Vidya Music Festival

News from the Yoga Vidya e.V. From 13th to 16th of may the 6th Yoga takes place in Horn-bad Meinberg under the patronage of Thomas D Vidya Music Festival. The visitors waiting for eventful days with Indian grooves\”musical yoga classes, workshops, and much more. Music is in the air, it is called again from May 13 to 16, when the Yoga Vidya e.V. around Europe’s largest Yoga Retreat House in Horn-bad Meinberg hosted the 6th Yoga Vidya Music Festival, which this year again numerous visitors are expected to.

Thomas D, of renowned solo artist and member of one of the most successful German band (die Fantastischen Vier\”), as the patron of the Festival could be won this year. Eventful days with Indian grooves, musical yoga classes, workshops, and Ayurvedic exotic delights await him as well as all other visitors. Internationally renowned artist Festival mood, spread for four days because: music helps to relieve stress and discomfort. Music moves people. Music is the best medicine. The Festival officially begins at Thursday, May 13, at 8: 00 with the opening address, followed by the opening concert by Hassan Dyck & band.

While a mix of trance, minimal jazz and Blues is available, based on Oriental sequences and texts derived from most of the Sufi tradition. The Festival ends on 16 may at 12 noon with the closing concert of Stefanie Bosch, waiting with a special treat and the combination of flute and Tabla opened fascinating new worlds of sound. Other highlights of the Festival are the appearances of Satyaa & Pari, Dave Stringer, Angelika, Nanak Dev Singh, Maharani Fritsch de Navarrete, and many other artists. Framework programme there is dozen workshops in addition to the concerts spread over the days, to learn E.g. drums, dance and voice training. Dances from Africa, India and Hawaii are on the program. Classical dance performances and musical theatre then delight both the eye and the ear.