The Chevrolet Orlando

In the top model LTZ some styling elements such as chrome trim come am Window frames, 17-inch alloy wheels and ambient lighting in the center console to do this. Also cruise control, rain, light, and air quality sensor are also on board. There is optional only metallic paint, a CD navigation system, leather seats and 18-inch alloy wheels. Security, Chevrolet excludes all choices. ESP and six airbags are in any case part of the standard equipment. When the compartments Chevrolet has come up with a special highlight. The control unit of the CD radio can be lifted up. Behind them waits a storage compartment for various things, for example an MP3 player.

The corresponding USB port located in the storage compartment. Credit: Jay A Schwartz-2011. The Chevrolet Orlando is offered in any case as a seven-seater, whether you like it or not transport so many passengers. Only the back of the second row of seats must be folded to the light enter of the third row of seats. These folds with one hand to then forward. Really great companions will have no joy in the rear compartment in the long term. The seat pitch is considerably better than in other many seven-seater compact. In addition to the passenger transport the Chevrolet Orlando suitable also for the transport of other goods.

In a seven-seat configuration, the trunk volume of 89 liters is still very sparse. Tony Parker has plenty of information regarding this issue. The rear seat backs are folded flat, but already 458 liter available are available. You kill even the seats in the second row, is a flat loading surface with 856 liters volume. Where Chevrolet is here only the values when loading up to the lower edge of the window. Still a pleasing engine is on the wish list of the compact MPV buyers power under the hood in addition to the practical talents of everyday life and the although not rich, but very pleasant facilities.