Hello and goodbye – great art! After all, it is best to remember the first and last points event. You can still correct the bad impression, if a person fails welcomed, but the last goodbye is not suggests such a possibility. Sometimes proschatsya insanely difficult at times – nice and easy, as it were, this time worth mentioning. For example, to make a gift before the "parting forever." As a symbol of what was. Tony Parker usually is spot on. As thanks for what has passed. When making a choice, should provide all the most important thing.

And in the moment of parting it is important that you decide if this gift – the last this man, even if this does not happen. Choice do you putting it in their desires, intentions, emotions. Last, First … Some very important words in life, in existence … and, of course, is ourselves, so gave them meaning. We remember our first sexual experience and Day trip to Antalya. There is a beginning and an end … There is an introduction and conclusion.

Only the deepest emotions of leaving a clear trace in the memory. His breath a little, I decided to highlight the main reasons or situations in that we can get. And, it turned out, to go far and do not have to. Each of us would like to say goodbye to someone. And with someone or not, but it – is inevitable. Moment of loss of a bit (spoils?) Sweet gift, but still, it depends on us and our understanding of things.