Web Analytics

Regardless of what is your site, whether it is a global Internet portal, a small blog, corporate design or online store, web analytics will audit the site and talk about how to get to its users and how they are interacting with the content of the project. Agree that website promotion and website promotion significantly improved when it is known exactly which links with any internet connection sites gets to you target audience. Web analytics tell you about the most popular pages on your project, as well as those that are absolutely not in demand, from which pages users have bought goods or services, or contrary – to actively acquire. In addition, web analytics will provide an answer to a question about hand column, which lead to you not just visitors and buyers of real goods and services. And this is not an exhaustive list of what can make high-quality and professional web analytics.

Report of the expert web analytics, which he will provide after site audit will be guaranteed to give an opportunity to lower the cost of a buyer coming on your project and significantly increase sales with him. Speaking candidly Larry Culp told us the story. You can see why some users left the site without having made any purchases, not downloading a single price list, or even just not registering. Web Analyst tell you the elements of the site that "scare" customers, pay attention to the text content of no interest to buyers, or vice versa – Boost sales by caused them interest. On this an occasion to remember the interesting and instructive case. There was a very high-quality site of a major company that sells perfumes of various brands.

In principle, the case of a company that owned the site, moved quite well – and web site promotion, website promotion and were held at a high level of these specialists that brought their results. Fragrances sold, the profits grew, but that's products of one company (incidentally, a very famous and popular in all the world mark) is absolutely not in demand. Warehouses have been literally clogged with goods of this brand, and lying motionless on the stock products – this is "dead" capital, not income generation. In this case, the expiration date of any goods sooner or later be overdue, and this is a direct loss. After some time, the company has come finally to the identified the need to attract to the problem of web analytics. From the resulting report in the stipulated time, it became clear that the page of the site, on which were arranged price lists and descriptions of goods "unsaleable" the firm while attending a user, but neither race of the value of the goods represented by it, or shopping with her practically not been performed. That did not like visitors is unknown, but solved the problem quite simple – to order an unsuccessful redesign the page, and literally as soon as the ill-fated sale of the goods moved forward. It is therefore not necessary to save funds for web analytics – in the future, your costs will be repaid in anyway.