Wonderful Experience

Modern society often tend to perceive loneliness as an unfortunate and undesirable state. The routines of daily life absorb most of the hours and when free time left many people prefer to connect to television or any other distractor that keep caught his attention. Live fleeing from the encounter with themselves because they have not grasped the wonderful experience that can mean the State of inner solitude in the everyday world. When a person starts to live encounter with itself, discover that in reality it’s a process very fortunate and worthy to be enjoyed. Then stop fleeing moments of solitude and even begins to look for them to experience States of harmony and inner peace, and with everything that exists. It is important to understand that physical solitude does not mean that automatically we get into these States. To experience them is necessary to change the personal attitude towards the encounter with one’s self, open and release before the indoor adventure experience.

In the first steps of this interior encounter one stumbles upon a torrent of thoughts and emotions that they arise in a chaotic manner, that is the line where many are fleeing the experience and for this reason usually perceived loneliness as something undesirable. The important thing is to stop fighting against these disordered mental processes. When we stop something extraordinary repression happens, because we started to flow with what exists, without intention or effort. When someone learns to be with himself is able to generate these statements of inner peace anywhere, anytime of the day, no matter that he is among many people. This does not mean that one should be abstracted or mentally separated from the world all the time. When a person begins to flow actually experience their union with everything that exists and tends to have a greater and deeper with others empathy. Their relationships become more sensitive and harmonic, fluidly and without intention. We can enjoy the satisfiers of the modern world and at the same time be able to experience the interior encounter.

It is important to find the balance point, which we can accomplish if we learn to flow and pay attention to our own intuition. It is appropriate to understand that loneliness is a State that can open us the doors to the wonderful inner universe and the wonderful experience of peace and harmony with everything that exists. It is important that we break our own mental barriers and begin the path towards the encounter with our true nature, that which unifies us with everything. If you want to know more about these topics, I invite you to visit despertarinterior.