Italian Embassy

The man was arrested a few weeks ago in Stockholm. He was denounced by witnesses by sticking to his son at a bar. Due to this he spent three days in jail and he has now been fined. The Italian who was arrested a few weeks ago in Stockholm for having stuck to his 12 year old son has been sentenced by a Swedish court to pay a fine of 6,600 crowns, about 725 euros. Giovanni Colasante, 45, Councillor of the municipality of Canosa, in the southern region of Apulia, was arrested and spent three days in a jail in Stockholm for having given a hair flip to his son at a restaurant, according to witnesses who denounced him. Man was released next, but was banned from leaving the country and was forced to present every day at police station until the conclusion of the trial, so the Italian Embassy in Stockholm gave him accommodation. The fine established by the Swedish court, according to media reports, was 724 EUR for a crime of mild abuse a minor. In 1979, Sweden became the first country of the world that prohibits corporal punishment of children. Colasante grabbed the hair to her son once the child refuses to enter a typical Swedish restaurant because prria eating a pizza. Source of the news: the Italian arrested in Sweden by pulling hair to her son will have to pay 724 euros fine

Alcon Entertainment

Alcon Entertainment announced in March that it was negotiating the rights of Blade Runner with the intention of shooting prequels and sequels. Rights, until then, did work in the hands of Bud Yorkin. Ridley Scott is back with a new installment of Blade Runner. The British are committed with Alcon Entertainment for directing and producing this film, though it is not yet known if it will be a sequel or a prequel of the same. Neither has been confirmed that Harrison Ford, the protagonist of that tape, snap back to the skin of the detective Rick Deckard. Alcon Entertainment announced in March that it was in final negotiations to acquire the rights of Blade Runner (1982) with the intention of shooting prequels and sequels to the original tape. The rights until then did work in the hands of Bud Yorkin, an executive producer of the work of Scott, starring Harrison Ford and based on the novel Do Androids Dream of electric sheep? , by Philip k. Dick. A futuristic film the story of Blade Runner is placed in a futuristic Los Angeles, in the year 2019, in which the man has created clones called Replicants, employees to dangerous work. But these characters are rebelling against their manufacturers in a space colony, which leads to a confrontation between creator and creature. Deckard is one of the maintainers to hunt Replicants who have escaped from the colony and are hiding in Los Angeles. Scott currently wheel Prometheus, a Ribbon of science fiction influenced by elements of Alien, another of the fundamental titles of the veteran filmmaker. Prometheus, starring Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace, will debut in June of next year.

Friday Mayor

It was after her daughter take possession as the first mayor of the locality in Huelva. Other leaders such as San Antonio Spurs offer similar insights. They attended health that they were prepared at the Municipal Theater was developed where the plenary, which had to move him to the Hospital. The father of the Mayor of Valverde del Camino, Loles Lopez, has died Saturday in the Hospital of Rio Tinto, after suffering a heart attack after taking possession of his daughter as maximum Councillor of the municipality of Valverde. As reported by the City Council in a note, a few minutes of starting his inaugural address, the father of the Mayor of Valverde began to feel bad, and relatives and friends who were with him began calling for help. Juan Lopez was immediately attended by health personnel that was in the Municipal Theater, place in which the full Constitution of this mandate was developing after the municipal elections of last May 22. Within a few minutes the medical team of urgencies of the health center of Valverde, who moved to the Hospital of Rio Tinto, where subsequently arrived He died. The full investiture was celebrating at the Teatro Municipal of the town and all Councillors have taken possession of his charge, but later due to this event was suspended the plenary. On the other hand, this Saturday visit to Valverde was expected to greet the Mayor of the President of the PP-A, Javier Arenas, that nothing else knowing what happened, it has moved to the hospital for moving a love message to Lopez and his family. Loles Lopez is the first woman that is proclaimed Mayor of Valverde del Camino, and his political formation, the Popular Party, is also the first time that it governs in the andevaleno municipality. The Popular Party governs the locality with a loose absolute majority to get 11 councilors in the municipal elections of last May 22. The PSOE obtained five representatives IULV-CA, one. Delayed the full investiture of Agost for the death of his former session of investiture of the municipality of Agost (Alacanti l) has been postponed to Sunday due to the death Friday by disease of the Socialist former town, Joaquin Castello. As he has told the number one of the PP in the town, Juan Jose Castello, all municipal groups unanimously agreed delay constituent plenary session for Sunday from 19.30 hours. They also intend to meet this afternoon to agree on if he decrees a day of official mourning. The deceased, aged 55, was Mayor of Agost between 2007 and 2008, year in which liver cancer was detected him and left political life, and the funeral is scheduled for this Saturday. Source of the news: death of the father of the Mayor of Valverde after suffering a heart attack that forces to suspend the plenary