The Vital

How can that process occur if it is not, therefore, through attention, through direct observation of the spiritual fact? A realize of the spirit perhaps to close our eyes to see that immensity without limits that is seemingly infinite darkness and that however – can glimpse how infinite light, spaciousness, inner immensity. Freedom. There is a Flash on that observation. There is a spark that ignites the process, once we focus there. So the Kundalini energy rises with us, our hand. It shows us the way and we show it to her, and thus has no place chaos or overflow, because there is a continuous and profound observation of being. What is this spiritual truth? What we call spiritual truth? How can name that has no shape? How can give form to that which has no name? In silence there are many answers, because silence has no name or form. It is a creative period, it is a time of no place of the moment. Therefore, begin listening to the silence and letting the silence will listen to us. In that unforced reality, that simply happens. That’s when the truth takes place when it is not a rational, deductive or inductive, logical or illogical even, is not anything like that. It is a stillness that observes the movement, a movement that is observed in the stillness. Everything is described thus by itself and in itself. All spiritual experience is one to become what we are, and that be that we are discovered there within, in each heart, each consciousness open, receptive to the awakening that has to arise by itself, as a process that culminates and that gives new life, which transforms our existence towards a different level of understanding beyond what any mental process might try to understand and interpret. On the breath we have a focus of observation, a constant movement of prana, the vital air that draws the air from the world, universal energy, the shakti, to feed the individual soul. Both are the same thing, same inhalation and exhalation are also same thing, the same process that we call breathing, which could not exist without the other, as the vital energy and spiritual or universal energy create a rhythm, a harmony when we consciously integrate it recognize it; and she at the time – by itself, guides the process of recognition of consciousness.

Travel To Iceland

If you want to travel to Iceland and want to do it at your own pace, in your own car and without travel guide, we recommend that you take into account the following recommendations: ensure that you venture only by those places that will be able to leave by their own means. Do not run unnecessary risks near waterfalls, rivers or springs. Always keep a safe distance and drive carefully. Do not circulate in solo and with rental vehicles by roads where can find with rivers without bridges. The national Circular Highway has 1,340 km and goes completely around the island. Secondary roads take you up to the fjords and peninsulas. If they decide to take a walk, explore a glacier or the Highlands, always inform previously their plans. Drivers off the highways is prohibited. Subarctic vegetation needs many years to develop and destroyed it vehicles quickly and easily. The weather in Iceland is very variable. Always wear a garment, a raincoat and a lighter in his backpack. A. Despite its centroatlantica situation, Iceland maintains the the meridian of Greenwich mean time throughout the year. During June and July it is practically 24 hours a day. In spring and autumn the daylight hours are more or less the same as in Spain. The aurora borealis can be seen between September and March. During winter it is day only about 5 hours. The electric current is 220 volts, 50 hzos. Spanish electronic devices are compatible. Mobile Spaniards have the same system GSM to Iceland, and Spanish telephone companies usually have contracts for roaming in Iceland. Keflavik International Airport is located about 50 km from the capital. Good trip!