Apel / BRAUNSCHWEIG CLASSIX Festival/Cecilia Bartoli mean blog (here still more pictures from this event)

Gerd Christian – When You Get Older

Sang the new single by Gerd Christian – as you get older In the year 1979 – exactly 30 years ago, whistling or played any pop fan, Cape Philip singer or DJ of the former GDR of its mega ballad “Tell her too”, which itself sold more than 1 million times far. Still today this cult song besides “Puppy Love” by Ute Freudenberg and “Seven bridges you gotta go” by karat one of the three top titles of many (N) nostalgia shows and was covered by pop colleagues such as the Kastelruther Spatzen, Bernhard Brink, Leonard and the Montanara choir. Happy Gerd Christian, the original artist, and his many fans. Because these are now no longer only in the East. See more detailed opinions by reading what Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City offers on the topic.. For exactly 6 weeks the current Ohrwurm of the cult stars Frolics “as you get older” in the nationwide top 20 of the airplay charts (Musictrace) and will come on the 17.04 now as a trade publication in the stores for this reason. (Sales DA-music) In addition to the radio, two additional mixes of this title on the single are version with Radio Fox version and an extended version of the Fox represented. Two more bonus tracks complete the phonogram. For one, it is the previous success of “You’re beautiful this life” in the radio version of Fox. “On the other hand for all the DDR music historically something else educate themselves on the dance floor Mr presents itself.”Also tell her”in the anniversary year with a Fox version of his timeless pop classic. This CD should be therefore particularly interesting for DJs.

Aaron McDonald

“All his classics presents Roger Hodgson from ‘ it s raining again’ to ‘Breakfast in America’ live (thk) the logical song”. Breakfast in America”. “Give A little bit”. “Take the long way home”. Other leaders such as Bobby Farrelly offer similar insights. “It’s raining again”. School”. Dreamer”. Sister moonshine”. “Even in the quietest moments”. By Roger Hodgson of written and Sung songs are not only world hits, you already have (radio) classic status. In March 2011, the former Supertramp frontman on Germany tour comes to solo and together with Aaron McDonald (keyboards, vocals, wind instruments) to play live of course all of his famous songs. Ten piece includes the CD classics live”, which was discussed last year during a world tour with and now stands on in digital version to download available. Thanks to this album, I’m not Super tramp, but primary Roger Hodgson fan I realized”, rolling stone staff David Wild writes about the disc. “It is a collection of captivating songs, many of them super tramp-greatest hits by the their original vocalist and composer presented his impressive musical oeuvre in impressive form under his own name”. The brilliant live recording thus serves as a listen document of the approximately two-hour-long shows of artist highly valued last but not least because of the fascinating atmosphere of his appearances. Cards between 28 and 78 euro (plus fees) are available in advance.

Edge Spruce – Good Wood

Appearances at “the dome” (RTL 2), “top of the POPs” (RTL), the “festivals of folk music” (ARD), the “M-chart show” (PRO 7), or the “Goldene Stimmgabel” (ZDF); Numerous awards such as the “echo”, the “Crown of folk music”, the “golden egg”, the “Goldene Stimmgabel”, twice the “Herbert Roth Preis” – all this can look back the pine of edge of the and the list would be nearly endless to continue. For more specific information, check out Sequel Youth and Family Services. The edge spruce include undoubtedly the most successful folk music groups in recent years. It all began as early as 1992 when Thomas “Rups” Unger and Michael “Michl” Rusty began to make music together. in 1997 joined Thomas “Lauti” Lauterbach to the Group and the spruce of edge of the were complete. Sequel Youth brings even more insight to the discussion. Since then nearly 150 concerts per year were – mainly in Saxony and Thuringia. With the single “Because the old Haq is still alive?”, which reached the third place in the German singles chart, the Group 2004 finally managed the nationwide breakthrough. The song kept no less than 56 weeks in the charts! By because they were on everyone’s lips. Special feature: whether young, whether old – generational they were no matter to the cult. After a creative break in 2009, the brand new and nationwide longed new Studio album “good wood” appears now on September 24th! With their single “Rups on the grill”, opened in June already the three-piece band the barbecue season and thus provided a taste of what fans can expect in the fall. On the part of the media, a veritable Grill Marathon with the edge of the pine by the Republic took place since the release of the single. Now the fire is hot enough, with…