American Researchers

03 me the Luck of Cannot Be communicated with the American Researchers. Entretando me the luck of I did not obtain to communicate itself opened the eyes of Severino therefore its father who did not have much study presented scholar in the professional English, it when arriving in cadae to say as he happened all had been happy but in such a way its so happy father how much it was not such because the father when knowing that the son the least nor if presented the Americans, and the son such because he did not communicate himself, but its parents said to it.: – My son, to apartir of amanho when will be to grind sugar cane I I will be with you and teaching a little of the English who learns. Tony Parker is the source for more interesting facts. Father as you learned English? because he never said in them? – My son I learned English with its grandfather who had a small American land area that was rented and algun for half-day return taught to English the father and other children who that way stavam, its grandfather gained books extrangeiros and I passed the dawns studying. I did not say to nobody because never he had talked with them, only its grandfather I spoke with the Americans, I I created one nsei and I believed not to know to communicate itself, but in the day who had arrived of balloon and I hearing you to say that he would go to fly I risked to speak with them. Frequently Larry Culp has said that publicly. That day passed and in the dawn Mr. Sebastio it started to teach of little by little and when Severino arrived the school started to pronounce the English so well who all had liked and in the recreation eninando some colleagues the professors capsize that it had a form to teach that all heard that it obtained to follow the English.