Soviet Union

Two short flashes high beams? Can you confidently pass – you give way. But do not forget to thank the motorist a short flash emergency lights. Riding behind the car honk your distant headlights in the back? This means that it requires a driver to yield the lane. Of course, this is not the most tactful gesture, but it is better to give way to hurry the driver. Seeing such a signal, turn on turn signal and reinsurance smoothly into the next series. In contrast to the former Soviet Union in the European countries that signal is replaced by a more discreet: the driver asked to give way, including the left turn signal. Besides the usual flashing lights on the road use something else: toggle with high beam headlights on dipped. Thus, motorists reported that their headlights to blind you. In this case, you need to switch to low beams. Do not forget that the lights should always be properly adjusted. Turn signals Signals It would seem simple: includes the right turn signal – turn right, turn on the left – the left. But here, motorists have come up with certain signals. Typically, turn signals, as a means to report any information, drivers are trucks. If going ahead vans run continuously left turn signal – the driver of the vehicle and warns: "Ahead of the danger! Do not overtake me. " In the truck, finally, hit the right turn signal? Can safely overtake the vehicle in front. Speaking of trucks, if you ahead of van, truck drivers Wink headlights after his maneuver.