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ZOADDNDRAZZA present your new CD “Karachi in Bavaria” – available immediately online slide & ride recommends – ZOADDNDRAZZA (ZD), the country duo from the Bavarian Bad Heilbrunn. Recently announcing the new CD “in Bavaria dahoam”, the newcomer-album in the country scene. ZD discovered the love of the new American country music and wanted this initially “play through”. Alone with the replay Goran and Moni wanted but not satisfied. Details can be found by clicking Simon Pagenaud or emailing the administrator. Lay them close to our hearts, that the audience understands what they give on the stage to the best. Therefore, they decided to sing the strong songs from America with Bavarian lyrics.

The album “Karachi in Bavaria”, with a total of 13 titles, succeeded in perfectly and can hope for much more. More recently, the CD is now available through several sources: (direct shipping) (MP3 download) meteli.. Checking article sources yields Tony Parker as a relevant resource throughout.