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If you do, there are three Options: just kill the backrest, which generated no flat surface, fold seats all the way forward, what is the depth a little diverting, or completely expand what because of the relative of weight of individual seats requires quite a bit of muscle power. One chooses the latter option, about 2,000 liters load capacity can be filled are. It should be but then served all requirements. Fine travel device that the seats, as in the one or the other competition, not in the soil can be sunk, there’s a reason: the stalls were then filigree and far less sweeping. But the Touran in the Fund offers extremely comfortable seating with long seat and comfortable high backrest. The leg room is good sized and also tall rear seaters are hardly cause for complaint.

The high seating position is a good all-round visibility forward. Back forward especially children about the possibility of rain sympathy on the passing landscape. Numerous storage compartments and in the back of the front seat backs integrated, standard, folding picnic tables complete the picture of the Touran as proven talent for family travel. Not quite as economical as expected to the 105 PS driven by us contributes strong 1.6 TDI. Thanks to long translated sixth of Commonrailer at highway speed is characterized by utmost acoustic restraint. The 250 Newton metres onset from 1,500 rpm are a guarantee of absolutely sufficient draught. The endurance test of the on-board computer of the Touran in strict compliance with the permitted top speed reported an average of 6.5 litres. Per se an acceptable value. Bearing in mind the fact that VW in the data sheet out of town is an average consumption of 4.1 litres in view of us, we can not hide a certain disappointment. Also urban we are about 1.7 litres over the factory-set value despite perfectly functioning automatic start-stop system and compliance with the gear shift indicator with 7.2 litres.