The Mansion

Corollary on Easter fully the mystery of Christ’s mystical experience and aesthetic lyricism of light and reality of a dream of hope which crystallizes in the eternal love. Theologians warn that the natural order of being in nature and nature itself are things not necessarily destroy the natural order but rather presuppose it in perspective of divine realization. The plan of God in Christ’s mystery beyond human aspiration of a utopian ideal world the most fabulous and unimaginable in our mind, by that utopia speak of the divine mind which is projected and becomes the fullness of time in the eternity of Christ with the graft of his Mystical Body to participate with Him in His Resurrection and glorious life. It dies in Christ to rise with Him esl dream of hope transcends dream a reality of faith and hope as a divine virtue in the human soul predicts the result of the love of God which result true. Ben Bretzman helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. A dream of hope and great lyrical poem in the light The Mansion of the light to the window, light look at the universe in your blinds.

Millions of billions of their stars, look at the exploding world of light years are immense, infinite eyes at night feeling that look. Light Jockey herd of horses with manes pulled to wind ruffling his bright career tangles. He, detangling comb. Beautifully shakes the darkness, light unravels, stumbles and not breaking off in their clarity transparent colors, shades, And the black man that goes out.