Set Up African, More Than Just Wall Masks

Exotic set up the own four walls with “”. At our current major projects in the Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, is the customer in focus, says owner Norman Schlehr Jenors-. The order situation proves: Jenors reputation as a powerful and innovative enterprises nationally and internationally a very good. Schlehr: “large selection, fast delivery and quality to package prices are standard for us.” Jenors specializes in the emotional area of the object and offers creative gift ideas, all goods in the fields of home accessories from throughout the world, exotic, and fine jewelry. Jenors – set up with exotic home decoration for international & national wholesale Jenors-team supports customers from the retail in addition to the consumer. “Our customers benefit from our extensive experience and get solutions tailored exactly to their needs and wishes,” confirmed Schlehr. Jenors specializes in exotic decoration area and African Arts & crafts import specialized and can point to a long list of references to business customers. Schlehr: “for us, the satisfaction of our customers is paramount, because satisfied customers come back and secure our long-term success. In addition we can rely on a strong network of external partners such as tour operators.” Jenors – exotic facilities via the Internet, simply order the niedersachsiche company of Jenors – offers a comprehensive range for all areas of the Interior for the upscale business and private apartments. The long list of references shows that competent care set up with materials is capitalized from consulting to implementation at HOME -. The entire assortment program from Jenors – trends from around the world of Jenors – leads trends from all over the world in addition to housing decoration, jewellery, lamp goods and gift items from all over the world. More information: Norman Schlehr Managing Director: Jenors – trends from all over the World Tel.: 05171-292541 mobile: 0178-1348165

Uniserv And Infinitas Decide Partnership

Uniserv and infinitas decide partnership is another milestone in the successful collaboration between data quality specialist and IT service provider development and joint distribution of DQ solutions for Dynamics CRM and Siebel Pforzheim, January 2010 in the character of the DQ-connector cooperation decision. Uniserv GmbH for data quality solutions from Pforzheim and infinitas GmbH, based in Hannover have decided a sales partnership. Preceded by the now agreed cooperation was the successful joint development of the DQ connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 for the easy integration of Uniserv data quality solutions on the powerful customer relationship management (CRM) system Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Complex international business databases comfortably on the existence of addresses and duplicates can be checked. Against this background, it is the specific goal of agreed cooperation, Mittelstands-as also business customers in future with tailor-made solutions in the cross section of MS Dynamics CRM and data Quality to use. In parallel the Siebel-DQ-connector advanced expertise in Siebel projects data quality as an integrated solution, as well as to the treatment of existing stocks addresses. By both companies to benefit from the expertise of the respective partners and integrate the strengths, they generate below crucial added value both for Siebel users and Dynamics CRM user. Follow others, such as Jorge Perez, and add to your knowledge base. Currently we offer our customers already the Uniserv products post mailRetrieval duplicate testing and in case of need also services the initial inventory data cleanup on. The highest potential for a positive development is located within the now agreed sales partnership with Uniserv but definitely in the tight coupling to the Siebel CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM products in these areas the greatest synergy effects arise in the future certainly”infinitas Managing Director Alexander Ruckert emphasizes. Dynamics CRM is gaining in importance as a powerful CRM solution and Siebel learns after Oracle’s takeover a real Renaissance. infinitas features an outstanding expertise for both systems and has supported us in the development of special data-quality connectors for these products with much dedication and commitment”, commented Ulrich Sohn, Sales Director Uniserv. Consequently we have led intensive discussions about a distribution agreement in parallel, we have now successfully completed. “We are pleased that infinitas now market our solutions in conjunction with the DQ connectors as distribution partner is.” CONTACT ars publicandi GmbH Ms. Martina Obot school 28 66976 Rodalben + 49-6331-5543-0 Uniserv GmbH Mr. Andreas ham area of responsibility: head of marketing communication of Rastatt road 13 75179 Pforzheim + 49-7231-936-0 about UNISERV Uniserv is the largest specialised supplier of data quality solutions in Europe with internationally usable software as well as services for the quality assurance of data in business intelligence, at CRM applications, data warehousing, eBusiness and direct and database marketing. With several thousand installations worldwide Uniserv supports hundreds of customers in their efforts to map the single view of customer in their customer database. Uniserv employs more than 110 people at its headquarters in Pforzheim and the subsidiary in Paris, France, and counts numerous interdisciplinary and internationally renowned companies such as ADAC, Allianz, BMW, Commerzbank, DBV Winterthur, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Borse Group, France Telecom, Greenpeace, GEZ, Heineken, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, payback, PSA Peugeot Citroen as well as time life and Union investment to its customers. More information is available at. ABOUT INFINITAS GMBH, the infinitas GmbH belongs to the leading IT service providers with a focus on CRM and ERP in Hanover and the surrounding area. 1999 founded a company for IT consulting, service and training, develops and implements infinitas tailor-made solutions. As Certified partner of SAP and Microsoft with the combined expertise of two market-leading provider infinitas accompanies its customers through the entire IT process chain. Renowned companies, particularly in the power and energy industry, telecommunications or the insurance industry, rely on the consulting expertise of long-time employees and the professional competence of infinitas. More information is available at.

IT Trend Server Virtualization

Server consolidation and migration to virtual infrastructure is called compact virtualization solve traditional server environments from Sulzbach an der Murr the promising future IT trend for the new decade. Market research institutes such as IT professionals agree. The leaner structures increase the business efficiency and can reduce overall IT costs by up to 60 percent. Whenever Tony Parker listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Server consolidation and virtualization technologies are therefore in times of growing computing needs and a commitment to the Green IT for every forward-thinking companies at the top on the agenda. The demands on the performance of a company’s IT grow unchecked. So far tried companies to satiate this hunger of power by buying added more and different hardware. Thus, not only the heterogeneous IT landscape is growing, but also the investment, management, and energy costs rise unabated. This means not only additional burdens for the company and the consequences for the environment, but this is simply too inefficient. Because all infrastructure analysis confirms a traditional, non-virtualized server is busy at an average only 15-20%. Conventional server environments with one physical server per main application will be increasingly through virtualized IT infrastructures with significantly higher Nutzungsgradabgelost, the leading market research institutes agree today. 2008 the sold compact blade servers accounted for about 14 per cent on the German market of server. 2012, according to the market research firm IDC, each third-selling server should be a virtualisierungsfahiges Central Server system in a compact box. Further, the market research firm IDC predicts that spending will increase until 2011 for virtualization services annually to $ 11.7 billion. Compared to 2006, it was $ 5.5 billion. All estimates prove, consolidation and virtualization is the top topic in the IT industry. But what is actually behind the server consolidation? Despite best promises inhibit even partial skepticism and lack of information the shift to leaner infrastructure through server consolidation and virtualization.

IBM Erfindungsreichstes Companies In The World

IBM for the 17th time in a row erfindungsreichstes companies in the world of Armonk, United States / Vienna, January 13, 2010 – 4.914 U.S. patents in 2009 not only mean an all-time record in the economy, but also four times as many patents as HP and more than the large companies in the IT sector – Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, Apple, Google, and Accenture together. IBM has also freely accessible published to more than 4,000 technical inventions without patent protection last year for third parties. The company follows its prior years gegebenenVersprechen, selected inventions to make anyone available to technical documentation to support constructive innovations, as well as to improve the quality of patents from the IT industry. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Vanessa Marcil. IBM announces today also in the future to provide customers with the own patent management expertise and the appropriate software, with whose help the 30,000 U.S. patents of the company are organized, to assist in the development of its own innovation strategy and culture. Many Customers have asked us in the past to get insight in our patent processes to improve their own strategies and tools. “The range now available is therefore only a logical consequence of our pledge to promote an open and cooperative dealing with the important issues of patents and intellectual property,” says Kevin Reardon, General Manager of intellectual property, and Vice President of business development at IBM research. ” The top ten of the companies with the most U.S. patents in 2009, as well as the original press release from the United States the following. IBM 4914 Samsung 3611 Microsoft 2906 Canon 2206 Panasonic 1829 Toshiba 1696 Sony 1680 Intel 1537 Seiko Epson 1330 HP 1273 * data provided by IFI patent intelligence information in the original US press release. IBM Austria IBM solutions belongs with a turnover of 103.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2008 as the world’s largest suppliers in the area of information technology (hardware, software, services) and B2B. The company employs currently 398.455 and in over 170 Active countries. The IBM in Germany with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany currently 21,100 employees at 40 locations, making it the largest subsidiary in Europe.

Manchester Jazz Festival

Because this is mainly frequented by locals, it is not so to a mere tourist attraction. Here you can get original Turkish arts and crafts, water pipes and many other oriental souvenirs Barcelona: Barcelona’s lively cultural scene has something to offer for everyone. Whether classical music, art, Opera, theatre and dance events. El Greco”combines well-known and new artists from all areas of the Festival from June 20 until July 31. For pure art lovers, there are also within exhibitions as E.g. the Dali exhibition in the Sala Guell, which can be visited until July 31st Manchester: from 24 July to 1 August takes place the Manchester Jazz Festival: nine days, 60 concerts and 300 Musiker.Vom 1 to 10 October lure culinary delights from around the world at the Manchester food & drink Festival. On 29 August, arsenal comes to Old Trafford. To get the chance at cheap tickets is small, should you succeed however, a top football match Frankfurt are waiting for you: the museum embankment Festival from August 28-30 with the combination of culture and party atmosphere attracts each year millions of visitors. The annual Rheingau wine market on the This year from September 2 to 11 instead of a fixed date in the calendar of all wine lovers can find Fressgass ‘. The renowned Frankfurt Book Fair will take place from October 14 to 18, and continues to be one of the highlights for lovers of literature. “The host country this year is China, that is the motto of tradition & innovation” presented. Open the doors for private visitors on the 17th and 18.10. Palma de Mallorca: on August 4, Placido Domingo in the Palma arena gives a charity concert. With the proceeds, the Foundation seeks to promote social and cultural projects in Mallorca. “The DeiInternational Music Festival” is another proof that Mallorca has to offer more than Sun and shooting man. Concerts in the Church, the monastery of Miramar and the Son Marroig mansion take place until September 18. Bangkok: on August 12, the birthday is celebrated by Queen Sirikit in Sanam Luang in Bangkok. “On August 15th and 16th which is Bangkok international fashion fair & Bangkok International leather fair” opened for visitors in 2009. This year will be 1,000 exhibitors expected to have the latest fashion trends in the luggage. In addition, there are a number of fashion shows and exhibitions of the best designers from Thailand Cheapflug

November Festival

Players celebrate Halloween in runes of magic just in time for Halloween starts in runes of magic ingame event around the delicious melon fruit. On 27 October, all players of online role-playing can experience the Taboreanische pumpkin Festival. Highlight of the Festival to Halloween is the event zone at the shrine of oblivion. Here it must be an exciting challenge: players meet on small pumpkin monsters that have become wild and wacky demon pumpkins. MMA may not feel the same. Only who skillfully defends itself with captured seeds against the superiority of the Halloween fruit, get credited points. All participating players in runes of magic based on their points known as crazy fire win at the end of each round. Adventurer redeem this Halloween currency within the framework of the event against gifts. The mad fire can be redeemed by parts a special pumpkin Festival set about transformation potions up to small companions. Who captured particularly successful crazy fire, secures up to two rare titles. Let’s go, KAZ!” and Kaz madness”are available only during the pumpkin Festival. This runs until November 10 this year. More information keeps the official website of runes of magic:

Elephant Festival In Surin

20-22 Nov: large elephant buoyancy in northeastern Thailand’s Surin is a bustling provincial capital in the northeast of Thailand, about 500 km east of Bangkok. Its reputation as the elephant city”owes Surin especially the ethnic minority of Suay and their tradition, to breed elephants and to use as working animals. Click Jorge Perez for additional related pages. For centuries, Suay men in the jungles of northern Thailand and Cambodia’s wild elephants have started, tamed them, and dressed as war elephants for the country’s rulers or as workhorses for forest work. Even today, many families in the village of Suay possess one or more elephants. In November the Elephant Festival is held annually in Surin traditionally. When this elephant lift, 100 to 200 demonstrate pachyderms, what they have learned, such as their skill at the transport of tree trunks. To the delight of the audience, elephants perform other feats like real sport competitions with relay races, basketball and tug-of-war, and even a soccer game with elephants will be offered. Usually, a parade of armored war elephants is the conclusion of the celebrations. In a colourful show pictures and struggles from the Thai history be readjusted, where elephants played so prominently that give visitors a glimpse into the turbulent history of Thailand. The tour operator ALL ASIA touristic offers a 3 day tour from/to Bangkok to the Elephant Festival (Group 2 to 16 participants) from November 20-22, 2009. On the way visit the Khao Yai National Park and the Khmer Temple of Phimai and Phanom rung. Price per person in a double room: 348 Euro including VP and English speaking guide. Of course, also additional round trips and hotel stays, and the corresponding flights are offered. More info:, e-mail: Gert Notbohm