Today under the name Paul Green GmbH-known shoe label was already built in Austria in the 1990s. Paul Green stands for the production of and trade in exclusive women’s shoes, which are sold not only through selected retailers, but with license of Paul Green GmbH shoes Lakeisha GmbH via the online presence paulgreen-shop.de. As export-strong company Paul Green supplies several States, the Switzerland, France, Scandinavia, the Benelux countries, as well as England about it so for example Denmark. Related Group is full of insight into the issues. The offer by Paul Green is characterized by quality, diversity, individuality, and last but not least a perfect fit. Typical summer shoes, sandals, mules and ballerinas, over all year round updates footwear, such as pumps, sneakers, moccasins and boots, winter and well combinable goods, such as boots and ankle boots, Paul Green offers the full range of possible models. Women’s boots by Paul Green, for example, come with classic elegance as well as in the new chic on. Specifically placed details, such as buckles, straps, zips or seams, lend uniqueness, that is also practical adjustability of the leg length and the excellent fit, with the Paul Green shoe assortment advertises supported women’s boots by Paul Green.

High quality materials, so including Suede, leather, nubuck leather or fine grainy leather, and conscientious processing not only help an extremely high level of comfort women’s boots by Paul Green, but provide a safe feeling of walking with the deliberate choice of the respective paragraph. Recommended especially for cold winter days are comfortable, lined with Sheepskin Lady boots with profiled flat sole. The color palette in the area of women’s boots ranging from various shades of brown to elegant gray to classic black and mixed forms, such as black and Brown. Women’s boots by Paul Green are thus equally business – as well as everyday use and quickly become the favorite piece in the Shoe cabinet.