Drinking Alcohol

Candle was called, was an intelligent girl, of unusual beauty. Like anybody, she knew what was to feel embriagada, drunk, thirsty of experiences; its anxiety to devour the life, took to look for its desires to him where outside, it knew that the world offered great things to him, gorgeous moments, happy situations and it was not arranged to perdrselos. Its race like young lawyer of a prestigious writing desk was promising, had worked very it last to obtain what had and it was not arranged to that anything, nor nobody was overcome it. During a beautiful one guarded offered by the Marquesses of Sotoviejo in the green gardens of its Balearic small palace, Candle proved delicious steam of select wiski of Malta reserves 18 years, that one gilded liquid, was introduced in its body of proportional form to its extroversion. It counted outlandish anecdotes of the university, laughed, it listened to with interest the stories of the other guests, was without a doubt, the soul of the celebration, all wanted to be next to her, without doubting it, that one glass of liquor him it had made feel or, reason why it had made feel very or to the others. A day, the most beautiful man than nobody could imagine, invited to him to leave, she had 2 or 3 drinks from delicious champagne French and was charming, felt full, safe of seductive, attractive, intelligent, perspicacious, young, beautiful itself; without a doubt that one concoction had something magical, had something transformed into its invincible being, a free and powerful soul to him that could obtain everything what it seted out. It was that one day, when account occurred where it had to look for his future, had to often watch at heart of a glass, would say to him of course that steps would have to follow; the life could not go to him better, went everything on wheels.

Gregorio Religoso

Poetry is sufficiently diversified, especially ending with Gregorio de Matos. Sobressai the lyric poetry, sacra and satirist. 1.Gregrio of Matos War (Salvador 1633 – Recife 1696) – Much thing regarding Gregorio de Matos continues mystery. One knows that it studied with the Jesuits in Salvador and to the 14 years it was for the Europe where studied Right in Coimbra. In 1661 it was formed and if it married. Juiz De Fora in Alccer of the Salt (Alentejo) in 1663 was nominated. In 1672 he was elect solicitor of the city of Salvador, but it abandons the position in l674. In 1681 it returns to Brazil, being nominated Bursar of If of the Bahia, but it passes for an agitated period. Perhaps because of its satirical poetry, attacking the governor and colleagues of the clergy, it was deported for Angola. It returns to Brazil and it goes to live later in Pernambuco, falecendo. Its workmanship was published later and is divided in five parts (publication of the ABL): I-Sacra, II – Lyric, III – Gracious, IV – V – Satirical, VI – Last. ) Lyric Gregorio – Here we see the man sorry, showing the feelings, the emotions, the sadness, the transitiveness of the life, the beauty of the woman. It appears clearly the games of words, the Spanish influence (gngora). Not vi in my life the formosura, heard to say of it each day, and heard it stirred up to me, it moved and to want to see me so beautiful architecture. b) Gregorio Religoso – One reveals still more sorry. Its poems go, almost always, to speak on religious subjects and its last life. I offended you, my God, it is truth well, it is truth, Gentleman, that I have delinquent, I have delinquent you, and offended, it has offended you my badness.

Club Startups

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