Barcelona Easter

Easter gifts vary Easter traditions in different parts of the world, and are not common in Barcelona gifts at Easter, with one exception: Las MONAS de Pascua. Small cakes, eggs or figures presented on children by your Godfather. Today, there are these cakes in many variations, some are other chocolate, Marzipan, but all are delicious. Oster culinary Fatima in Barcelona because Barcelona is a predominantly Catholic city, the tradition to not eat meat on good Friday is respected by many citizens. Instead, choose many fish as Easter meal. Cod with chickpeas, cod with potatoes and salt cod are eaten throughout the city on good Friday.

Bakeries and ‘Chocolate’ in and around Barcelona, create the most delicious desserts. Many this delicious Easter cake and biscuits have the name Bunyols, Torrijas, Roscas de Pascua, Pestinos and Mona de Pascua. A taste of Barcelona Sevilla Seville is known to host one of the largest both in all Spain. Extravagant parades, super tasty desserts and the traditional Nazarenos belong firmly to the Oster program. But you must not travel course up to Andalusia to experience these features because the most customs also take place in Barcelona. Although they are not an integral part of Easter all over the city, you can the Nazarenos, the masked Bu ss he just in the town of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat Barcelona find. The cone-shaped hats are a particular feature of the Nazarenos, these hats offer buses, so the cons return to God after you have committed a sin. Necessarily, holiday apartments in Barcelona Easter if you as possible by the colourful Easter parades and processions would get so much, then you should rent a holiday apartment in Barcelona.

Also in the Gothic quarter or at the famous La Rambla, many bakeries and restaurants serving delicious Easter are kitchen. In this environment, you will miss nothing of these magical festivals with safety! The parades at Easter in Barcelona are an experience you can’t get anywhere else. The Easter, it would be a sin to Miss Delicatessen has to offer the Catalan capital. So if you if have not already booked, then check the flights search apartment Barcelona for rentals on the Internet site and experience a colorful time in a cozy apartment in Barcelona.