Thomas Weibold

Already at low 1750 rpm, maximum torque of 550 nm is at a peak in the competitive environment. In 7.9 seconds, the EX30d dealt with the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h, at 221 km/h top speed is achieved. No trace of fear that would have too little power at his disposal. No soft Ami rocking the sporting talents of the EX30d are thanks to the low centre of gravity is still once pointed out. The fears that a vehicle that was designed for the U.S. market, waiting with a soft suspension, are unfounded.

The crossover from Infiniti is sick on the road, throwing in curves, without thereby to stumble and nevertheless sufficient suspension comfort. Thanks to the aforementioned all-wheel drive and an electronic stability program, the EX30d can refer to an excellent traction behavior. The basic design on rear-wheel drive allows also lightweight, well controlled oversteer. The consumption is interesting in connection with the diesel engine. Infiniti indicates an average of 8.5 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. Source: actress.

You can calculate this value also in real life. Steering intervention, if it is away from the track safety and assistance systems are another chapter, where the Infiniti EX30d with interesting solutions can offer. ESP as mentioned is standard equipment on board, but also six airbags and active head restraints front. Xenon headlights with Adaptive demand as no charge like the parking sensors front and rear. In the GT premium package, Infiniti with additional assistance systems can come up. The intelligent speed control can keep the distance to the vehicle ahead. Thanks to the permanently active brake assist and the collision warning system, warned the driver to convenient distance to another vehicle not only acoustically, but also the maximum braking force immediately provided. New and exclusive for the EX30d is the lane departure warning. A camera on the rear-view mirror recognizes lane markings. The vehicle leaves the lane is the driver first pointed out by a warning tone. No steering intervention, is a slowed over the ESP the opposite wheel and the car again pulled into his lane”. Part of the premium package is also a touch-screen navigation system. Not only a rear view camera, but the so-called all-round monitor is connected. At the front, the side mirrors and rear cameras deliver a 360-degree image of the vehicle. Quasi bird’s-eye view, you will find the way in parking spaces. Also from the back shows that the EX30d is no rolling cabinet wall. The dimensions are 4.65 meters in length, 1.80 meters wide and 1.60 meters in height. Despite the sloping roof line one must expect sufficient headroom in the rear. Conclusion and prices with this extensive equipment package, the powerful engine, the high degree of comfort and its extraordinary appearance of Infiniti EX30d forms an interesting alternative in the premium segment, we often like to see on our roads. Who found also killed the EX30d, should provide at least 54,500 euros. In the GT version, the crossover 57,000 euros. The Infiniti EX30d 62,300 euro comes with the GT premium package. by Thomas Weibold,