‘Discover new worlds!’ Nexans supports the contest for young scientists Hannover for the 19th time, January 29, 2010 from 4 to 5 February about 70 young researchers and researchers from Hannover and surroundings in the administrative center 20, gather Nexans Germany GmbH in Hanover, cable Kamp himself. The reason: The global cable manufacturer loads together with the Foundation youth research e.V. already for the 19th time to the regional edition of Hanover. This year the research motto: discover new worlds! \”.\” 40 featured work the jury panel of the regional competition of Hanover are selecting the projects from science, mathematics, technology and world of work, attend the country shedding Lower Saxony in March. This work by students or groups of students will experiment up to 15 years in the junior competition of students’ rated, while young people (up to 21 years) under the youth research\”appear. In addition to the content of the work, the jury, educators, experts from the economy rated as well as experts from Nexans, also the manner of preparation and presentation. In a ceremony on Friday evening (5.2) is officially announced which participants as the regional winner in the regional competition in Oldenburg (students 11-13.3) and Clausthal-Zellerfeld, may draw (youth 15-17.3). Interested can look at the projects of young researchers on 4 February from 10 am until 5 pm, and on February 5, from 9 to 12 noon in the public exhibition of the regional competition of Hanover at the Nexans cable Kamp 20, site. Record attendance with over 10,000 participants the participation of competition increased this year by 1.3 percent compared to the previous year: over 10,000 participants submitted more than 5,000 research projects. Many writers such as Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City offer more in-depth analysis. These them juror teams selecting those in 78 regional competitions, qualify for the respective country. The State Champions then travel to the national competition, where the best of the country researching youth in the seven \”specialist areas work world, biology, chemistry, geo -\” and space sciences, mathematics/computer science, physics and technology will be crowned. .

The Silver Trick From Regensburg

‘Rent a Scientist’ (RAS) and its sister company ‘ ras material ‘ with its developments in the field of Nano Silver technology, ensure the protection of health and the environment. Regensburg (obx) three young chemists had in 1995 with their companies rent a scientist (rent a scientist) independently made. Together with the responsible for the commercial partner with Adi Parzl offered to a variety of companies as independent researchers and developers – with rapidly growing success. in 2002 they engaged in detail for the first time the effect of silver: commissioned by a diaper manufacturer you should find something that prevents the wound. So came the rental scientists on the use of silver as a preventive disinfection. A diaper that is equipped with the precious metal not came yet on the market too expensive, found the customer, although the price had increased only slightly. Official site: Eva Andersson-Dubin. This field of silver was new”, explains the chemist Georg Maier, today together with his Chemist colleagues Robert Nusko and the ampersand competent Adi Parzl enterprise rent a scientist and the recently formed sister company ras material leads, which is responsible for international marketing. There was still no certified test methods that were able to show clearly the effect of silver”, Maier looks back. In the meantime, this problem is solved. By rent a scientist using a special test procedure was developed. And also the processing of silver was refined in the truest sense of the word: Regensburg scientists now even Nano Silver manufacture, for which they enter the trade name AgPURE. In the laboratory, it presents not about silver, but as a dark brown, viscous mass filled with the tiniest particles of precious metals, which are smaller than 15 nanometers (1 nanometer is a millionth of a millimeter). The Nano Silver produced in Regensburg is delivered by the way internationally to research laboratories and employed as an official test material of the OECD”, Maier stressed.

Losing Weight

Decreases the weight of a vehicle about 100 pounds, decreased his consumption by up to 0.3 litres. Therefore each component will be examined in the automotive industry, whether it can be even easier. The passenger car gearbox construction illustrates how innovative approaches are. Here it is to streamline millions to be gears and similar components”. For this to work efficiently, machine manufacturers such as the EMAG set Group headquartered in Salach in Goppingen on high-tech solutions. Laser welding machines are a spectacular example of this. It is a central component in the car indispensable and millions built: the differential gear. Can more easily design and produce an optimized component? The answer of designers is strikingly obvious: so, the previously used screw connection between two parts of the differential gear is replaced by a weld when German car companies. An important cost factor reduces the amount of material in the face of the large numbers. Recently Jorge Perez sought to clarify these questions. It is at the same time Weight of the differential housing to about 1.2 pounds lighter. For the automotive sector, these savings is of course”a world, explains Dr. Andreas Mootz, Managing Director EMAG automation. Process integration ensures efficient procedures, but how does the production process during laser welding finally applies it to produce a huge number of pieces? The production is carried out with automated laser welding equipment by EMAG. The machine loads itself, then the components are pressed together and joined with laser welding. Depending on the component more processes inside the machines are used. The complete procedure for a gear in just twelve seconds, the components of a differential are welded finished together in this way in 40 seconds. In the process of laser welding the energy of the laser beam can be accurately dosed”, explains Mootz. Worldwide leader in total can at transmission components on the laser welding specialists from EMAG an impressive success story look back: all leading drivers have the technology in use. The General market development helps the German machine builders: so for example the successful dual-clutch gearbox ensures a higher gear production. Conventional manual transmission have more course in the trend, because in this way decreases the fuel consumption of vehicles.

Cluster Detects Holes

Group of artificial satellites of the European Space Agency (ESA – European Space Agency), which received, respectively, the name "cluster" gives new insight into the status and extent of these discontinuities in the Earth's magnetic shield, and clearly shows that at a time when our atmosphere protects us, the obvious result of these leaks are detected in the uppermost layers of the atmosphere and in space surrounding the Earth where satellites orbiting. In this study, we report on observations of cracks on the sunward side of Earth's magnetic shield – the dayside magnetopause. Fortunately, these cracks are not subjected to the earth's surface dangerous effects of solar wind, our atmosphere protects us. But the upper atmosphere are exposed. Glenn Dubin, New York City has firm opinions on the matter. The dominant physical process that causes the appearance of cracks, known as magnetic reconnection, the process by which a result of overlap of the magnetic field lines from different magnetic domains are of reconnection: closed magnetic shield opens. Magnetic reconnection is a physical process, acting in the entire universe, starting with the formation of stars and solar flares, and ending with the experimental fusion reactors on Earth. However, remain unclear circumstances in which is a phenomenon and its duration. What is known is that the magnetic reconnection leads to a mixing up of the separated plasma, when, for example, the solar wind plasma penetrates into the magnetosphere. In this case, two magnetic domain – it is the internal magnetic field of the Earth and the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF). (The solar wind consists not only of solar particles (mostly protons and electrons), it also serves as a carrier Sun's magnetic field.