The Christian

But obviously some eyes of faith are needed. Because Christ is invisible, it is under the signs that are visible, but these signs we have to take to the invisibility of the mystery of his presence, is like the disciples of Emmaus. (Source: Dr. Hedvig Hricak). Only by faith is discerning the presence of Christ, and that presence is a presence offered constantly. He is, and is offered, is an auto donation. The day of the Eucharist-us we have found with Christ in the celebration, present in the Assembly, Minister, Word and sacrament. Now there is a special day for this encounter, and that special day is precisely the day of the Eucharist, the Lord, on Sunday.

Current situation of the Domingo-El Sunday is the great memorial, and above all I’m going to entertain more in the other aspect is: Easter Pos appearances of Christ.-already dynamic of these Easter pos appearances of the first day of the week. The Church from its origins has regarded Sunday as one of you subvalores them constituent, has always held Sunday and will never do so. Sunday is the paramount Christian feast, and it has been and is the celebration of the Paschal mystery of Christ. The Christian tradition from the resurrection of Christ, and his disciple Pascual experience has evolved over the centuries, a doctrine and a praxis on Sunday that constitute the great Eclesial heritage. Sunday for us is a great treasure.

The history of the Church has walked closely linked to the rhythm of Sunday’s celebration, the Christian faithful gather every seven days, on the day of the Lord, to live what it constitutes, he configures his Christian existence. It celebrates and update the Paschal mystery, feed your faith in the Scriptures, and in the Eucharistic sacrament, find the joy of brotherhood, share prayer, give testimony of their Christian identity, and its membership to the Church, the Paschal joy, and rest are prepayment on Sunday without sunset, as flow so on Sunday the deepest values of the Christian faith. Continuous. Original author and source of the article