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Cone began working on their second album of his group The Operation MD. Steve before the end of the summer playing in a concert drummer for The Vandals. And Deryck went on a tour of Asia with his wife, Avril Avalanches. In concert, they sang together the song of Sum 41 In Too Deep. The site you can find a lot of fan recordings of the songs from the concert, and later came out and the official video, where together they sang this song. Universal Music announced that in the wake of successful drive Underclass Hero, the group should produce the next studio album in 2009. Also in 2009 the group will tour in support of the album. November 26, 2008 in Japan released a compilation of hits "8 Years of Blood, Sake, and Tears: The Best of Sum 41 2000-2008." The album includes almost all the singles Group, the brand new song Always DVD and almost all the clips. Sum 41's collaborated with artists such as Tenacious D, Ludacris, Iggy Pop, Pennywise, Bowling for Soup, Unwritten Law, Treble Charger, Nelly, Gob, Tommy Lee, Metallica and Ja Rule. At various times in Sum 41's were joint tour with Bowling for Soup, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard. Shortly after the tour supporting the album Does This Look Infected? Iggy Pop invited the group to take part in work on his album Skull Ring. Derick helped write the first single, Little Know It All, and on David Letterman show (English Late Show with David Letterman) Iggy with Sum 41 performed this song. Iggy later said that he chose the Sum 41, because "they guys with eggs. " May 6, 2003 Sum 41 perform at the opening of the MTV Icon Metallica and dedicated to performing their song Master of Puppets. In early 2004, the song of Moron appears in the collection of punk Rock Against Bush, Vol. 1 "(the song later became a Japanese edition of the album Chuck), in the collection were bands like Anti-Flag, Against Me!, The Offspring, The Ataris, Rise Against, Ministry, NOFX, and others. In 2006, Sum 41 took part in the recording of the album dedicated to John Lennon with cover versions of his songs. Also in the records was attended by Avril Lavigne, Black Eyed Peas, Deftones and Duran Duran. In the same year, media reported impending withdrawal of the documentary Punk rock is alive, it tells of the punk scene since 1976 and today. In the movie, but Sum 41, was attended by such bands as NOFX, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, The Ataris, Tsunami Bomb. The film was released in 2007. During the pause between concert tours focused on producing Derick two songs for Avril Lavigne's album The Best Damn Thing, a record which Steve attends. Cone, along with Todd Morse of H2O formed a band called The Operation MD, and released their debut album We Have an Emergency in early 2007. The first clip of the song Sayonara directed by Steve. Cone sang only three songs, all the rest of the songs played Morse. Later, they released their second video for the song Someone Like You, this song is played Cone, and the director was again Steve. In 2008, Sum 41 together with punk rock bands like Pennywise, The Vandals, Bowling For Soup played a few gigs on a tour of Australia.

Louis Armstrong Music

So fans of romantic pop can recommend to listen to all your disks and select the sort of find "their" song. Or collection. Or how it goes. What will enjoy both, and not call from the memory of rubbish. And also keep in mind about the topic influence of music on living organisms. For example, cows in pop music is depressing – they refuse to eat. From some of the songs, even the flowers wither, for this reason, keep the measure. At the amateur jazz of course. Despite the fact that such a lot of fans, not necessarily what your partner will be in their ranks. Opposers of jazz take his messy set of sounds, which sounds annoying and inharmonious. For this reason, if you are a lover of jazz, and your partner – no, nothing good comes out of the ideas will not work. However, the sample can include anything from the classics of the genre, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald or. Very classic a good choice. Some of Beethoven, Vivaldi, perhaps even Wagner, but not remixed version, as it can perekoverkat even works of genius. Scientists everywhere have come to the conclusion that classical music good effect on the cells of living organisms. That's from her just everything blooms and fragrance, and classical music in Arizona even cure baldness. With it you even get rid of excess weight, addiction to alcohol and smoking. In while tapping classics brain is not distracted by the word, the reason to push myself to drive do not have to sing along.

Music: Anti-Aging

The objective of the research is to evaluate the impact of the activities sonorous-musical comedies in the cognitivos and motor aspects how much to the attention, memory, global and fine coordination, estruturao espcio-weather and the possible influences of these activities in the emotional functions of the carrying person of intellectual deficiency in aging process. The research pointed the main alterations in the aging of the person with intellectual deficiency, mainly in the accented decline more in the functions of the memory. This allowed the team, after verification of the results, to consider the main necessities of each person during the attendance in the Therapeutical Workshops. Word-key: Music. Psicomotricidade. Aging. Intellectual deficiency. Cognition. Abstract The purpose of this research is you evaluate the impact of motor sound-musical comedy activities in the cognitive and you attention, memory, coordination and overall finishes emotional spatial-weather structure and the possible influences of these activities in the functions of the person with intellectual disabilities in the process aging. Intellectual The survey showed the main changes in aging people with disabilities, especially in the steepest declines in memory functions. This allowed the team to after verification of the results, to consider the main needs of each person in attendance during the Therapeutic Workshops. Keywords: Music. Psychomotor. Aging. Intellectual Disability. Cognition. Introduction In recent years, professionals of distinct areas analyze the aging of the person with intellectual deficiency front to the increasing increase of the life expectancy, consequncia of the development of technologies in the area of the health, observe an unknown phenomenon in this population: the aging. The necessity of an adequate and specialized attendance is evidenced then, therefore the influences of the syndromes and/or deficiencies contribute for the cognitivas losses in the activities of daily and functional life.