A. f. ‘: the need and the right to preserve the physical and psychological integrity of women. Defend is an aggression is possible if you know, asimilas, most basic self-defense techniques and practices. Without having to possess and apply a large force and equipped only with natural weapons of your body, you can get a complete and effective neutralization or subjugation of the aggressor. Natural physical weapons: plant feet, drop-outs, knees, legs, hips, nails, knuckles, palms and chants of the hands, fists, elbows, forehead, back of the head and teeth. Valuable utility voice, as a deterrent of the first order, we add to this arsenal at the moment in which the victim screams fiercely disconcerting to the aggressor.

sta and other psychological tactics may be sufficient to successfully repel an assault. Also & acute; n are useful in a situation of danger some complements everyday that you usually carry: keys, credit cards, pens, brushes, bag in Yes, pins, etc. And of course the establishment of a strategy is essential before leaving home: choice of clothing, concealment of money, documents and keys; path of a safe route, etc. Once sales house, relaxation as well as attention to the reality of the moment. And above all, and as a main weapon: your attitude calm and energetic, ready to repel any kind of aggression. KNOWLEDGE of the art of self-defense ensures you enjoy your existence in a free and full way. And to reach it, not enough to read these lines must take action. An old sufi saying reads: nothing good is free (and not only refers to the money necessary to achieve certain things, if not the effort that must be made to achieve any of them). I’ve been many years devoted to the study and practice of self defence within the scope of various martial arts, so I encourage you to watch the instructional videos with precise techniques and more practical tips to improve your personal defense in: original author and source of the article