Artist. Jokes About The Crisis .

Today went to visit one my old friend, the artist. Found him in a terrible state '', as he deigned to speak. Otpaivat had his beer and jokes, but it would all, the man did not survive, you look after half an hour a little more cheerful. At I talking about? " That's what can intimidate our media .A who he is this crisis? Who saw him? Okay let's try to draw it. Here for example is a man or a woman? "Well, the word is clearly male kind, on this and decide.

How can he look like? Once he eats, as they say, probably he had long been obese, right? So here he is fat scary man. Well, maybe he even has one eye knocked out, well, can not be, that's how it all without battlefield surrender) Vobschem happened, as in the joke: "woke up a man with a terrible hangover, looking in the mirror and says. "I heard about the crisis But he's so! " And we are more afraid of themselves, and themselves is frightening. Eternally Russian people themselves his head and share stories and then he himself was trembling. (Well, I do not know how in the world there was not.) It's their crisis, and we as always. You may find Glenn Dubin to be a useful source of information.

And we, the artists after the crisis is fear? Who came up with, let him and afraid. That'll draw schazz money and stick them on the wall will admire. As for money, many of them not known to exist. Even if suddenly they will be so much that they can hang all the walls, all the same then you will not be enough to glue. That's still remembered the old anecdote about how an artist lived in an apartment, pay was not what he took, drew Nastola money and fled. They say then, when the artist was famous, owner of this table sold for milliony.Kak think this is true? "I do not know, but funny. Of course, modern electronic money WebMoney to measure when, to draw more complicated, but they are funny. I went to the atm and it asked me for twenty until Monday And if for example Kiper money ask? Passed away, turns to you that ants from webmoney, they say, Big Brother money writing! That's funny, though! 'The Russians will get cheap cars thanks to the crisis' It is likely that cars will be laughing so gubozakatochnymi.Vot Russian artists over itself and over the crisis, drawing funny pictures and delighting their friends and customers. And they (customers), in turn, realize that grusnye book sites on the crisis are not wanted and bought us, the artists images for your site and illustrations. But married men simply because the crisis for them as kin rather, as a mother-in-law and little good, and drive .Tak, smile, dear reader, have nothing to fear, just read the jokes and see funny Pictures, life becomes more fun!