Uusikuu – Innovator Of The Finnish Tango

With three concerts the Finnish British German band presents their new album in may in Germany since their debut album Hotelli Untola”they are part of Finnish Tango in England, Germany and Finland of living Finns Uusikuu both idiosyncratic and most prominent artist. With numerous appearances at the prestigious festival stages in Europe, the quintet to the exceptional singer Laura Ryhanen solidified that reputation in recent years. A steadily growing fan base and outstanding reviews of the debut show that on the most impressive. Making the internationally renowned Act Uusikuu however they are, is the fact that they thrive on a most overdue makeover the Finnish Tango let. It’s definitely no longer stinks after tea dance. At Uusikuu stage ruled a buoyant lightness, whose Funke in the live show by singer Laura Ryhanen skips both vocally and by zurichs moderation on the audience. With Babylonia”, the new album will be released on May 14, 2010 on Humppa records of the Finnish British German Tango ensemble Uusikuu.

Finnish melancholy Tango and Salon music of the 30s 60s are freed from their patina Uusikuu arrangements, dusted off and appear so suddenly refreshing news. Part to reduced on the ground substance and newly assembled, partly equipped with amusing cross referencing of Musette, jazz and blues. This balancing act can succeed, Laura Ryhanen is not least due to the technical brilliance of the musician and one of the greats, new voices in Finland,. A front chanteuse of impressive charisma. To listen the total result as well on the new album – is traditional, Finnish music. Or better: traditional music that was transmitted respectfully at the present time.

That is quite the approach and an understanding of (in which case American) traditions comparable to a Tom Waits or Johnny Cash. The album was mostly live in the Studio by Frank Mollena (musician and producer of the German indie-rock hope Missouri) played and to the Understanding there are fortunately personal comments by Uusikuu to each song in the extensive booklet. Uusikuu will present her new album with three concerts in Germany. The corresponding dates can be found on the band’s website, as well as on the website of Wantokmusic publishing.