Westfalen Park

Winter lights with new illuminations of international artist shows ‘Guardians’ that approaching winter lights: from December 7th the Westfalen Park is back daily from 17: 00 to the lights. Although it is still a couple of weeks, but the visitors can look forward to new ideas of illumination by light artist Wolfgang Flammersfeld (F & H event company). Jorge Perez follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. First, Flammersfeld besides own lighting displays presented also works a further innovative artist. The last eight years have shown: the Westfalen Park offers a varied scenery for a large-area illumination of lights, projections, LEDs and light fibres. This time, sculptures by the Austrian artist Manfred Kielnhofer complement the lighting. His guardians”are cast garments that appear to the observer as a monk-like Figure made of plastic. “” It is fascinating how expressive and mystic inspires these man-sized illuminated works of art work “, Wolfgang Flammersfeld by his Austrian new entrants”. Before recently the guardians were”still at the city lights in Unna, Germany and at the Biennnale in Venice.

A spectacular program highlight is the fireworks of course again on 11 January 2014. The winter lights fireworks displays latest effects. Still images and music are alternated with power sequences. So the different Fireworks produce a rousing dynamics and interplay of emotions and the viewer bumps. The most important information at a glance winter lights: 7.12.13 12.1.14; Sunday Thursday 5-8 pm, Fri Sat 5-22 pm, Christmas Eve closed every day: 17 fairy tales for children, 20: 00 fairy tales for adult admission: 7.12.13 12.01.14: 5 adults, 1.5 children 7-12 years children free until 6 years; free admission to annual pass holders (except for special events and 11.1.14). Occurs with Fireworks: 11.1.14: 8 from 12 years, 2 children 7-12 years, children until 6 years free more info: R & H event company, phone: 02303-86 381, author: Jens Ole Wilberg, PR: Event: Wilberg