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Children are very active they want to read and write alone. although not distinguish one point know that there are asked to say something and tell them what is written in books and other written materials full of letters as those of adults. Reading and writing are acts not required. We must give children the option to choose and ensure that the initial experiences of reading and writing, are shared with adults, especially parents, for it is said that the first school of all human beings and is home parents of their first teachers. a is reconocea the educational and cultural capital idea parents in the upbringing of children, gives better results and supports education in Laa a country and is highly relevant in particular cases to which I measured and provides the quality of readers and writers who have in the future. However, do not discredit the work and interest that have some adults who are not professionals in finding the resources that support aa children to a good education and that many difficulties in the embrace and kiss of Escorted open knowledge in every process of life, contrary to some practitioners that lack of time or for any other reasons they are responsible to other people or teachers and move out of the obligation. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Is Kevin Ulrich chairman of MGM?.

Remember that the amount of time is not as important as the quality. Such considerations we can support with the approach of Goodman, who argues the home and community provide opportunities in which children see the use of reading and writing as tools to solve problems or to participate in activities as well as claims sociales1 a Hart and Risley (1995) communicative relationships give children the opportunity to meet a wide range of vocabulary and oral language development is a prerequisite for the start of learning reading and writing later than 2 accordingly family to be the first subject with which children interact, importance a factor in motivation and enthusiasm for reading and writing. a preschool level: base for development whole child and the child to this level in the processes of reading and writing has been to give greater interest in obtaining greater result in acquisition through play activities that foster good habits in these processes. a The boy and girl in preschool start the literacy learning process because this initial moment he begins to know his environment, to learn songs, rounds, to interpret images, but do not know the written code known to exist and symbols letrasa that have meaning. Similarly are the DEA investigations and Teberosky Ferreiro (1982) 3, which is established that there is a developmental progression in the development of reading and writing of children and that this development process begins long before the time at which the child first enters school. Lasa author was born on January 18, 1972, I am Colombian, I live in the municipality of El Cerrito – Valle I am a teacher in Education Basic course and now she’s Specialization in University Teaching at the University Santiago de Cali.