Caribbean Wedding

Wedding on Monday? Monday – it's time for a wedding! Despite the fact that the Caribbean tradition of borrowing from the United States, there is always a specific blend of African and European cultures which have not you will find anywhere in the world. This gives the Caribbean particular shade of their wedding traditions. The bride and groom show off clothes to the people of his village. From island to island customs vary, but overall is that the bride and groom dress better clothing in order to proceed to the church, which already hard hit the bell, announcing a wedding across the island. Usually, the villagers go along the streets to see the young during their march to the church and comment on the clothes bride and groom. Usually, guests are invited personally, but some are awarded the honor of receiving a written invitation.

Whatever it was, almost anyone – invited or not – is welcome at the wedding. Groomsman at the wedding? No no need for a best man when it comes to Caribbean wedding. Typically, father of the bride, and often both of her parents, escorted the bride down the aisle, the bride's face is covered with a veil. At the end of the ceremony, which is often a mixture of Catholic, African and Maya traditions, the bride lifts her veil and kisses her groom in the presence of family and friends. Caribbean wedding can go on all night, accompanied by traditional steel drums, music, sea sweet punch, wild dancing, plenty of toasts to the health and happiness of the young. Among the many handmade gifts – and this is traditionally the Caribbean – particularly popular quilts and handmade furniture. See more detailed opinions by reading what Sela Ward offers on the topic..

Typical culinary delights – a goat curry and spicy chicken. National food emphasizes the uniqueness of the islands. At what point can still taste the goat curry, spicy chicken, fried bananas, pancakes with meat from the shells at a wedding? Traditional wedding dessert – "Black Cake" recipe which is passed from mother to daughter and is improving with each generation. The composition of the pie includes raisins, currants cherries.