The Dance

And the answer is simple – she remembers you and wants to see happy. You keep the evening a delicious dinner, sitting in chairs from willow twigs. This is the miracle of our ancestors helps you relax. The whole body – at rest. As in a dream Relax, the state of nirvana The girl in store for you wonderful Turkish coffee. The aroma fills the room, gently runs over you.

Thought and soul filled with love, joy. You experience an unforgettable feeling. Soon there is a mini-bar on wheels, with a predetermined program of the movement. But it does not stand alcohol, and a large, decorated cake roses and hearts. Wonderful! You conveniently located in the chair.

Drink flavored coffee. Eat delicious cake. Enjoy the peace After dinner, your favorite music includes, and with it you move deeper into the room to the pool. Bubbles shimmer all colors of the rainbow. Children's pleasant memories You start to feel like a kid Your girlfriend makes you a massage. You relax completely and totally Night flies like an instant! After waking up, feeling a "new" man. She lies beside him. You gently kiss her, hug. Do you also want to give her something special. You find the time and see what you can to please her. Looking through the lists of gifts, thinking: what is it dreams? Are you looking for it something that is cute, elegant, beautiful and affectionate as she is. Here it is! Lamp in the form of a vase with flowers. Find who he can bring to this city – it is easy to And now, the premise – derived. You are giving her evening gift. It is – in a daze! Turn out the light. Includes "bouquet" in the socket and Thousands of small stars are beginning to soar around the room. Beautiful! Magical! Turn it to your favorite music and invites to the dance Another week is filled with love and charm This fabulous evening together are remembered for a long time. How nice to remember about each other and be together