Galapagos Odyssey

With so many options to choose within the segment of yachts of first class being visited the Galapagos Islands, boat M/Y Galapagos Odyssey de Latin Trails offers a unique experience makes that it distinguish himself of the pile. Breaking with the classic itinerary and including the same divisions that are between staff and client, this cruise of 16 passengers maintains a wonderful tradition that will be an unforgettable experience more within Galapagueras vacations. What is this tradition? Once in each tour chef prepares a delicious barbecue outdoors of the upper deck. Besides combining the delicious ones of sea that is in Galapagos with classic plates of a homemade barbecue, this food not only serves to approximate the passengers, but to each one of the people attack. As any event of this type that occurs in a friendly district, the M/Y Galapagos Odyssey is a warm family who to enjoy to just by offer to hospitality to its guests the best thing. But what something so special does of this experience, it is that although the passengers enjoy their food in the part outside and the crew enjoys the same food inside, both groups always end up megring in a single great celebration. Here, the relaxed atmosphere and moved music, cause that all feel to tastes and of one of fascinating histories of one of the workers or a peculiar question of one of the passengers, have been born friendships that have lasted of by life. Latin Trails is very proud to maintain such tradition, although he is not nothing surprise. With the most professional fleet of the market, Latin Trails only offers the best experience in Galapagos. The M/Y Galapagos Odyssey has 8 ample cabins completely equipped with ideal windows that are abren to the fresh marine breeze to enjoy the landscapes, baths deprived with hot water, conditioned air, to minibar and television. Aerial the social ones include cosy halls, elegant dining rooms, bar, a mini library, Alfresco facilities and including a Jacuzzi. When one is a yacht of first class in Galapagos, truly there is no equal boat to the Galapagos Odyssey! Latin Trails,

Traveling To Peru

Travelling 2 Peru is a company formed by professionals in tourism, this company started its operations at the beginning of 2011, from that moment comes is positioning on the front in terms of service. Peruano should be noted that that undertaking is located in Lima, capital of the Republic of Peru, which gives it a strategic location from where you can arrange any excursion or tour, to any of the destinations available to the land of the incas, ancestors of the brave people. Given the fact that all travellers, they want or want to combine, pleasure, comfort, fun, joy, adventure and price at the same time, it is necessary that agencies that handle destinations as complex as it is the Peruvian territory, have the tools necessary to prevent events that disordered the good development that should be excursions in all tourist destinations, especially in places where an airplane or bus delays, they can do that, a passenger who has arrived to the country with the sole intention of visit one of the wonders of the world, need to return to your country of residence, because it was unable to reach Machu picchu, one of the 7 new wonders of the world. We must consider each of these points is necessary to take them into account when hiring the services of a tour operator, who has the infrastructure to respond to any problem that involves directly or indirectly to the passenger who has entrusted his life and the members of their families to a company, situated in a territory where possibly not return ever. As it is expected, at the time that a difficult situation occurs, the travel agency which has contracted service must respond, as soon as possible, to lessen the consequences that may have an Act, that most of the times it is not caused by any of the parties involved in the travel contract which is carried out when purchasing a service from a tour operator. The impending growth of tourism in one of the countries of Latin America, which has more to offer, has led companies in the field of tourism to develop, internal management systems that ensure the quality of the service provided to the passengers. That should be taken into account when purchasing a tourist service, is the seriousness of the company, something very important that is so delivered to customer, and clear the preparation with the people responsible for coordinating all passages, tickets, flights, tours, hotels and transfers. These professionals in the matter must have full knowledge of the destinations offered, because of a situation occur that can take the good development of the tour, can lose a number of important money, due to cancellations of flights and tours, especially the most important of all. Have any questions ask the guys from Travelling 2 Peru Services, may send them an email to the following address: or visit the website of Travelling 2 Peru

Great Tourist Location

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, in the Basque Country, is an isthmus, that is an accident of geography that connects a small island and the mainland by a narrow strip of land. From a distance, in fact, looks like an island. It is one of the most impressive of the Biscay coast, with its church of San Juan, the tenth century, and with magnificent views are enjoyed from the top of this small islet. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe can be visited only on foot, climbing a long stairway, from which you can see the cliffs of much of the Bay of Biscay. According to legend, the shrine of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe Templar in origin and in its courtyard have found remains of medieval burials. It is a tradition to ring the bell of the chapel three times and make a wish. It is important to remember that San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is part of Gaztelugatxe Protected Biotope, which includes the area between Cape Bakio and Matxitxako. Bakio is a small coastal town located about 30 km northeast of Bilbao and is surrounded by the mountains of Burgoa Garbola, Sollube and Jata. This position gives Bakio repaired a climate with mild temperatures, rain but little prone to frost and snow. This climate has encouraged the cultivation of Mediterranean products such as green pepper, asparagus … and especially the vid: here are the best representatives of the art of making txakoli the entire Basque Country. Three good examples would be Abio, Zabala and Gorrondona, whose cellars can be visited by groups organized by the tourist office Bakio. Despite its proximity to the sea, Bakio has not developed a seafaring activity characteristic of the Biscay coast. But has the largest beach of the coast (about 1 km in length). Bakio beach is frequented by lovers year-round water sports such as surfing, kayaking, surfing, wave-ski, etc. .