The Stability

Door frames and doors must be abbreviated here may be exactly a multimaster or a circular saw or jigsaw. Laminate flooring by Witex MARENA the laminate is dead, long live the laminate. Although the sales of laminate due to a variety of new floor coverings in Germany develop is declining, but is still the most popular hard surface laminate. And that of course has its reason. Of course, the very cheap price is crucial. Laminate flooring are there already to buy 6 mm.

This laminate flooring with a thickness of only 6 mm is however generally discouraged. Durability, dimensional stability and Jell are provided with such cheap laminate floor coverings generally not, aside from the optics. In the long term to have joy in the laminate, laminate flooring should bring some properties, which of course brings the standing compared Witex MARENA. So the 8 mm strong laminate flooring by Witex MARENA builds on that one on moisture-protected HDF carrier plate, which protects against the penetration of moisture and thus before the Aufqellen also the edges. A particularly durable melamine resin overlay guarantees suitability for the heavily stressed privately.

Witex warranty on stain resistance, abrasion and UV resistance for the laminate flooring of series MARENA 25 years. On the stability of the product and the Clickverbindung, you get even a lifetime warranty. Witex MARENA has a tactile surface structure and significantly reduces the impact noise when using the sound-protect insulation tape (2 mm). Compared laminate floors can’t match in general but due to its very hard surface in the room sound with the more resilient surface of the vinyl designs. The typical bright walking noise immediately says everyone here is a laminated plastic floor. Exactly this feel-good factor is exactly the decisive for many. Another disadvantage is the sensitivity of the floor covering when the falling especially hard or pointed Items that can cause flaking. The laminate flooring is easy to move due to his Clic system. When under an insulating and acoustic slide is to check whether the height of 10 mm can be realized. Direct comparison of individual flooring (pdf) conclusion price/performance winner quality price performance winners is still the laminate (Witex MARENA laminate flooring), especially for self installation. But taking together all the properties of the individual floor coverings and attaches particular importance to the look, feel and room acoustics, you will not pass as finished parquet vinyl floor. The relatively high price of the product compared to normal vinyl Designbelag discourages first. But withdrawing the laying performance, any reasonably talented hobby craftsmen themselves can afford, is of high quality and innovative (Cork middle class + Cork girder) cortex Vinatura in the final Bill even cheaper. A smaller class of use at lower surface for normal private use enough, you will find at Profilor a vinyl Designbelag ready-made parquet, what also to know the facilities with a cork layer and a cork girder (source:)