Winds Of Change

Take me to the magic of the moment in a night of glory where the children of tomorrow dream of the wind of change as the Scorpions predicted at the beginning of the Decade of the 90, and Yes, it seems that these brisillas are already way of Motril. And they come with scent to illusion, Union, participation, youth and veteran (but of the good eh!). Because we are already burned those ready four who know everything and look elsewhere when they hear the word progress. To my that leave me as I am, with my puestecillo (that I won it I voting hear!) and with my Motril as always: with its urban mismanagement, with its few overtones of prosperity and future, with youth without alternatives (gives the same labor or leisure) also, I fix this with a cubatica on Saturday evening with my compadres and we already put in place at these progressives who want to just put it all upside down (and I’ll stopas you continue typing so I just vomiting). Some months ago that You can see the general discontent on the streets, because there is no corner of this city that doesn’t have some kind of complaint of the municipal government and Mr Rojas, who for a time this part comes looking like more to the magnificent character created by H.G. Wells as a mayor who comply with their functions. And for that we are here, so that those who do not know it (imagine that there are few), knowing how is my people.

So once downloaded the backdrop all ask this audience is to not follow the example of conventional viewers: do not keep silence. Protest, garcha hear, talk with their peers of seat and above all decide the end of the play together, because a secure written work between 60,000 minds active and hopeful that does not disappoint anyone. And I will conclude with what I should begin, giving everybody welcome to Motril red and these wonderful winds of change.