The Beatniks

Perhaps because these groups appear more ‘on-modovski’ if ‘Beatles’ were just charming cutie and ‘Stones’ – simple, not modovskimi ‘bad guys’. Now we should learn how to look of fashion. Long hairstyles are never worn (and too bald, too, did not go:), not paying particular attention to hair, to taste fashions were still white shirts with big collars, wide plaid trousers with braces, and also ogromennye shoes on the same ogromennyh soles – so they tried to emphasize their belonging to the working class. Favorite pastime was riding mods on scooters for their favorite music, dancing (at the same music), as well as various entertainment and sports (again under the music). Fashion first introduced the concept of ‘man’s make-up’, because in addition to the girls, they were painted and more guys. Somewhat later, the hippies completely wipe out between the sexes differences, this line is borrowed from mods.

Incidentally, they borrow from the mods and something else … As you know, fashion, first to take a variety of stimulants such as amphetamines, which have in common with the beatniks mods. A of these stimulants is naturally only one step to cannabis, LSD and other muck. Simple fashion rockers are not very fond of, in every way quarrel with them – so much so that in 1965 and 1966 between the two movements happened a great many all kinds of hassles and fights. It