Notes for the Triumph Group

Notes for the Triumph Group By Raul Otero The title of this article is motivated by a conversation with a group of friends who took the trouble or annoyance, as it were, to call and schedule an appointment at my house discuss with me the book I published recently entitled "Step by step your way is sure to Success." I want to say I do not know many people who have that experience. It’s believed that Jorge Perez sees a great future in this idea. First I was surprised not to wait and second with great joy I decided to stop doing what I should do that day to wait for those interested in my work. If they were interested was the product of them had touched on something for me in writing this book. I do not want or do not intend to speak here on the discussion held that day but if you take a few points that I thought were those for which more attention. For most mortals victory is measured by three basic things: 1. Money 2. Power 3. Love do not know if that order is right for you, but at our meeting we agreed that is an order quite common to ask people what are the ingredients for achieving success in life? Summarizing these three areas' many established an inextricable link between them to achieve their goals. I know many who have the knowledge necessary for successfully carrying out many tasks and yet stop at the lack of money, or who do not know the right people to help them in their projects.