The Way

Requires a reengineering in some topics that demand transformations in order to give way to effective administrative systems, budgets according to their reality of operavidad, scholarship of excellence, research, autonomy, extension, institutional relations, community services, effective linkages. Transformations new authorities each in his respective position, must give way to programs, strategies that involve transformations that the University needs in administrative, academic, in all those sectors that need changes to adapt to the demands of the current scenarios and ensure that the University is truly involved with commitment to provide professionals to the needs that the country demands, as well as at gestar dynamic views, suggestions that collaborate with all those programs that benefit the country in the political, economic, social, cultural. For reasons of space, we will simply point out some topics that short-term authorities must restructure, specifying us more academic and administrative. Academicism Requires a restructuring in the different curricula of specialties that the University handles, in order to give way to a redesign of the profile of the professional who is required, according to the demands of the current scenarios Redesigning the organizational structure, functions that must be different faculties, schools that ensure operability, participation in benefit of results favouring all. Credit: Author-2011. Designated under the management, direction of the Facultadades and their respective schools to teaching professionals with academic, creative, innovative, democratic guarantees with proactive and participatory, leadership generators of change, who know the challenges and foster an academic climate typical of excellent universities. Dynamically instituting research that generate proposals, solutions to the main problems facing the communities, agencies that govern it, lead. Search for the way of how to maintain a more dynamic linking with regarding the State programs, provide collaboration in training and training of its human resources. Properly select the teachers who are hired on the basis of academic endorsements, experience, skills, specifically define the profile of the teacher that currently the University required to comply with the requirements of the scenario where it operates.