Preparing Surfaces For Painting Water Compositions

By the water compositions are compositions prepared with cement, lime, emulsion mb, animal, casein, or silicate glue. Water compositions are painted plaster, concrete, brick or wood surfaces. Water quality color-ki divided into simple, advanced and high quality. In this number of operations performed in preparing and painting surfaces depends on the accepted categories of color (Table). Table. operations preparation and painting surface water of the indoor Operation paint glue curve from the weight Ka Zeya new simple improved above nnaya high coca Sanchez Twain mined from plaster and concrete on concrete and brick improvement above nnaya high Coca Sanchez Twain Nye Silicate Cement sprinkling..

Magazine Stereo

Among audiophiles is in use the phrase 'English sound'. There are different opinions on this phenomenon (at least, give a definition of English sounds difficult), but, anyway, the authority of the British audio is certainly very high, and its contribution to its creation made the company Monitor Audio, founded at the dawn of Hi-Fi, in 1972. In 1999 and 2007, the company changed owners, but the direction and philosophy did not undergo significant changes during its existence. Today, as before Monitor Audio speakers offer different price levels, uses metal for the manufacture of membranes for all the speakers – the latter distinguished by Monitor Audio speakers from other manufacturers systems. For many years the company has gained a lot of experience of using metal for the production of diffusers. The hierarchy of products indicates the value of metals in the title of the rulers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. This coffee material focuses on the recently introduced operational model High-End – the level of PL200, occupy the apical position in the top line Platinum, and thus in the catalog as a whole. PL200 – a compact version of the flagship model PL300, has received many favorable reviews in specialized press (not just British). Compared with the leader of the investigated columns have a more modest size and volume of the shell (about a third of PL300), the model is equipped with a smaller woofer (2h165 mm versus 2×200); small differences in specifications – PL300 powerful, has a wider frequency range (due to the lower limit).